15 Best Stan Lee Comics Only True Fans Know

Stan Lee – from being an iconic writer to his well-loved cameos in MCU, Stan Lee and several others shaped the Marvel Universe that we so adore today. He is and will always be a true guiding visionary for marvel for decades to come. 

Stan Lee’s ability to show superheroes as regular people resonated well with the readers. He is one of the crucial figures who steered Marvel Comics (known as Timely Comics then) throughout the Golden Age of comics. 

Excelsior! And dive right down to the list of “15 Best Stan Lee Comics Only True Fans Know”

#15 Fantastic Four #25-26

#15 Fantastic Four #25-26 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for: The dynamic duo of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are back, and this time they are bringing in the big guns. The ultimate face-off between The Hulk and The Thing. 

The comic is an action-filled spectacle. The Hulk Vs. The Thing fight, the Fantastic four intervene, and The Avengers, The Giant-man, and Wasp fight to stop the Hulk, making it a thriller comic. 

The Thing and the Hulk go on a rampage over New York City. Will the Hulk take down the Avengers? Will The Thing finally beat the Hulk? Read the comic now to find it out!

Also, there is a grave blooper in the comic. Are you smart enough to find it?

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#14 Daredevil #7

#14 Daredevil #7 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for: Another epic saga from the master of spoken words, Stan Lee. In Daredevil issue #7, Sub-Mariner and Daredevil take on each other. The people of Atlantis are getting restless. And at the throne, Namor McKenzie, also known as the Sub-Marine, is in a scuffle. He is sitting on the edge of a coup by Warlord Krang. 

Namor brings his intention to file a lawsuit against the earth-dwellers. He lands in the office of Nelson and Murdock. Where his claim is discarded for having no legal precedent, Namor goes on a rampage despite getting arrested so that he can express his say in court. From underwater fights between Sub-Mariner and Daredevil to a rebellion in the Atlantis, Daredevil #7 has it all.

Fun Fact: Sub-Mariner was one of the Top Three Characters of Timely Publishers (later known as Marvel Comics)

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#13 Fantastic Four #48-50

#13 Fantastic Four #48-50 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for: The epic trilogy saga by the writer without words – Stan Lee, and The Penciller of The Year – Jack Kirby, is a must-read for all comic book fanatics.

Watcher, a powerful intergalactic being, causes an atomic disturbance, intending to conceal Earth’s location from the fearful scout, the Silver Surfer. Alas, Silver Surfer discovers Earth, letting in The Devourer of World, Galactus. Whose true intention is to squeeze the Earth’s resources dry and devour it completely. 

Will the Earth crumble to its last breath? Or will our fantabulous Fantastic Four stop him? Read the comic and find out.

If you’ve watched the Fantastic Four movie or are a fan of the Fantastic Four, then you already know who Silver Surfer is. But did you know? This comic book marks Silver Surfers’ first appearance.

#12 Amazing Spider-Man #96-98

#12 Amazing Spider-Man #96-98 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for:  Amazing Spider-Man “In The Grip of The Goblin” is an Action, Drama, and Suspense filled comic extravaganza. From troubled Mary Jane’s relationship to the return of Gwen Stacy to New York to action fights with the Goblin, this 3 part saga is a roller coaster of emotions for the viewers.

Upon returning from London, Peter returns to his day-to-day life and takes on Harry’s offer to join Osborn’s company. Norman Osborn regains his lost memories and remembers Spider-Man’s true identity, which puts Parker’s life in grave danger. Donning the fearful Green Goblin suit once again, he goes on a rampage to take down Spider-Man once and for all. Have your “second childhood” with this book.

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#11 Journey Into Mystery #83

#11 Journey Into Mystery #83 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for:  The first appearance of Thor, the First appearance of the mighty Mjolnir; the First appearance of the alias Donald Blake; the First appearance of Kronans: are what you can expect from this comic. If this isn’t enough reason for you to pick up the comic book, I don’t know what is.

The story backdrops in Norway, where Donald Blake is vacationing. Elsewhere an alien armada lands nearby. Blake wields Mjolnir, transforming him into mighty Thor.

Honest opinion: The story is pretty straightforward. Superhero saving the planet from an ongoing alien invasion. However, this marks the first appearance of Thor, making it a must-read for many. Did you know? The highest grade of Journey Into Mystery #83 sold in the higher range of a hundred thousand dollars.

#10 Strange Tales #110

#10 Strange Tales #110 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for:  Issue #110 of The Stanger Tales is several separate stories in one chapter. The pivotal story is – “Doctor Strange Master of Black Magic!” The story marks the first appearance of Doctor Strange. 

The two people who helped shape the Marvel universe, Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, brought this iconic character to life. 

A man tormented by nightmares seeks help from Dr. Strange. To save the man, Dr. Strange enters the man’s dreams, leaving his mortal form behind. In the dream realm, he faces his ancient foe – Nightmare. He also faces danger from the outside world. Will Dr. Strange break the shackles and free himself? Read the classic to find out. 

#9 The Avengers #1

#9 The Avengers #1 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for:  Avengers Assemble! Few threats are too powerful for a single hero to take down, and Stan Lee knew this. Thus, the birth of Avengers. The comic book has shaped the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we are so fond of today.

After capturing Loki in the previous series, he is placed as a prisoner in Asgard. Through illusion projection, he travels to Earth to wreak chaos. Loki projects a mental image of dynamite and Hulk. But in an attempt to remove the dynamite, he ends up destroying the track, making the world think he is on a rampage. 

The Teen Brigade calls Fantastic Four, but the call is directed to other Heroes; Thor, Ironman, Ant, and Wasp respond, leading to the Earth’s mightiest heroes teaming up for the first time, and the rest was history. Read and find out how the Avengers take down their first-ever foe together.

"Wait! Before we separate, the Wasp and I have something to say! Each of us has a different power! If we combined forces, we could be almost unbeatable!" 
- Ant-man in Avengers #1

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#8 The X-Men #1

#8 The X-Men #1 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for:  X-men #1 marks the first appearance of Professor Xavier, The X-Men, and Magneto. The origin inspiration which shaped Fox’s X-Men series. Lee’s and Kirby’s X-men is worth the read for the fans.

Professor Xavier takes his first class at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and hones the skills of his students; Beast, Cyclops, Angel, and Iceman. A new addition is added to the school, Marvel Girl. Meanwhile, Magento takes complete claim over Cape Citadel. The X-Men are sent to fight Magneto, putting their teachings to the test.

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#7 Tales Of Suspense #39

#7 Tales Of Suspense #39 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for:  With great powers comes a great origin story. Such is the origin story of Ironman. Thanks to Stan Lee’s and Larry Lieber’s creativity and impeccable storytelling ability, they bought this iconic character to life which also laid the founding stone for MCU. 

Tony Stark, the genius scientist, and industrialist landed in the dense jungle of Vietnam to demonstrate one of the newly developed weapons. Stark is soon captured by the communist dictator, Wong-Chu. Leaving Tony Stark in a roomful of electronic equipment, If you are an MCU fanatic, you would know what will happen next.

#6 Avengers #4

#6 Avengers #4 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for: “Step Foward, Captain America! Your Rightful Place is Here… Among The Avengers!” The legend lives and joins the Avengers. This Silver Age Marvel brings in the stellar comic-book story involving The Avengers, The Captain American, and Normal putting on the antagonist shoes. 

The search for his missing people by Sub-Mariner continues. The search lands him in the land of Innuit. With anger-driven emotion, he comes across an ice slab. The slab contains a dead man. The anger makes him throw the slab into the sea, drifting its way to the Avengers. Captain America wakes up in a state of confusion and panic. 

From action-packed underwater fights to the ultimate showdown between the Avengers and Sub-Mariner, well deserves the place of the sixth rank.

#5 Daredevil #1

#5 Daredevil #1 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for: “The name’s Daredevil… remember it! You’ll be hearing it again… I promise!!” – Daredevil is a perfect embodiment of true justice in the Marvel Universe. A lawyer by profession and a night-vigilante by choice. Peek into the origin story of The Blind Superhero and his lifelong pursuit of justice. Daredevil’s existence came into life by the creative geniuses of Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and Bill Everett. 

The comic book gives you a glimpse into Daredevil’s past, his upbringing by his fighter father, and his infamous pursuit of Vigilantes in Hell’s Kitchen.

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#4 Incredible Hulk #1

#4 Incredible Hulk #1 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for:  The mighty Hulk is not someone you confide in or find comfort in. You call him when there are baddies who are too powerful for you. 

The comic book takes you through five stories; how Hulk came into being to defeating his first enemy. The story of Hulk is not something you read in the format of a synopsis. Pick up the Incredible Hulk #1, and let the rampage begin. 

#3 The Silver Surfer #1

#3 The Silver Surfer #1 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for: Silver Surfer is one of the most popular characters ever to come out of the Marvel Universe during the silver age. Hailing from the mighty planet of Zenn-La, he is the noblest and haunted being to have risen out of the cosmos. 

You can expect the cosmic entities; love, despair, dreams, perseverance, and a being willing to surrender himself to one of the mighties villains. Find out more about Silver Surfer and his tragedy and valor by reading Silver Surfer Number 1.

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#2 Fantastic Four #1

#2 Fantastic Four #1 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for: The Fantastic Four movie series failed miserably at the box office. One might wonder how a bad movie made the top two of the list. And you have all the right to do so. However, the Fantastic Four comic franchise is a popular run comic book, which even saved Marvel Comics from shutting their stores. It is one of the most prominent comic franchises from Marvel Comics. 

How did Dr. Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Susan Storm, and Johnny Storm become the fantabulous four? 

A strange-shadowy figure shoots a flare into the sky of Central City. The flare takes form, and three words appear – The Fantastic Four! Thus, the legend is born. Read the comic to find how the origin story of The Fantastic Four and the fight with probably their first ever foe: The Mole Man!

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#1 Amazing Fantasy #15

#1 Amazing Fantasy #15 - Best Stan Lee Comics To Read

What to look for: “With Great Power, There Must Also Come – Great Responsibility!” The judgment day is here, and it is our friendly neighborhood that takes the first place. The tale that started it all, penned by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Most iconic, tragic, and origin stories of its time. From being bitten by the radioactive spider to the first death experienced by Peter Parker, that shaped Spider-Man as we know it today. To enormous self-blaming to coming to terms with his life, making it essential reading for every fan.

That brings an end to our countdown of the best comics penned by Stan Lee. Also, here are a few comics that didn’t make into the list but are no way less than the one you see above.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Journey Into Mystery/Thor (Vol. 1) #83–169
  • Fantastic Four #5
  • Strange Tales #135
  • Tales of Suspense #79-80
  • Silver Surfer #4

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What Is Stan Lee’s Best Comic?

We personally think that Spiderman is his best work. Spiderman is also the first one of the early movies to feature a Marvel Superhero, and it was an instant hit.  

What Was Stan Lee’s Most Successful Comic?

Fantastic Four might not just be Marvel’s successful comic book run but also saved Marvel’s future in the comic book industry as their other books failed to rake in high sales. 

Is Stan Lee the Best Comic Book Writer?

Stan Lee is, without a doubt, the most influential and the best comic book writer. He is, after all, the guy who created Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, X-men, and the list goes on. He and Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, and many others are why we have the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Which Comics Are Written by Stan Lee?

Stan Lee was the writer and editor-in-chief for comics like Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, The Avengers, Hulk, and many others.

Who Is Stan Lee’s Most Famous Character?

His most famous character is the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

What Was Stan Lee’s Favorite Superhero?

Stan Lee felt that every character he created was like his children, and he loved them equally.   

What Is the 1st Marvel Comic Book?

Marvel Comics #1 was the first ever comic by Timely Publishers.

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That is all, people! So, sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and binge-read these marvelous comic books by Stan Lee.

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