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15 Best Mermaid Anime Of All Time (Ranked)

Hey there my dear weebs! I hope you are doing good and if you are not then today’s topic is going to make you just fine. We all know about mermaids right?

They are human-looking creatures but their lower part is like a fishtail. There are millions of stories related to them and many people claim that they have seen one in real life.

For starters, there are both male and female mermaids. The male ones are called mermen. They are beautiful and can attract humans very easily.

So, Why not write about these amazing creatures?

I know there’s a ton of mermaid anime out there but today we are going to talk about the 15 best mermaid anime of all time.

Look, Both real and animated mermaids are good but the feel in animated ones is just different.

So without wasting any time let’s get into the countdown of the best mermaid anime you need to try.

#15 Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

#15 Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Series
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 12
Studio: Arms

Just so you know it’s a Yuri (lesbian) anime and has only a female cast.

Mamori Tokonome is a 16-year-old girl who is bullied in school because of her weird surname. One day during P.T class in school, She got kidnapped and to her surprise, She woke up on a mermaid island.

This island was under attack and she met a girl named Mirei Shikishima who kissed Mamori and unlocked her hidden ability.

So what happened next? You have to watch this anime to find out.

#14 Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastorale

#14 Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastorale - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Series
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 12
Studio: Seven Arcs Pictures

We all live a normal life right?

We go to work/school, we eat, we watch movies, and play games. But can you imagine there is a world inside water where mermaids live just like us?

They have built an enormous city with all kinds of facilities with great entertainment, food, and work.

However, there is also a small town called Parrel and their people don’t have the same facilities as the city but they still are living a simple yet peaceful life.

In this town, there are four girls who had no clue on how to keep going but one day they found a theatre and now everything is going to change.

#13 Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid

#13 Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Movie
Runtime: 1 hour 8 minutes
Studio: Toei Animation

This mermaid anime movie is quite similar to one of Disney’s movies called The Little Mermaid.

Marina is a mermaid and she belongs to the royal family. As the most beautiful mermaid in the whole sea, Anyone who looks at her gets attracted to this mermaid.

Marina is curious to know about the human world but her family doesn’t believe in humans. However one day, She saw a guy who fell into the sea after a storm and saved his life.

That guy is Fjord. She fell in love with him but he doesn’t know that Marina was the one who saved him.

Now she is going to do everything in her power to reunite with her prince. Will the king be able to stop her or the mermaid get to meet her love once again?

#12 Mahou No Mako Chan

#12 Mahou No Mako Chan - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Series
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 48
Studio: Toei Animation

How far can you go for love? Can you go so far that you turn your whole appearance for someone else?

Well, Mako is the daughter of the sea king. Like all mermaids, She is a beautiful creature and one day, She meets a guy named Akira.

He was on a ship that was sinking. Now the thing is, Mako fell in love with him and wanted to take Akira to her home but unfortunately, He’s a human.

So, Akira can’t live underwater. But she took the help of a sea witch and became a human and joined the same high school as Akira.

Pretty dramatic right?

Now our cute mermaid is going to live in the world of humans and get together with the guy she loves.

What challenges will the couple face? Can she really survive in the greedy world of men?

#11 Umi Monogatari

#11 Umi Monogatari - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Series
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 12
Studio: Zexcs

To be honest this anime is unique. I mean we have the same old mermaid theme but fans can also notice a spirit theme as well.

Marin and Urin are the people of the sea but they found a beautiful ring that probably fell from the sky (earth).

As responsible individuals, They decided to find its owner and return the ring. But they didn’t know that the sky is different from the sea.

After a struggle, They eventually found the owner of the ring who was a girl named Kanon and to their surprise, She threw that ring away because her boyfriend dumped her.

On the flip side, Urin mistakenly released an evil spirit called Sedna. And now Kanon and Marin have to seal again this evil spirit or they are doomed.

#10 A Lull In The Sea

#10 A Lull In The Sea - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Series
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 26
Studio: P.D. Works

There was a time when humans used to live underwater but some people abandoned living in the sea and started to live on the surface.

But the ones who choose to settle on land began losing the ability to breathe under the water.

After some time, The people who lived on earth and the ones who lived underwater started hating each other and a rivalry was created between them.

It’s been years and now some underwater kids were forced to study on earth. Hikari and Mukaido came to the surface to study and here they made new friends.

But the long-running rivalry between the underwater and the surface people is going to cause some big problems for these kids.

Can they put an end to this senseless conflict?

#9 Muromi San

#9 Muromi San - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Series
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 13
Studio: Tatsunoko Production

Do you think a mermaid can make your life interesting?

Mukoujima Takurou loves fishing and often visits a pier. This is because he doesn’t have any friends. He is just another lonely teenager.

Soon, Everything changed when he caught a mermaid while fishing. Her name was Muromi, She is an energetic and crazy individual who is also quite dumb but loves to play.

Muromi never realized that she was a mermaid until Takurou told her. Besides everything, The most troubling thing about this mermaid is her drinking problem.

Yeah, She drinks a lot. And now whenever Takurou visits the pier, She hangs out with him. Even her friends took a liking to Takurou but there’s more to it than it meets the eye. Wanna know it all? Watch and find out for yourself.

#8 Mermaid Forest

#8 Mermaid Forest - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Series
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 13
Studio: TMS Entertainment

There was once an ancient legend that says eating a mermaid’s flesh will make you immortal and hey, In this world, It turns out to be true.

Yuta has been wandering on this earth for 500 years because he once ate the flesh of a mermaid.

Right now he is trying to find a mermaid again, so he could know how he can become a normal human.

He was lucky he did find a group of mermaids but little did he realize that this group was raising a girl named Mana, so they could eat her later.

All that to look young but Yuta didn’t let this happen as he killed these mermaids. Now both Yuta and Mana are living together the girl is really happy with Yuta. But still, His search for mermaids has not stopped yet.

#7 Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

#7 Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Series
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 91
Studio: SynergySP and Actas

North Pacific is one of the seven mermaid kingdoms and its princess is the beautiful Lucia.

In her past, Lucia met a boy named Kaito who fell into the sea. The mermaid princess also gave him a pearl and this was almost seven years ago.

Now, Kaito is a young and popular guy amongst girls but he is still in love with the mermaid princess. To be honest, He doesn’t know that it was Lucia who saved him.

Kaito might look like an ordinary human but there is something about him that is exceptional.

Also, The pearl she gave him wasn’t ordinary as well and now Lucia has to get it back to save her kingdom.

#6 Ponyo

#6 Ponyo - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Movie
Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes
Studio: Studio Ghibli

Ponyo is a beautiful movie which delivers a message that the power of love is greater than anything in this world.

Fujimoto is a wizard and he has a daughter named Brunhilde. Unfortunately, This little girl somehow ended up in a glass jar and reaches the seashore.

A boy named Sosuke breaks the jar and sets her free but during this, He somehow injures himself. However, When Brunhilde licked his blood the wound healed instantly. Pretty odd right?

After giving her a new name Ponyo, She fell in love with Sosuke and to be a happy couple, She used magic to transform into a human.

But this process was done with a vast amount of magic power which created an imbalance in very nature itself. So what will happen next? Well, you should watch this movie. I believe it is worth your time.

#5 Doraemon: Nobita’s Great Mermaid Naval Battle

#5 Doraemon Nobita's Great Mermaid Naval Battle - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Movie
Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes
Studio: Shin-Ei Animation

Guys, This is a Doraemon Movie. So, It’s obvious that it’ll be fun to watch.

In this story, Nobita pleads with Doraemon that he wanted to go to the sea and thankfully, Doremon’s gadgets made it possible.

Doremon and the squad made an imaginary ocean where they can dive in and swim but when they closed this illusion, A mermaid got into Nobita’s backyard.

Her name was Sophia. She belongs to a civilization that lives under the water. Soon, They all became friends and she asked them to visit her homeland. However, the mermaids were having conflicts with the other tribe which could lead to the great war.

To stop this, These pals have to get their hands on a legendary sword. Can this group bring peace to the ocean?

I suggest you not miss this movie.

#4 Lu Over The Wall

#4 Lu Over The Wall - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Movie
Run Time: 1 hour 50 minutes
Studio: Science SARU

Lu over the wall is a sad and heartwarming movie. It is filled with a deep message and the film’s characters are just amazing.

The plot follows Kai who has been living with his father and grandmother in Hinashi Town after his parents got divorced.

After the parting, Kai is going through a tough time because of his inability to express his pain. The only fun in his life is uploading the songs on the internet that are written by him.

As a middle schooler, He was offered to join a band called SEIRÈN. Kai agreed and went to Merfolk Island where the band usually practices.

Arriving at this island, His life took a massive turn. He met a mermaid named Lu and they both became friends. However, according to the villagers, mermaids bring destruction, so what will happen to Lu? Will Kai be able to protect her?

#3 Merman in My Tub

#3 Merman in My Tub - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Series
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 13
Studio: Asahi Production

Okay, Here’s the thing. In this anime, we don’t have mermaids instead we have mermen.

Tatsumi is a normal high school student but little did he know about how shot the world we live in.

One fine day, His normal life changes forever as he approaches a person while returning home. Named Wakasa, This person isn’t a human being.

He tells Tatsumi about how his homeland is polluted. Well, What do you do when you find a dirty stranger?

You take him to your home. Jokes apart, Tatsumi offered him to stay at his home and even a nice relaxing bath.

Now, A high schooler and a merman are living under one roof but the catch is that Tatsumi’s friend often visits his house. That too without informing him.

Can a normie protect a merman and keep it a secret till the very end?

#2 My Bride Is A Mermaid

#2 My Bride Is A Mermaid - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Series
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 26
Studio: Gonzo and AIC

Imagine how life would be to marry a mermaid? I mean it’ll be fun but what if you are forced to marry her?

Middle school student Nagasumi Michishio is living a simple life like any other of his age. During summer break, He went to Mio Sun Beach.

Unfortunately, He got a sudden cramp on his leg while swimming and started to drown. Luckily for him, A mermaid named Sun Meto came to his rescue.

When Nagasumi met her, She revealed about her execution because a human knows about her identity. Now there are two options to save the mermaid.

First, Nagasumi has to die at the hand of her father or he has to marry Sun. Keeping everything in mind, He agreed to the marriage but now they have their troubled relationship and Sun’s identity to deal with.

What happens next? Find out by watching the anime.

#1 Tropical- Rouge! Precure

#1 Tropical- Rouge! Precure - Best Mermaid Anime

Type: Series
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 46
Studio: Toei Animation

This is an underrated anime but if you have patience, I bet you are going to love it for sure.

Manatsu Natsuumi was another middle schooler on this list who lived on Minamino Island but now she is moving to Aozora City.

She is a girl of fashion and is quite energetic and humble. This girl always tries to help others. On her first day in the city, she met a real-life mermaid named Laura who is on a mission to find a group of warriors known as the Precure.

Those warriors have a special key that can save her homeland, the Grand Ocean. Somehow, Now Manatsu must help Laura and find those warriors.

Because of her determination, She awakened one of the Precure heroes known as Vivid Cure Summer. Will she be able to find the rest of the warriors with her new friends and save the Grand Ocean?

That brings an end to our countdown of the best mermaid anime out there. What do you think of our recommendations?

Feel free to leave us your valuable feedback on our Instagram handle here. In the meanwhile, Visit averagebeing.com to read more awesome anime content.

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