25 Superheroes Who Can Teleport You With Ease

Wouldn’t it be spectacular to move from place to place with just a thought?

There is a wide range of powered beings, and the varieties of powers that these people have are countless. Of these different powers, there are some that almost everyone seems to want. Out of that, Teleportation might just be one of the most coveted superpowers out there. The ability to move in and out of a place without breaking down doors or cracking some security code. This power would be the absolute best for stealth missions, and in the wrong hands, it could create havoc. 

In the right hands, however, this power could be an advantage. The following heroes have been using their powers to help people and transport their team wherever needed. Imagine the applications for covert operations or if you want to save people in immediate danger. 

What is Teleportation? 

The most common definition for Teleportation is the ability to instantly be transported to any place. This could adhere to close distances or far-off ones. Ideally, someone who can immediately disappear and reappear in a different location is said to have the power to teleport. Some different teleportation types are Quantum field manipulation, dimensional rift opening, magic portals, and many more.

Now that we know the definition, aren’t you wondering how many of our heroes can move from place to place instantaneously?

Let’s take a look at some of your favorite teleporting superheroes!

#25 Shazam

#25 Shazam - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: December 1939
Teleportation Ease: 65% 

We kick this list off with Shazam, the Wizard’s Champion and technically the youngest JLA member. Upon getting his powers, Billy Batson was taken to the Rock of Eternity, where the Wizard was waiting for him. The Rock of Eternity is in a pocket realm outside Earth.

Shazam achieves teleportation by entering the Rock of Eternity and exiting at a different place altogether. This follows that Shazam doesn’t inherently have the power to teleport, but since he is linked to the Rock of Eternity, he can use the facility at any given time. With his super speed, this teleportation would seem almost instantaneous.

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#24 Green Lantern

#24 Green Lantern - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: March 1968
Teleportation Ease: 70%

A Green Lantern is all about willpower. With the right amount of willpower, it is said that they can do anything under the sun. The main power set of a Green Lantern includes energy projection, energy constructs, flight, and even hyperspeed. 

Something that is not stable, though, is teleportation. It is almost unheard of when it comes to Green Lanterns. However, there is one who proves that it is possible – Guy Gardner. He could teleport another injured person by concentrating and willing it to happen.

Green Lanterns can also perform time travel to a certain extent, and, if used correctly, that can be turned into teleportation. Another Lantern, Porter, is shown to open portals that he can use to teleport through massive distances. However, this all demands tremendous amounts of willpower.

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#23 Etrigan The Demon

#23 Etrigan the Demon - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: September 1972
Teleportation Ease: 78%

Etrigan is a demon prince who is bonded with Jason Blood. They have walked the Earth for centuries and have fought together on multiple occasions. The funniest and probably the best thing about Etrigan is that he can only speak in rhymes. An artistic demon, this one.

The Demon Etrigan has mastered magic and can recite spells to do almost anything. He can use these spells to dissipate and materialize anywhere else he wants. For the most part, he has been a good guy, but you can never be too sure with this demon. 

Etrigan’s teleportation powers are limited to himself, and he cannot teleport others.

#22 Heimdall

#22 Heimdall - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: October 1962
Teleportation Ease: 80%

Heimdall is the gatekeeper of Asgard. Given that the magic floating city has been destroyed several times, his job has been shaky. Heimdall has much potential to be a great hero but spends most of his time as a supporting character. 

As the keeper of the Bifrost, Heimdall can use it to transport anyone and anything anywhere in the world. Thor used this as a standard mode of transport to quickly go from Asgard to Earth.

Heimdall needs to be there to operate the Bifrost and isn’t able to teleport himself. However, he plays a crucial role in aiding Thor in many missions and getting him out of trouble if he ever needs help.

#21 Constantine

#21 Constantine - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: June 1985
Teleportation Ease: 84%

The Hellblazer is one of the coolest characters in the DC universe. John Constantine is your run-of-the-mill demon hunter that has seen far too much and gone through worse. The British demon slayer doesn’t care about anything or anyone, but he is almost one of the best magic users among our heroes. 

He has helped fight off major mystical threats to the planet and is the Justice League Dark Team leader. John channels his magic through spells, and he can create teleportation portals as well.

However, this does require a spell which could take a little time. Constantine is experienced in battle and knows how to time it perfectly.

Love this man.

#20 Zatanna

#20 Zatanna - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: November 1964
Teleportation Ease: 88%

Zatanna is the daughter of Zatarra, the Golden Age Hero. Born with the ability to use magic, She quickly learned from her father and became one of the most powerful wielders of magic on the planet. Zatanna works her magic through spells, which is done by reciting something she wants, except the letters and words are all backward. She uses this backward magic to do anything she can think up, and teleportation is made possible through this.

All Zatanna has to say is “tropelet,” and then think of the place she needs to go, and a portal will open. She and anyone else she wants can easily walk through this portal. The only drawback is that a spell has to be conjured for her to teleport.

#19 Miss America

#19 Miss America - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: September 2011
Teleportation Ease: 90% 

America Chavez was made familiar to most during the events of the new Multiverse of Madness movie. Miss America is a frequent member of the Young Avengers and has been a part of almost all Superhero teams. 

She received her powers through a medical experiment trying to rid America and her sister of a genetic disease from the XX Chromosome. However, the owner of the island where these experiments were taking place had other ideas. This eventually left America fending for herself and understanding that she had the power to open star portals to anywhere in space-time and even the multiverse.

She can travel across dimensions by simply opening these portals, but the power takes a lot of concentration, and she even loses control from time to time.

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#18 Brother Voodoo

#18 Brother Voodoo - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: September 1973
Teleportation Ease: 90% 

Brother Voodoo is among the lesser-known characters on the list. However, his powers are just as formidable as the rest. Jericho was born in a Haitian village and was separated from his brother at a very young age. He arrived again to aid his cursed and dying brother by learning the ways of magic from Papa Jambo. He quickly became proficient and became an incredible sorcerer. 

Brother Voodoo eventually joined the Avengers and even became the headmaster of the Strange Academy at one point. Heck, he became the Sorcerer Supreme after Dr. Strange. Among his many abilities, his magic allows him to teleport from one place to another at the speed of thought. He achieves this in the same way that Dr. Strange does.

#17 Cable

#17 Cable - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: January 1986
Teleportation Ease: 90%

Cable is known as a badass time-traveling mutant, and you have to admit that the man is just plain cool. He was born to Scott Summers and Jean Grey, and if it wasn’t for the Techno-virus that Apocalypse infects him with, he might just have been the most powerful mutant of all. 

Most of the abilities Cable possesses result from technological advances. He cannot use his power to the full extent as he must constantly concentrate on stopping the virus from reaching his heart. However, he is still formidable and stands outside the traditional mutant. He uses a device made by Forge that lets him teleport whenever he wants, and occasionally that even means back and forth in time.

Cable isn’t your average mutant. The man is not to be trifled with.

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#16 Cloak

#16 Cloak - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: March 1982
Teleportation Ease: 90%

Cloak is one-half of Cloak and Dagger. Cloak and Dagger are two teens who received their powers when they were forcibly given a new concoction of heroin. This changed Cloak’s appearance and engulfed him in darkness and a hunger for human life that could only be sated by Dagger’s glowing presence. 

The primary ability that the cloak possesses is teleportation. The access to the Darkforce Dimension opens him up to a variety of powers, mainly teleportation. Cloak achieves teleportation by entering the Darkforce Dimension, traveling a short distance, and coming back out, having covered a large distance. This all happens in just a few milliseconds, making it seem instantaneous. 

Together, these two are almost unstoppable.

#15 Lockjaw

#15 Lockjaw - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: December 1965
Teleportation Ease: 91% 

Lockjaw is the loyal pet of the Inhuman Royal Family. He received his powers when the Surgeon Supreme brought his mother to Attilan and impregnated her with her mutated genes. This experiment aimed to see if the Terragen mist’s powers would also work on canines. Hence, Lockjaw was born.

The main power of Lockjaw is the ability to teleport across space-time and even dimensions. This happens through psionic discharge paired with an energy release from his antenna. Lockjaw can teleport up to 12 dozen people at a time as long as they’re standing within 14 feet of him or touching him. 

Lockjaw has traveled to many places and been a part of almost every hero team in the Marvel Universe. 

Who wouldn’t want a trusty dog that can teleport?

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#14 Gateway

#14 Gateway - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: May 1988
Teleportation Ease: 91% 

Gateway is a mutant and an honorary member of the X-Men Team. There is not much known about this unofficial X-men, except that he is an Australian Aboriginal mutant with the power to teleport objects or people from one place to another. He was held captive for many years by the Reavers, who used his powers to pillage. 

Gateway agrees with his spiritual force that he can open dimensional warp tunnels but spin his bullroarer over his head. He calls these teleportation gateways and often uses his powers to help the X-men. However, the native Aboriginal never felt at ease in the city and eventually returned to his life as a hermit.

#13 Captain Atom

#13 Captain Atom - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: March 1960
Teleportation Ease: 91% 

Captain Atom has a very similar origin story to that of Dr. Manhattan. He was part of a science experiment that ended up in an accident and was turned into an energy being. Captain Atom is tied to the Quantum field, allowing him to teleport from one place to another.

Quantum teleportation works so that the atomic structure of something is broken down to its most basic components, slips into the quantum field, and reassembles in an entirely different location.

Quantum manipulation is the primary ability that Captain Atom possesses. However, his powers are known to be unstable, so he must use his powers cautiously.

#12 Franklin Richards

#12 Franklin Richards - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: November 1968
Teleportation Ease: 92%

The son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman is expected to be compelling. However, Franklin Richards was born with abilities that dwarf his parents by a hundred times. We’ll not attempt to list powers here because it would take forever. The kid can create and manipulate pocket universes with just his thoughts and imagination. How insane is that?

Part of this unending list is the ability to teleport. Franklin has demonstrated the power to teleport anywhere in the known multiverse. Like many of his latent abilities that he is yet to get a handle on, teleportation is something he needs to work on as well.

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#11 Sideways

#11 Sideways - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: Feb 2018
Teleportation Ease: 92% 

Considered to be a rip-off of Spiderman’s design, Sideways is a DC hero who gained his powers during the events of the Dark Multiverse. Derrick James was in Gotham when an earthquake sent him through a rift and made him end up in the Dark Multiverse.

He discovered that he could open a rift with his hands and teleport back to Gotham. Sideways is a metahuman who can open dimensional rifts, go through them, and appears wherever he needs.

Unlike some other heroes on this list, Sideways’s powers are not instantaneous. It requires focus and the use of his hands to open these rifts, which can be a bit of a disadvantage in battle.

#10 Spectre

#10 Spectre - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: February 1940
Teleportation Ease: 92%

The Spirit of Vengeance is one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe. He is the divine Hand of God and was put on Earth to exact God’s vengeance on anyone who deserves it. 

Spectre has a power set that we do not know the limits of and, for the most part, only uses it when he has to. Even though he is so powerful, he does not interfere unless necessary. His divine powers make him omniscient and allow him to teleport and appear anywhere with just a thought.

No less than a God, Spectre’s teleportation powers seem to have no limits, but for some reason, it is not a power that he uses too often.

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#9 Magik

#9 Magik - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: May 1975
Teleportation Ease: 94% 

Are you familiar with Colossus? The giant, shiny mutant that looks like a metal statue? Yeah, that one. Turns out he has a little sister, and she might just be cooler than he.

Magik was born with powers different from her brother, and these were based on magic. Like all people born with an affinity to mystic arts, she too battles her inner demons but is a hero at heart.

Her teleportation powers are almost as good as the other toppers on the list. She can teleport anyone or anything across space and time, and there appears to be no limit to the distance that can be covered. However, Magik needs to use something called Stepping disks to teleport. These disks are tied to limbo because of her demonic possession and therefore appear without her even summoning it.

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#8 Wiccan

#8 Wiccan - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: September 1986
Teleportation Ease: 95% 

Wiccan is one of the two sons of Wanda Maximoff. He is said to have powers that rival even his mother. Wiccan was born with magic-based powers that are very similar to Wanda Maximoff and have close ties to chaos magic. However, Wiccan seems more in control of his powers than his mother, who is prone to mental instability.

Wiccan has a massive arsenal of powers, and among them is teleportation. He can use spells to transport himself or anyone touching across large distances in an instant. In addition, he also possesses the ability to summon anyone or any object he wants to his location in an instant. 

How cool is that?

#7 Dr. Manhattan

#7 Dr. Manhattan - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: September 1986
Teleportation Ease: 96%

Dr. Manhattan became pure energy after he was exposed to an accident when studying the quantum field. This gave him powers that do not seem to have any limit. His powers continue to grow and expand to the point where he can create universes. 

Among his many powers are reality manipulation, time manipulation, and so on. The ability to teleport is at the very bottom of what seems like an endless list. It would be funny if an omniscient being could not do it. He can disappear and reappear so fast that it may seem like he is in two places at once.

However, Dr. Manhattan very seldom uses this power as he does have the power to be in two areas at once by creating more versions of himself. 

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#6 Cyborg

#6 Cyborg - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: October 1980
Teleportation Ease: 96% 

Victor Stone was a typical teenage athlete who got turned into a walking computer during an accident at his father’s lab. An explosion caused half of his body to disintegrate, and he was on the brink of death when his father decided to merge him with a mother box.

His mind is a computer and is said to be more powerful than any other computer in the universe. 

A staple power of mother boxes is that they can open boom tubes or portals at will. These portals can take you wherever you want to go in an instant. Cyborg acquires this very power as the mother box is merged with him.

Now, he can teleport to wherever he wants. 

#5 Nightcrawler

#5 Nightcrawler - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: May 1975
Teleportation Ease: 97%

The blue-skinned mutant is a core member of the X-Men and is considered one of their machine’s most vital members. 

Nightcrawler was born with the power of teleportation. He could simply think it, and poof, he is there. He can even teleport anyone who is touching him. However, there is a limit to the number of people that he can teleport at a time. Another drawback with his teleportation is that he needs to see where it is going. Nightcrawler’s powers work so that he enters another dimension and then pops back to a different location on Earth. This happens all in a matter of milliseconds.

Nightcrawler’s powers have been instrumental in many of the X-men’s missions.

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#4 Scarlet Witch

#4 Scarlet Witch - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: March 1964
Teleportation Ease: 97% 

Wanda Maximoff has had different origins over the years but staying true to the original, she is the daughter of Magneto. She is a mutant that has access to chaos magic. The Scarlet Witch has showcased the powers of reality warping, mind manipulation, and even Telekinesis. 

Just like Dr. Strange, Wanda is one of the most powerful wielders of magic on Earth and was even considered for the post of Sorcerer Supreme.

She uses her chaos magic to teleport similarly to Dr. Strange. The witch masters the art of astral projection and can move instantaneously. However, her powers are sometimes very unpredictable, affecting her magic application. Wanda cannot perform teleportation as quickly as Dr. Strange, but it’s pretty close.

#3 Dr. Fate

#3 Dr. Fate - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: May 1940
Teleportation Ease: 98% 

The DC universe does not have a Sorcerer Supreme, but if it did, Dr. Fate would have a firm grasp on that chair. Dr. Fate is an agent of the Lords of Order, and one of them, Nabu, essentially lives inside the helmet he wears. With the guidance and power of Nabu, Dr. Fate has access to anything he can imagine, and his magic’s limits are unknown. 

Dr. Fate can use his magic to open portals that can transport himself and others to a place of incredible distance in an instant. When his powers are usually employed, it comes out in the shape of his fate symbol, and the same happens here too. A door shaped like his symbol appears, and you can just walk right in.

With the amount of power he possesses, it’s a shame that Dr. Fate is mostly just used as a supporting character.

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#2 Raven

#2 Raven - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: October 1980
Teleportation Ease: 98% 

The Daughter of Trigon, Raven, is a core member of the Teen Titans and a resident user of dark arts. However, unlike her father, who would use his powers for world domination, Raven uses them to protect her world. Raven’s mystical arts allow her to do almost anything she can think of. 

One of the critical powers that her team has relied on her for is the ability to create portals. This has helped the Titans and other heroes she has worked with to carry out their missions to perfection.

Raven can use this power whenever she wants, but it takes a small toll on her afterward. We see Raven use her teleportation powers during the Justice League Dark War events as well.

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#1 Dr. Strange

#1 Dr. Strange - Teleportation Superheroes

First Appearance: July 1963
Teleportation Ease: 99%

From slaying interdimensional demons to bending time, there aren’t many things that the Sorcerer Supreme cannot do. Said to be one of the most powerful beings in the universe, Dr. Strange’s magic gives him access to a wide array of powers. Among them is teleportation.

In the MCU, we see Dr. Strange do this with a lot of ease using his sling rings. With them, he simply waves his hands and opens portals that he and anyone with him can pass through.

However, the comic book version of the character does not even need this fancy ornament. Strange’s magic and astral projection allow him to show up at any location, whenever he wants. He is even said to move at the speed of thought.

Honorable Mentions

  • Ambush Bug
  • Lila Cheney
  • Blink
  • Captain Comet
  • Deadpool

With this, we come to the end of our teleporters list. Which is the first place you would go if you discovered you could teleport?


Which Marvel Hero Can Teleport?

Dr. Strange can teleport with ease. He can use his sling rings or even cast spells that would allow him to teleport.

Who in DC Can Teleport?

Cyborg can teleport. His connection with the mother box inside him allows him to open and close boom tubes as and when he pleases.

Which Villain Can Teleport?

Mephisto can teleport with ease. He can slip in and out of dimensions, which can be seen as teleportation.

Is Deadpool Able to Teleport?

Deadpool does not possess the ability to teleport. However, in the X-Men Origins movie, he is shown to have this ability stolen from John Wrath.

Is There a Spiderman That Can Teleport?

No, Spiderman cannot teleport. However, a character called Sideways who looks like Spiderman can teleport. 

Does Doctor Strange Teleport?

Yes, Doctor Strange uses his magic to teleport. 

Can Moon Knight Teleport?

No, Moon knight possesses much power, but teleportation is not part of his power set. 

Can Sentry Teleport?

No, Sentry can move at incredible speeds but cannot teleport from place to place.

Who Is the Most Powerful Teleporter in Marvel?

Nightcrawler is the most powerful teleporter as he does not require other spells or technology to do so. 

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Later, fellow comic nerds.