15 Best Female Anime Hairstyles That Girls Love To Try

Hey there, my dear Otaku chums. Well, today’s topic is unique, and boys, I’m sorry to say this is not for you, but girls, you will love this one. 

Anime hairstyles are all unique, different, and fabulous, but they are not so simple to do. This is why people who cosplay use wigs. Still, there are a lot of female anime hairstyles that are easy to do and can turn out very well for you.

Don’t you want to get rid of the boring hairstyle and try something unique that makes you an outstanding person? 

Everyone wants to be the main character, and a good hairstyle plays a vital role in your appearance, so read this blog till the end because you will find many unique hairstyles that you will love. So, here are our 15 best female anime hairstyles that many girls love to try out.

#15 Usagi Tsukino 

#15 Usagi Tsukino

Hairstyle: Twintails
Replication Meter: 90%

Usagi Tsukino is an iconic female anime character, and she is the main protagonist of the most popular 90s anime, Sailor Moon. She looks like a real-life angel with long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. 

As for her personality, Tsukino was pretty immature at the beginning of the series and used to start crying over little things. But she is a kind individual who loves her friends and deeply cares about them.

Being a sailor on the moon is not easy. Still, she protects people and is always pleasant to others. Talking about her hairstyle, It’s called the Twintail and was famous during the 90s. Many girls liked this hairstyle because it looked beautiful and effortless to pull off. 

All you have to do is separate your hair into two parts and then tie them up. Creating a bun on your hair can make it more exciting and promising.

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#14 Mari Kurihara

#14 Mari Kurihara

Hairstyle: Side-swept
Replication Meter: 80%

Mari Kurihara is a pretty girl with a lovely face, but believe me, she can make your life hell. Kurihara is a young girl with black hair, green eyes, long front hair, and a side-swept bang. Also, she is super popular among girls because of her attractiveness and wealth.

This girl is an all-rounder. Every single woman in her school looks up to her and admires her. However, she can be very rough when someone breaks the school laws or is creating trouble for the rest of the girls. 

Even with such a fierce personality, she is soft-hearted. Mari’s hairstyle is best for school girls because it’s simple, and you can do this in an instant. This hairstyle gives you a classy, clean look that makes you more respectable.

#13 Marin Kitagawa

#13 Marin Kitagawa

Hairstyle: Long hair with front bangs
Replication Meter: 65%

Here she is, one of the best anime waifu of 2022. Marin Kitagawa is a 16-year-old high school girl who is crazy popular among boys because of her supermodel looks. Her long blonde hair has pinkish highlights at the end, and she has dark pink eyes, which are contact lenses.

Kitagawa’s accurate eye color is dark brown, but heck, she still looks super cute. Her personality is pretty mature but clumsy at the same time. Simultaneously, Kitagawa’s love for cosplay can’t be expressed. 

Playing adult video games and watching a lot of anime makes her a total otaku. No matter what, she is always kind and treats everyone nicely. If you have long hair, you should try this hairstyle. Your front bangs can cover your eyebrows, and you can also add a ponytail on top of that. It will look good either way.

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#12 Rias Gremory

#12 Rias Gremory

Hairstyle: Wavey Free Hair
Replication Meter: 45%

If you love anime, then I’m sure you know her. Rias Gremory, the female protagonist of High School DxD, is one of the most loved fan-favorite waifu. President of the student council, a pure-blooded devil known by the name Crimson Ruin Princess, aka sister of Lucifer himself, is admired by everyone.

No matter if you are a girl or a boy, everyone treasures her. Crimson red long hair and blue eyes make her so adorable. Even though she has such a high stature, Rias is still down to earth. She treats her subordinates kindly and ensures their safety.

If you’ve seen the anime, you might have noticed she never ties her hair. They are long, wavy, and yet look so great. If you have long hair that is a bit curly or wavy, just let them be free, and it might just attract the one.

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#11 Mikasa Ackerman

#11 Mikasa Ackerman

Hairstyle: Straight bob haircut
Replication Meter: 75%

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the most loyal women anyone can possibly ask for in the anime world. This is a name that everyone knows. A member of the survey corps and the one who is always right next to Eren is a gorgeous lady with black hair back in season one. 

She has small hair with front bangs and grey eyes. Mikasa is a strong woman, and you don’t want to mess with her or her friends. She’ll straight up kill you without any hesitation. In season four of Attack on Titan, we see Mikasa with not-so-short hair, a small ponytail, and front bangs.

This hairstyle looks too cool, and it’s rather cute. Or else, you can try her original hairstyle, which is small open hair with front bangs. Both styles will make you look gorgeous.

#10 Nana Osaki

#10 Nana Osaki

Hairstyle: Quintessentially punk
Replication Meter: 40%

Nana Osaki is a beautiful woman who usually dresses in a gothic style. She had a rough childhood as her mother left when she was just a kid, and slowly Nana grew into a depressed teen.

But later, Nana was happy when she joined a band and even fell in love with a boy, but unfortunately, it didn’t end well. Her overall appearance is attractive to start with. She has deep brown eyes, black hair that goes all the way to her chin on the front, a lot of ear piercing, and long sharp nails.

The Hairstyle that Nana uses is called quintessentially punk. It’s a famous haircut from the 90s, and even today, if you do it, people will be amused. This hairstyle is not possible with long hair. So, Females With shower hair can definitely pull this off.

#9 Olivier Mira Armstrong

#9 Olivier Mira Armstrong

Hairstyle: Blinding Bangs
Replication Meter: 55%

Known as Major General Armstrong, Olivier Mira is the older sister of Alex Louis Armstrong and the current heir and the head of the Armstrong family. 

Mira is a fearsome woman who knows how to fulfill her duty. She has an authoritarian personality and is always serious. But Mira profoundly cares for her brother and the people around her. Well, she has earned a title for herself, called the Ice Queen.

That’s because she is cold most of the time and shows no mercy to her enemies. Long blonde hair covering her right eye and dark blue color eyes make her look like an Ice queen. If you have long hair, you should try this hairstyle. 

Your one eye won’t be visible because it’ll be covered with hair. It’s similar to long bangs, but believe me, it will look fascinating on strong women.

#8 Yoruichi Shihouin

#8 Yoruichi Shihouin

Hairstyle: Long hair with a ponytail
Replication Meter: 82%

Dark-skinned women are a blessing to humankind, and Yoruichi is one of the best dark-skinned female anime characters of all time. The former captain of Gotei 13 and Onmitsukido can attract anyone with her charm alone.

She belongs to the soul race and is very experienced. Being the former captain of such a big organization means she is powerful. The dark skin, golden eyes, and long purple hair with a ponytail, she looks just like a goddess. 

Honestly, This is a simple hairstyle. You can do this anytime and even add some visible bangs that look dope. Well, you won’t be able to look as good as Yoruichi, but still, it’ll look quite decent on you.

#7 Jolyne Cujoh

#7 Jolyne Cujoh

Hairstyle: High bun with a ponytail
Replication Meter: 31%

Jolyne Cujoh has played the role of both protagonist and deuteragonist in different JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure series. She has been a total delinquent since she was young. Jolyne committed other crimes so her father could pay attention.

As she grew old, she became more snappy and abrupt. Her appearance is unique, with lime-colored eyes and hair in different colors like a yellow ponytail and light green hair bun. You can try this hairstyle at home. You only need a ponytail, two side buns, and front bangs. 

This hairstyle is quite weird, but if your personality is suitable, it’ll look good on you. And yes, if your hair is dyed differently, it’ll turn even more enjoyable.

Haha, it’s a tad bit difficult, but still, you can do it with a stylist.

#6 Ochako Uraraka

#6 Ochako Uraraka

Hairstyle: Bob’s Hairstyle
Replication Meter: 63%

The best girl of My Hero Academia, Ochako Uraraka, aka Gravity. She is a student of U.A. High School in class 1-A. This girl is just too good to be true, like caring for everyone, helping others when needed, and ensuring all the people around are ok. 

She has all the qualities you can ask for. Her quirk is that she can reduce the Gravity of any object just by touching it, and things will start floating on their own. 

Her appearance might not look stylish or extraordinary, but we love her auburn brown eyes, a curved inward bobbed hairstyle, and pink blush on her cheeks that make her look too cute. 

This bobbed hairstyle looks simple, yet it can make your appearance more engaging. But yes, this hairstyle is hard to maintain, so you might have to put extra effort into it.

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#5 Nezuko Kamado

#5 Nezuko Kamado

Hairstyle: Wavy Fang
Replication Meter: 73%

Let me tell you one thing, Nezuko is not a waifu. I agree she is cute, but she is not a waifu. Nezko Kamado is the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado. She is just 12 years old, and Mugen turned her into a demon during her family’s massacre. 

Her personality is of a young, kind girl who cares a lot for her brother, but Nezuko is still traumatized by her past. The pale pink eyes, beautiful long hair, wavey visible fangs, and a pinkish-red tip at the end are so adorable.

Many people do Nezuko cosplay, and you might’ve seen that this hairstyle looks good on almost all of them. However, it’s not easy because you have to separate your hair into many parts to make it look wavy and have a fang. 

Still, if you can do it, you’ll be outstanding and slaying everywhere.

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#4 Rin Tohsaka

#4 Rin Tohsaka

Hairstyle: Two sides up
Replication Meter: 84%

The current head of the Tohsaka family and the new master of Archer in the Fifth Holy Grail War, aka Rin Tohsaka, is a splendid girl with high standards. Yes, she has quite an attitude, but fans still love her regardless.

Her personality is unique because she is a problematic individual but can be clumsy. Rin may be a competitive individual with excellent knowledge but can also quickly lose her cool. She is lovely with her aqua eyes and black hair, which is always tied as a twin tail but also wavy, wild, and accessible.

This hairstyle is easy to do and can turn out pretty good. If you want to make it even more alluring, you should tie them with ribbons and make them wavier. Just let them run free no one in the room will look as appealing as you.

#3 Erza Scarlet

#3 Erza Scarlet

Hairstyle: Long hair
Replication Meter: 92%

An S-Class mage who can kill you instantly, Erza Scarlet is also one of the most popular anime girls of all time. She is a member of the fairy tail guild and Team Natsu. Also, This chick is one of the most skilled mages with over 200+ weapons and armors at her disposal.

Erza might look like a cool-minded person, but she can be outrageous, as we have seen Natsu and Grey often get beaten up by her. Still, she deeply cares for her teammates, who all admire her. 

Brown eyes and long scarlet red hair suit her well. Long hair can be hard to maintain, but if you have hair like Erza, you should just let it go wild and free. If your hair is a bit wavy, you don’t have to do anything. You are already the main character.

#2 Shikimori

#2 Shikimor

Hairstyle: Front-cut bangs
Replication Meter: 96%

There is no way that you don’t know Shikimori-San. People are just crazy for her these days. The main female protagonist of the popular ongoing anime Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie is a charming girl who loves her boyfriend, Yuu Izumi. 

She is an all-rounder who is good at everything from academics to sports. In school, everyone admires her beauty, and students have even made a Shikimori fan club. Even though she is so famous and beautiful, she has no shady side and is kind to everyone.

Regarding her appearance, Shikimori has blue eyes, pink hair, and a slim body. If you have long hair, you should let them accessible and try to make front bangs, but those should not cover your whole front. There must be visible cuts between those so your forehead can be seen. This hairstyle is easy yet so attractive. I say this is a must-try.

#1 Yor Forger

#1 Yor Forger

Hairstyle: Bend and dangle
Replication Meter: 100%

There she is, our one and only Yor Forger. As much as I love Spy×Family, I love her even more. I mean, isn’t she the sweetest? I know she is very dangerous. After all, she is an undercover assassin known as the Thorn Princess, but I’m still ready to die at her hands. 

Anya loves her mama because she takes good care of her and is always polite and admirable. Yor has a strong presence with black hair and red eyes. She even has a unique hairstyle where her hair is split into two parts, and they cross over her head, and then to keep them the way they are, she uses a headband. 

There are a lot of tutorials out there related to this hairstyle, and people call it Yor hairstyle. This is easy, cute, and can be done in minutes. You can always add accessories to make It more amazing. Isn’t it just the perfect hairstyle?

You should seriously try this and let me tell you, and you won’t be disappointed with the result. 

Well, this is not it. We talked about popular anime hairstyles that girls love to try, but more hairstyles are unique and worth trying. So, here are a few honorable mentions that didn’t make our list.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Pixie cut
  • Lob
  • Blunt Haircut
  • Shag
  • Curtain Bangs

I hope you got at least a couple of new female anime hairstyles to try. Anyway, Keep visiting averagebeing.com for more awesome anime content. Also, Your feedback is always appreciated, and let us know it all on our Instagram page here.