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20 Best Emo Anime You Should Watch This Weekend

Hey, there my dear weebs. Today, We are going to talk about some best EMO anime that you should not miss. 

If you don’t know what EMO means then let me explain it. 

EMO is a personality of an individual who is sensitive, emotional, and angry. Besides that, We have a slight alteration of EMO personality. For instance, People who like to dress in tight clothes, colour their nails and dye their hair black. 

Yeah, They are also called a Goth-type person. To be honest, there is not so much difference between a goth person and an emo person.

It gets complicated but remember that the major difference here is an emo person is far more sensitive and emotional than a goth-type person. 

Also, There’s a whole genre in music named emo. This genre is a form of rock and hip hop but its lyrics have deeper meaning and is often depressing when you hear them. 

Many people relate to such music as it often helps them out with their problems. There are a lot of anime that have emo anime characters. 

It’s not just that they dress like one, it’s their personality that makes them emo.

Today you’ll be eating some of the best recommendations for emo anime. So, Stick around and you might just find the one you’re looking for.

#20 Death Parade

#20 Death Parade - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Supernatural, Suspense 

Rating: 62/100

What’s So Special: It has a unique concept of the afterlife which you’ll like.

What do you think happens when someone dies? 

They either go to hell or heaven right? 

That’s what you’ve been hearing your whole life but let me tell you this is not true. 

Instead, When someone dies they go to a bar where a bartender named Decim attends them. Well, Only those people end up here who die at the same time. 

Now in this bar, you have to play some games that’ll decide whether you should be incarnated again or send your soul into an indefinite void from where you can never return. 

Pretty scary if you ask me.

Who Can Watch: If you want to see some good supernatural stuff then add this anime to your watchlist.

#19 Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day 

#19 Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Drama, Slice of Life, Romance 

Rating: 65/100

What’s So Special: Anohana is a kind of anime that hits you at the heart. This is an emotional roller coaster that is well executed. 

If you have watched Anohana then you must have cried buckets but if you have not then make sure to watch it and yes, keep some tissues to yourself. Trust me, You’ll need them.

Jinta Yadomi spends most of his time playing video games and doesn’t like to go out even during summer break.

But one day, A childhood friend named Menma meets him and talks about a promise but he doesn’t pay attention because this person died years ago. 

At first, he thought he was just daydreaming but later Jinta realized this all is true, Her soul is still here and is not freed yet. 

Now Jinta and his childhood friends are on a mission to set Menma’s soul free. Will they be able to do it?

Who Can Watch: Want to cry your lungs out? Then Anohana is the one for you.

#18 Black Butler 

#18 Black Butler - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Dark Comedy, Dark Fantasy, Supernatural  

Rating: 70/100

What’s So Special: Decent, Fun anime with a dark plot.

Ciel Phantomhive and his loyal butler Sebastian Michaelis have a great relationship as master and servant. 

Sebastian will do anything for his master and make sure that the given task has been done.

Yep, There’s a but coming up.

But he is not an ordinary butler. In reality, he is demobbed. 

Ciel had a tragic past and one day he encountered a demon who allowed him to take revenge on those who made him suffer. 

In exchange for his soul, He can have his revenge and that’s how he got became the Sebastian we know. Right now, He is going to help his master and will do everything in his power for him.

Well, he does cook good meals and does all the stuff that a regular butler does but he is not ordinary.

Who Can Watch: If you are a person who loves dark anime then this is the best emo anime for you.

#17 Charlotte 

#17 Charlotte - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Comedy Drama, Supernatural 

Rating: 71/100

What’s So Special: From being a good fun anime to a heartbreaking one, This anime changes quickly.

Imagine you can have a superpower but it’ll only work for 5 seconds would you take it?

Yuu Otosaka can take over people’s minds and control them. But it’ll only last for 5 seconds.

As expected of young lads, This power made him quite popular because by using this to his advantage, He became one of the top students in his class. 

However, One day he met a girl named Nao Tomori who had a different ability. She somehow made Yuu join her school and even manipulated him to join the student council. 

The thing is this is no ordinary student council, Every member of this council has a unique power. 

Their motive is to protect those who have special abilities from the government and scientists who want to experiment. 

I’ll stop it right here as there are some things that will spoil the fun for you.

Who Can Watch: If you ever lost someone close to you then this should be on your watchlist.

#16 Erased

#16 Erased - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Time Travel, Psychological 

Rating: 73 /100

What’s So Special: Time travel and a mind-boggling mystery that is yet to be solved.

Satoru Fujinuma has a power that can take him back in time. 

In the present, Satoru has been falsely accused of the murder of someone close to him but has no proof to show his innocence. 

So, He time-travelled back to his 18-year-old self and is now a young lad.

This is to make things right. To be precise, He needs to make sure that his classmate, Kayo Hinazuki, doesn’t die. 

Will he be able to protect Kayo? Will he be able to prove himself innocent? Watch this amazing anime and find out the answer.

Who Can Watch: If time travel and solving mysteries is your cup of tea then just go for it.

#15 Plastic Memories

#15 Plastic Memories - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Sci-fi, Romance

Rating: 76/100

What’s So Special: Something called ‘Nothing Lasts Forever.’

Tsukasa Mizugaki is an 18-year-old boy who failed to get admission to a college but he still managed to get a job at SAI Corporation (Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation). 

This is an AI organization that created Gifts. Gifts are human-looking robots that no one can differentiate physically.

But they are quite different from humans. They have a fixed lifespan of 9 years and 4 months. On his first day at the job, Tsukasa was partnered with Isla, The most beautiful Griftias. 

Now he has to take care of her but after 9 months she’ll lose her memories and until then Tsukasa has to hold his feelings or he can express them but he has to keep this in mind she’ll be gone forever.

Who Can Watch: If you know that a terrible fate awaits and still want to explore it then this should be on your list.

#14 Clannad

#14 Clannad - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Supernatural, Drama, Romance

Rating: 79/100

What’s So Special: It is quite heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

Tomoya Okazaki is a high school student and at a young age, he is so done with his life. He finds nothing infesting and just wastes his high school life. 

Things change when he meets Nagisa Furukawa, An attractive, and energetic girl.

Nagisa is repeating a year because of her illness and she has a dream of restarting the drama club at the school. 

Tomoya started noticing her more and more and later these two became friends. Like all good friends, He’s decided to help revive the drama club for Nagisa.

In the battle to bring around the club, He is not alone. Four other girls join him but every girl has some sort of problem.

So, Our MC, Tomoya should help all of them to reach the end goal.

Who Can Watch: People who love high school romance should absolutely dive into Clannad.

#13 The Perfect Insider 

#13 The Perfect Insider - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi

Rating: 80/100

What’s So Special: Want a thriller, edge of the seat storyline?

Shiki Magata is a great programmer and lives in a secret research facility that is set up on a remote island. 

Pretty neat, right? 

She has been living there for years and doesn’t like to interact with others. But she still meets Souhei Saikawa, a professor, and Moe Nishinosono, a university student. 

However, one day their meeting turned into a murder mystery. This group found a dead body and now they are going to solve this mystery together. 

If you are wondering, There are no clues to it. It’s not that simple. 

Who Can Watch: Fans of the suspense and thriller genre will go crazy after watching it.

#12 Elfen Lied

#12 Elfen Lied - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Supernatural, Action, Romance, Drama

Rating: 82/100

What’s So Special: A unique character with two different personalities.

Lucy is not an ordinary human she is a special individual known as Diclonius. She has small horns and invisible hands. Because of her special features, she became a subject of research for scientists. 

One day she found an opportunity and ran away from the lab where she was being tested and tortured at. 

While escaping she got an injury to her head and now she has two personalities one of the personalities is quiet and childish while the other is a deadly one. 

Who Can Watch: Someone who loves supernatural stuff mixed with decent action.

#11 Serial Experiment Lain 

#11 Serial Experiment Lain - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Sci-fi, Supernatural, Mystery 

Rating: 83/100

What’s So Special: Ever heard of virtual reality? This anime is all about it.

Lain Iwakura is an introverted girl who doesn’t like to use any technology. Heck, She doesn’t even use the internet. However, one day she received an email from a girl in her class named Chisa Tomoda.

But to her surprise, Chisa is a girl who died recently. 

When Lain opened that mail, She found herself in a Wired. It is a virtual world made for communication that is quite similar to the Internet. 

After that event, Lain has been encountering several cryptic mysteries that have completely changed her life. 

Who Can Watch: If sci-fi is your favourite category and you’ve not watched this then you’ve missed a gem.

#10 Hellsing Ultimate  

#10 Hellsing Ultimate - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Horror, Action, Supernatural

Rating: 85 /100

What’s So Special: Fighting creatures that rise from the underworld, What else do we need?

At night creatures of darkness come out and anyone who crosses paths with them just gets killed and eaten. 

To fight these deadly creatures, Hellsing was formed. It is an organization that fights and kills these creatures who are a threat to humanity. 

Alucard is a vampire who fights along with the Hellsing and kills those who are just like him. He even got a servant named Seras Victoria who assists him in battle.

Who Can Watch: Do you like bloodshed? Then what are you waiting for?

#9 Hell Girl

#9 Hell Girl - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Supernatural, Mystery 

Rating: 87 /100

What’s So Special: This will show you how you can take revenge in different ways.

At one point we hate someone so much that we just want revenge from them at any cost and that’s why at midnight a website is accessible to everyone.

This website is called Hell Correspondence.

All you have to do is enter the name of the person you want revenge from and you’ll meet the hell girl, Ai Enma. 

If she tells you that you can have your revenge. She’ll send the soul of that person to hell but on one condition. After death, Your own soul will go to hell as well.

Pretty dumb right?

Yeah, Some people take the offer and this is a story of the one who does it.

Who Can Watch: If you love anime that is all about revenge then this is it.

#8 Shiki 

#8 Shiki - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Supernatural 

Rating: 89/100

What’s So Special: Running around clues that make the mystery even more complex is a safe bet to describe it.

There is a small beautiful town in Sotoba. Everything is good here. People are happy, and most of them know each other but soon everything changed after the death of Megumi Shimizu.

The cause of her death was an unknown illness and later so many people died from this same disease. 

Toshio Ozaki is the only doctor in this town and he is suspecting that illness is not the only reason behind this crisis. He later teamed up with Natsuno Yuuki and two of Megumi’s friends to solve this mystery.

Who Can Watch: A must-watch anime for suspense-loving fans.

#7 Tokyo Ghoul 

#7 Tokyo Ghoul - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Action, Fantasy 

Rating: 90/100

What’s So Special: Good action, characters, and a lot of suffering.

In the world of humans, there is one more kind of species that is living amongst them. They are known as a Ghoul. They look like humans, they talk like humans but they eat humans to keep themself alive. 

Ken Kaneki is a college student who doesn’t pay attention to all these ghouls and stuff, however, one day he met a beautiful girl named Rize Kamishiro. 

She asked Ken for a date and like all guys, he was over the moon about it and was feeling that he is finally going to get a girlfriend.

However, his life turned upside down when Rize almost killed him. 

Yeah, She is a ghoul and wants to eat Ken from the very beginning. 

Somehow Ken woke up in the hospital and found out his organs had been changed with Rize’s and now he is a half-ghoul and half-human.

Who Can Watch: This is a must-watch anime for dark character-loving people.

Note: You’ll just love the opening theme.

#6 Another 

#6 Another - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Horror Fiction, Mystery, Tragedy 

Rating: 92/100

What’s So Special: Once you’ll watch this, It’ll haunt you for days but its ending is a banger.

This is one of the best mystery and horror anime of all time. 

Kouichi Sakakibara is a new transfer student of class 3-3 at Yomiyama North Junior High. So, He met a girl named Mei Misaki. She was quite a mysterious individual and besides him, it felt like no one else could see her. 

But later, He found out everyone is just pretending that they can’t see her because they think that was the only way to stop the curse.

What is this curse? 

The curse is behind several unknown deaths of the students from classes 3-3 and if you try to dig deeper into this curse it will kill even more people. 

With every episode, it gets interesting and darker.

Who Can Watch: If you don’t want to feel alone at night then make sure to watch this.

#5 Your Lie in April 

#5 Your Lie in April - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Drama, Romance

Rating: 94/100

What’s So Special: Beautiful characters with painful backstories who are trying their best to live their life.

Kousei Arima also known as Human Metronome is a well-known pianist. Every competition he participates in, This kid wins it all and also gets the praises from the audience and their respect.

However, he has a very strict mom who often beats him, doesn’t let him play with his friends, and just makes him practice piano most of the time. 

When she died because of her illness, Kousei went through great mental trauma. Hence, stopped participating in the competitions or even performing on stages. 

At the present, Kousei is a junior high school student. He is still connected to music but he is not over his mother’s death. 

Everything changed for him when he met a passionate and incredible violinist named Kaori Miyazono.

Who is this girl, Can she make him play the piano again?

Who Can Watch: Did you have a rough childhood or do you have a special bond with music? Then this anime will bring back those memories.

#4 Akame Ga Kill 

#4 Akame Ga Kill - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Adventure, Action Fiction

Rating: 95/100

What’s So Special: One of the few anime with no plot armour and a lot of plot twists.

Akame Ga Kill is one of the rare anime that has no plot armour for its characters. Anime and manga are quite different from each other but both of them can cause too much damage to your heart. 

Our story starts with Tatsumi. A young teen boy from a small village is heading towards the main empire so he could remove poverty and hunger from his village. 

However, he didn’t know the dark side of the empire. People were nothing but thrash for the upper community and one of the Nobel family members tortured two of his friends to death. 

Later, He met the Night Raid, a group of assassins who fights against the sins of the empire and its prime minister who is behind everything. 

Tatsumi joined this revolutionary army but he didn’t know what was waiting for him.

Who Can Watch: Want to flush out evil and injustice? To achieve such a goal, Sacrifices had to be made and this is for people who can keep it together.

#3 Neon Genesis Evangelion 

#3 Neon Genesis Evangelion - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Drama

Rating: 97/100

What’s So Special: Want to watch an anime with the concept of power rangers?

It’s been 15 years since the second impact happened and now the human race is in danger because of a dangerous monster-looking species called Angels. 

These creatures are going to destroy the whole of humanity and the world military and their weapons do not harm Angels.

Now the only hope for humanity is NERV, a secret organization and its leader Gendou Ikari. 

NERV has a special technology and they have created Evangelions in simple terms giant robots that can defeat Angels. 

Shinji Ikari son of Gendou Ikari has been through emotional trauma caused by his mother’s death and his father himself has come back to Tokyo-3 and is going to pilot one of the special Evangelions that is made just for him.

Can the duo restore peace and order in the world, Will the robots even work against Angels?

Who Can Watch: War robots loving people assemble here.

#2 Death Note 

#2 Death Note - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Psychological thriller, Mystery

Rating: 98/100

What’s So Special: Anime with a unique concept and thrilling storyline.

If you are a beginner then this is one of the best anime to begin with, and it’ll just blow your mind.

There is absolutely no chance that you have not watched Death Note and if you have not then you have missed the most entertaining and mind-blowing anime of all time. 

Light Yagami is a 17-year-old Highschool student who is intelligent and pretty popular. 

Then we have a Shinigami (God of Death) named Ryuk. Ryuk is bored in hell and decides to drop his Death Note in the human world. 

In simple terms, anyone whose name gets written on the death note will die for sure. 

Light saw this notebook and picked it. At first, he thought it was fake but still decided to give it a try.

He found out everything that is written in that notebook is true and then after his first kill, he met Ryuk. 

Light is not a bad person he was going to use the death note for the betterment of this world and to this, he has to kill those people who have committed terrible sins. 

No one can escape the Death Note, Criminals, terrorists, politicians, or even you.

Who Can Watch: What if you have the power to wipe out the evil in our entire society? Sounds good?

#1 Nana 

#1 Nana - Best Emo Anime

Genre: Romance, Musical

Rating: 100/100

What’s So Special: A special message on how you should keep moving forward in life.

First of all, don’t get confused. This anime has two girls with the same name, one is Nana Komatsu and the other one is Nana Osaki.

Nana Komatsu is a 20-year-old girl who just came to Tokyo from a rural place. She is here because she is in love with Shoji Endo. 

Now she is going to live in Tokyo and is going to find out what she is going to do with her life. 

Nana Osaki is also a 20-year-old girl but she is different with her goth-looking appearance. 

She is a rock vocalist and dreams of being a professional singer. Both Nanas met each other on the train and later they started living together. 

The girls with the same name but different stories are going to chase their dreams with broken hearts. 

These two stand tall as the supporting pillars for each other. They have to go through tough challenges in this cruel world and are quite unbreakable when together.

Who Can Watch: If you were ever cheated by anyone then Nana is just right for you.

I hope you liked our recommendations on Emo Anime. Well, Besides these 20 Emo Anime, There are some more that you should check out.

Honourable Mentions

  • Psycho-Pass
  • Myself, Yourself
  • March Comes in Like a Lion
  • Ergo Proxy
  • Darker Than Black

That brings an end to our countdown of the best EMO anime out there. I hope you’ve found at least one good show to watch this weekend.

That’s all for today folks and see you again with another interesting topic. In the meanwhile, Visit averagebeing.com for more awesome anime content and leave us your feedback on our Instagram handle here.

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