15 Best Superhero Couples That Fans Cherish

The past decade has seen some of our favorite superhero teams unite and fight crime. What was more exciting was that we finally saw our favorite superpowered couples on the big screen. 

We’re all about romance and are stoked to put together a list of the best ‘power’ couples on and off the screen!

Are you ready for some (super) love? Well, Ready or not, here are 15 best superhero couples we all love.

#15 Peter Quill & Gamora

#15 Peter Quill & Gamora - Best superhero couples

Publication: Marvel Comics
Status: Unmarried

Peter and Gamora flew into our hearts on the Milano, and it looks like they’re here to stay. The space couple made their on-screen debut during the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Even though they started as foes, they eventually found each other. As individuals, these heroes are two highly diverse people, and this is probably why this relationship is interesting to watch.

While Peter is an easy-going outlaw, Gamora embodies the whole assassin persona to its full extent. The interactions between them are a delight to watch because between the comical moments, we see moments of genuine love. There is a connection here that they just cannot deny.

The most wholesome moment between the two is when Peter Quill Introduces Gamora to music for the first time. The two gently sway to the tunes, and we can almost see the sparks flying. 

The Daughter of Thanos and Starlord is literally a match made in the stars. 

#14 Ant-Man & The Wasp

#14 Ant-Man & The Wasp - Best superhero couples

Publication: Marvel Comics
Status: Unmarried

Ant-Man (Scott Lang) and the Wasp (Hope Van Dyne) are one of the cutest couples in the MCU. We see their love interest blossoming for the first time towards the end of the first Ant-Man movie, featuring Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly. The two actors bring a chemistry level that perfectly depicts the relationship between the two comic book characters. 

Formerly a master Thief, Scott Lang is given the Ant-Man suit by Hank Pym and soon meets Hope, who is his daughter of Pym. There is a bit of tension in the beginning as Lang takes time to gain the Pym family’s trust, but Paul Rudd’s charm is difficult for anyone to deny, and the Wasp flew right towards the flame. Pun intended. 

Scott Lang’s boyish charm and persona, paired with the focused and fierce personality of the Wasp, is a treat to witness. Though opposites, their personalities complement each other well, allowing them to see the other side of things a little better. Their most wholesome interaction comes from the Ant-Man & the Wasp movie, where Scott Lang shrinks to the size of a child and Hope makes fun of him.

We love couples who roast each other.

#13 Cyclops & Jean Grey

#13 Cyclops & Jean Grey - Best superhero couples

Publication: Marvel Comics
Status: Married

Jean Grey and Cyclops are one of the most iconic couples in the Marvel Universe. Though we see their relationship take some weird turns in the big screen adaptations, their comic book counterparts are some of the best super-duos out there.

The Mutant couple is very much in love, married, and are among the more stable couples in all the comics. We have seen this relationship mature and grow and sometimes even blow up. However, they always seem to find their way back to each other. 

There is a moment in the comic books before the two even get together for the first time. Cyclops takes over as the Leader of the X-Men, and Jean walks in, offering her help. We get to see their thoughts on the comic panel where they are falling completely head over heels in love with each other. 

So much mush, we love it.

#12 Thor & Mighty Thor

#12 Thor & Mighty Thor - Best superhero couples

Publication: Marvel Comics
Status: Unmarried

Thor and Jane Foster have been an on-again, off-again duo since the characters were introduced in the comics themselves. The previous Thor movies give us a glimpse of the love they shared and what could have been. However, Love and Thunder put their relationship into perspective and let us know their care for each other. 

The long-lost lovers reunited once again in the events of Love and Thunder, but they are both Thor this time. Mjölnir deemed her worthy, revealing that it did so because of the original Thor’s love for her. What follows is a series of events where words are not spoken, but we can see the chemistry between the two. 

They finally confess their true feelings for each other, which is one of the MCU’s most touching moments. It becomes clear that both the Thors are meant to be together.

Jane Foster meets her end in the movie, but we’re confident we will see more of the Mighty Thor.

#11 Hulk & Black Widow

#11 Hulk & Black Widow - Best superhero couples

Publication: Marvel Comics
Status: Unmarried

Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff were among the MCU’s most unexpected couple pairings. The two do not have any kind of Romantic relationship in the comics but share a heartfelt bond in the MCU. The Black Widow seems to be one of the few people the Hulk trusts, and she is the only one who is shown to calm him down. 

Though we do not get to see this duo become a full-fledged couple, their bond is clearly strong. They share tiny, intimate moments that leave us wanting more. The initial flirting they do in the first Avengers movie was completely out of the blue, and the Ultron movie shows us there might actually be something there. The MCU slowly got rid of this love story arc, but we wish we could have seen more of it.

With Romanoff gone, we might not get what we want, but it doesn’t change the fact that the two could have been the best super-couples on screen.

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#10 Daredevil & Elektra

#10 Daredevil & Elektra - Best superhero couples

Publication: Marvel Comics
Status: Unmarried

Daredevil and Elektra started on the wrong foot but soon found themselves drawn to each other. Most of the storylines involving the two have some kind of romance, though many end in sadness. It’s almost as if they can’t seem to get rid of each other.

The most recent depiction of their relationship came from their appearance in the MCU’s Defenders TV run, and that combination was shipped hard by fans. When we see them getting buried under rubble together at the show’s end, it is clear that this duo was meant to be together.

The most heartfelt moment between the two came during this fight. No matter how much Elektra tried to fight him off, Daredevil held on to her, and you could see the love in his body language. So did Elektra. While borderline toxic, their bond seems stronger than even they can put their fingers on.

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#9 Nightwing & Starfire

#9 Nightwing & Starfire - Best superhero couples

Publication: DC Comics
Status: Unmarried

Night wing has a long list of past girlfriends, but this relationship felt special. Star fire came to earth for refuge, saw the grown-up Boy Wonder, and things seemed to click. It’s pretty romantic if you think about it. The Princess flew across the galaxy to find the one she would fall in love with.

They initially remained friends for a long time before deciding on the more romantic route, but the chemistry there was always evident to the readers. It was meant to happen, and fans are glad that it did. 

In the DC animated Universe, we get to see the two interact. The innocence of Star fire and the charm of Dick are hard to miss, and together it just feels right. They have many wholesome moments during these movies, especially a fight scene where Night wing suggests a move to try on the battlefield, and Star fire misinterprets it for something else. Adorable.

I guess you could say they are star-crossed lovers.

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#8 Green Arrow & Black Canary

#8 Green Arrow & Black Canary - Best superhero couples

Publication: DC Comics
Status: Married

This couple is among the more passionate ones in comics and has been that way for a long time. They have had many fallouts, too, but they are here to stay. No complaints at all.

The two heroes have had a rocky love affair over the years, but hey! Who hasn’t? After taming the rough waters of their relationship, the two eventually get married and even have a son.

The most touching moment between the two comes during the events of Injustice, where Dinah asks Green Arrow to marry her. They work so well together during fights and always have each other’s back.

Their love is infectious that they were even able to turn Harley Quin into a Superhero together.

#7 Aquaman & Mera

#7 Aquaman & Mera - Best superhero couples

Publication: DC Comics
Status: Married

This Iconic duo is the King and Queen of Atlantis. Like any other couple, these two have had problems but always seemed to overcome them and be a shining example to the people of Atlantis. 

We saw these characters being portrayed on the big screen not too long ago, and it was a delight. The playful banter between the two made it an exciting watch, and it became more apparent that they are deadly when fighting together.

One of the best moments involving the two comes from the DC animated movie – Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, where she teaches Aquaman the ways of Atlantis, and you slowly start seeing the two get close.

#6 Gambit & Rogue

#6 Gambit & Rogue - Best superhero couples

Publication: Marvel Comics
Status: Married

Rogue and Gambit are among the best couples to be part of the X-Men. They, too, have been on and off, but more often than not, they seem to understand each other better than anyone else. 

Being a Superhero is a hard life, but they seem to work well together and understand what the lifestyle demands of them. They are great lovers, but this makes them even better teammates. What makes their bond stronger is their acceptance of each other’s past. 

Rogue was first a villain, and Gambit was a thief. They understood the struggle the other had and what it would take to turn a new leaf over. These small things make them stay in sync.

Gambit understands Rogue’s power and believes her love is worth the risk. A good man there. They eventually get married, making fans everywhere thrilled.

They are also quite the force to reckon with when on the battlefield together.

#5 Superman & Lois Lane

#5 Superman & Lois Lane - Best superhero couples

Publication: DC Comics
Status: Married

No one does it like this Super-couple. Superman and Lois have been together almost since the characters were first introduced. Lois has been a shining beacon of light for Superman and probably more important to him than the sun. We’ve seen what happens when something happens to Lois, and it is not good.

The love here is among the purest we have seen in the comics and is one of the things that make Superman forget he is from a whole other planet. Even when Superman lost his powers after the Final Night event and was kidnapped by a criminal, Lois sprung into action and saved her husband. They have always had each other’s back and continue to do so. 

They end up together in almost all universes and have started families in most of them. Though some of these alternate stories end up in tragedy, the only thing we can be sure of is the love that Superman and Lois Lane have for each other.

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#4 Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman

#4 Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman - Best superhero couples

Publication: Marvel Comics
Status: Married

Probably one of the most iconic couples in the Marvel Universe, The Fantastic couple have weathered decades together and still seem to be going strong. Their wedding was one of the most significant events in comic book history and featured all the big hitters from the Universe. 

Theirs is the longest-lasting marriage that Marvel has seen, and like any other marriage, they cross many obstacles to stay together. Reed loved science a little too much, and this caused many problems between the two superheroes, and Sue Storm seemed to like her Husband’s adversaries a little more than she should. However, ultimately, they always made it work.

That makes this couple one of the best we have come across. No matter what happened, they stuck to their decision to be together and worked things out. The big screen adaptation of Fantastic 4 gave us a taste of that relationship, and it worked.

#3 Vision & Scarlett Witch

#3 Vision & Scarlett Witch - Best superhero couples

Publication: Marvel Comics
Status: Married

The recent events in the MCU have made their relationship a sorrowful story. Before that, however, they were living a happy life, away from everyone else. In the comics, both Wanda Maximoff and the Vision have been shown to have a very healthy relationship, and the chemistry between the two on screen is undeniable.

There was something special in the fact that the love was big, that it made an android feel for the first time and made the estranged Scarlett Witch feel at home for the first time. Even though they found themselves on the opposite side in the events of the Civil War, they still made things right and went back together.

The scene where Vision cooks for Scarlett Witch is one of the most heartwarming interactions ever. Created only as weapons and to be used in war, they found their place with each other.

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#2 Black Panther & Storm

#2 Black Panther & Storm - Best superhero couples

Publication: Marvel Comics
Status: Divorced

Before the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, Black Panther and Storm were happily married and ruled the nation of Wakanda as King and Queen. Their royal duties have placed great strain on their relationship, but they always found a way to make things work. 

The King of Wakanda and the Omega level mutant are an insanely powerful combination and could be dangerous to anyone who dared cross them. Despite this supremacy, they were always on the side of peace and constantly advocated for this together. 

The two met when they were teenagers when Storm saved T’chala from Kidnappers. They have been getting to know each other ever since, becoming friends and eventually lovers.

Their wedding was so iconic and crucial that even the Civil War fight ceased just for it. Many Avengers and X-mean attended the wedding as well.

#1 Batman & Catwoman

#1 Batman & Catwoman - Best superhero couples

Publication: DC Comics
Status: Married

Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne have been on and off since they first met. Their relationship was near unpredictable, but most fans hoped they would one day end up together. For the most part, we get exactly that. Despite their checkered pasts, the two heroes finally come together and even get married.

Batman seems to need Catwoman to remind him of what fun is about, and She needs him to stay on the right path. One of the few reasons Catwoman turned over a new leaf was because she fell in love with the bat. 

Most of their interactions are very wholesome, but the most powerful comes from the Heart of Hush storyline, where Hush cuts out Selina’s heart and hides it for Batman to find. The Detective did his job and saved Catwoman in time.

At the end of the day, Batman is a lost boy searching for a home. As it turns out, Catwoman has a thing for strays.

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Honorable mentions

  • Superboy & Miss Martian
  • Robin & Raven
  • Luke Cage & Jessica Jones
  • Iron Man & Pepper Pots
  • Captain America & Agent Carter

With this, we come to the end of our list. The love stories in the comics taught us what to do and what not to do on many occasions. More often than not, we see love winning the day. Just as it should.

Who doesn’t love love?

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What Are Some Marvel Couples?

Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, Cyclops and Jean Grey, Daredevil and Elektra are some of Marvel’s couples.

Which Superheroes Are Married?

Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, Cyclops and Jean Grey, Antman and Wasp- are all married.

Who Is the Most Popular Marvel Couple?

The most popular Marvel couple is Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman.

Who Is the Best Superhero Couple?

The best superhero couple is Batman and Catwoman.

That’s all for today folks! So, Which superhero couple do you like the most?

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