15 Iconic Superhero Pets From Marvel, DC (Ranked)

With comic book characters smashing all over the globe, It’s about time that their superhero pets make it onto the big screen. The love for heroes has been barging in but these pets can tell us something even the superheroes can’t. Here are the top 15 superhero pets from Marvel and DC comics.

Many people think superhero pets are lame and are sure used to bring in corny humor. The most important thing we forget is their strong bond. Even a stray dog can be a super pet when someone shows love and respect. What if an actual superhero takes care of them?

Moviemakers have not considered giving superhero pets a go on a big scale but it’s the one thing that can touch every single person’s heart as the bond of love is universal and we believe that superhero pets should get their own name in this era of comic book films.

If makers can somehow maintain a healthy relationship that shows what these pets are made of, that story is bound to do well.

With all that out of our way, Let’s get into the most iconic superhero pets from Marvel and DC comics.

#15 Bat Cow

#15 Bat Cow

First Appearance: Batman Incorporated #1

Type: Cow

Comic: DC

Let’s start with the craziest superhero pet.

Batman is known for many things but do you know he actually had a cow as his pet?

During the New 52, Grant Morrison featured this superhero pet in Batman Incorporated #1.

This is a normal cow rescued by Batman and Robin from a slaughterhouse in Gotham. Robin then wanted to treat him of any diseases and eventually, Batman kept the cow in his manor.

Though the cow doesn’t have any superpowers, The pet brought light into the gloomy Bat cave.

Bat Cow wasn’t spotted since his first debut and was seen only on a few occasions to add humor to the story.

As said above, Many superhero pets were used as a but of jokes and this is a perfect example of it.

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#14 Lucky

#14 Lucky

First Appearance: Hawkeye #1

Type: Dog

Comic: Marvel

Lucky is a pet dog for both Hawkeye and Kate Bishop.

Let’s see about his history.

Originally named “Arrow”, The dog belonged to the Tracksuit Mafia crime organization.

When Clint showed him, love, as all dogs do, Arrow saved Clint from being shot as he bit one of Ivan’s men.

This resulted in him taking a severe beating and being thrown into the traffic to die.

When Clint found out about this, He immediately rushed Arrow to a veterinary hospital but due to injuries, Arrow lost his left eye.

Feeling responsible for the poor friend, Clint took ownership of Arrow and renamed him “Lucky.”

Later, Lucky became a reliable companion for Hawkeye and his accomplices Kate Bishop and lived with Clint in his apartment.

Bonus: Lucky was found of pizzas and stuffed himself every time he sees one. Hence, The name “Lucky The Pizza Dog.”

#13 Redwing

#13 Redwing

First Appearance: Captain America #117

Type: Falcon

Comic: Marvel

There is something special when a superhero takes his name from a pet.

Redwing as we all knew isn’t a drone but a real living falcon in the comics.

In Captain America #117, Sam was given powers by Red Skull to defeat Captain America.

As Redskull manipulated the cosmic cube, Sam Wilson now shares a telepathic link to the bird which allows him to command at will.

He used Redwing as a scouting accomplice and can literally see from the bird’s eye.

Later, When Falcon joined the Avengers, Redwing fought alongside his master with impeccable fluency.

Further down the line, Redwing received an upgrade which turned him into a flying vampiric falcon.

All this changed in the MCU as they didn’t involve the bird and went with a drone that fits seamlessly into a live-action series.

#12 Goose

#12 Goose

First Appearance: Ms. Marvel #1

Type: Alien Cat

Comic: Marvel

Similar to Pizza Dog, Goose isn’t his real name. To be honest, It isn’t even a cat at all.

In the MCU, We can see Goose as a cute alien cat that took away Nick Fury’s eye but the comics had a different story to tell.

The cute fluffy cat from Captain Marvel is actually Flerken. A rare one-of-a-kind alien species from Earth-58163 who can transform himself into a cat.

During Carol’s adventures in space, She found Flerken and rescued the alien from being sold out in Black Market by Rocket.

Another important thing to note down is his ability to transport. Goose holds pocket teleportation hubs in his cheeks which allows Captain Marvel to hop in multiple dimensions with ease.

#11 Devil Dinosaur

#11 Devil Dinosaur

First Appearance: Devil Dinosaur #1

Type: Tyrannosaurus

Comic: Marvel

Now, who gets to live their life with a freaking dinosaur as a pet?

The answer is Moon Girl.

Originally, Moon Boy was the one who got to keep this beast as a companion but when he was beaten to death by Killer-Folk, Moon Girl became his master.

Anyway, Lunella Lafayette aka Moon Girl and Devil was able to take revenge for the death of Moon Boy but this caused a lot of havoc.

The Hulk then incapacitated Devil and took custody of it while handing over Lunella to her parents.

If you don’t know, Devil also appeared in the Spider-Man comics where he and Moon Girl teamed up with Gwenpool and Power Pack.

#10 Streaky

#10 Streaky

First Appearance: Action Comics #261

Type: Cat

Comic: DC

Streaky is a normal household pet who has Supergirl as his master.

One day, When Supergirl was experimenting on a strange form of Kryptonite, The radiations hit Streaky and turned him into a superhero pet.

Similar to any other Kryptonians, Streaky gained superpowers under the yellow sun and was a member of the League of Super pets.

Though he didn’t appear frequently in the comics, Streaky is in the same league as other superhero pets.

#9 Storm

#9 Storm

First Appearance: Aquaman #23

Type: Seahorse

Comic: DC

Similar to Aquaman, His superhero pet Storm was also considered as silly and seen only as a joke for many decades.

Thanks to James Wan, Aquaman has finally gained much-deserved respect. No matter how strong you are, No one messes with Jason Momoa, right?

Storm is a Seahorse and a trusted ally of Aquaman.

Not only The King of Atlantis can hop on the creature and can ride at super-speed in the oceans, but Storm can also be a deadly opponent when he fights.

Do not let the name fool you as Storm isn’t just a seahorse but more of a mini dragon.

As mentioned above Falcon and Redwing share a telepathic link between them but Aquaman can control all sea creatures in the Seven seas which includes Storm as well.

I believe that it’s time that his superhero pet gets a go at the mainstream films and gain some traction.

#8 B’dg

#8 B’dg

First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps Vol 3 #1

Type: H’lvenite

Comic: DC

This character isn’t a superhero pet but an actual superhero himself.

Unlike all other pets on this list, B’dg wields a green lantern ring and is a worthy member of the lantern corps.

We all knew Ch’p, The squirrel-like member from Green Lantern Corps but do you know what happens after his death?

In a war against evil forces, Ch’p lost his life in the Mosaic World. The ring then chooses another member from his planet and B’dg becomes the successor of Ch’p.

As a Green Lantern of Space Sector 1014, B’dg overcame his fear of death and fought for his home planet, H’lven which falls under this sector.

The reason why we included him despite his full-scale superhero background but B’dg is ultimately an animal.

#7 Beppo

#7 Beppo

First Appearance: Superboy #76

Type: Monkey

Comic: DC

Before Jor-El sent Kal to earth, He needed someone to ensure that his son can endure space travel and reach the other end safely.

This resulted in the Kryptonian scientist using a test monkey named Beppo.

Before Jor-El set Kal-El into space, He ran a test with Beppo. Like all Kryptonians, He was blown off course sure to the massive destruction of Krypton.

When Clark was a toddler, He appeared on Earth and was taken by the Kent’s.

Like all monkeys, Beppo was a pain in the ass and always caused trouble. Later, He was sent into the deep space and was seen occasionally in the comics.

Much like other superhero pets from the house of El, Beppo is a Kryptonian who has all the powers a Kryptonian has under the bright sun.

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#6 Zabu

#6 Zabu

First Appearance: X-Men #10

Type: Saber-Tooth Tiger

Comic: Marvel

Smilodon is a savage land in Antarctica known to preserve extinct species from the Ice Age.

Born in the savage land, Zabu’s parents were killed by the Man-Apes, who were believed to be human natives from Smilodon.

In his early days, Zabu wandered all over the savage kand trying to survive.

When the cavemen tried to kill Zabu, A young boy named Kevin Plunder saved the tiger by shooting Maa-Gor, The leader of the tribe.

Soon they became good friends and Kevin was referred to as “Ka-Zar” aka “Son of the Tiger” by the cavemen.

Soon after, Ka-Zar and Zabu moved to New York where they began numerous adventures from fighting Thanos to defeating the Devil Dinosaur.

Let’s get into the top 5 superhero pets you should absolutely know about. So don’t take anything for granted after reading this.

#5 Comet

#5 Comet

First Appearance: Adventure Comics #292

Type: Horse

Comic: DC

Comet is a superhero pet who belongs to Supergirl.

Initially, Comet was a centaur from ancient greek, but a witch granted him powers along with a handy ability to change forms at will.

In the comics, Comet even took a human form in the name of Bronco Bill Starr.

This was possible only once as a special comet should pass the solar system in order to change into a human.

Nonetheless, Supergirl and Comet share a bond that exceeds friendship.

Supergirl fell in love with comet when he’s in a human form and even dated him for a while. Later, Comet joined the Legion of Super-Pets and worked hard to bring peace to the world.

If you think a T-Rex and a centaur would be cool as a pet then wait until we reveal the next one.

#4 Lockheed

#4 Lockheed

First Appearance: The Uncanny X-Men #166

Type: Dragon

Comic: Marvel

Lockheed is a member of an extraterrestrial race of highly advanced dragons who can block telepathic probing.

In his world, Lockheed was known as a brave warrior against the forces of Brood.

When Brood kidnapped the X-Men, Lockheed saved them and returned to Earth.

On of X-Men, Kitty Pryde grew in love with the gigantic pet and took him to the X-Men mansion.

Both Kitty Pryde and Lockheed ran into many adventures but one particular story shows the dragon’s loyalty towards his master.

The purple dragon protected Kitty Pryde from Doctor Doom and was almost beaten to death. Though he managed to fully recover from the fight, Lockheed is terrifyingly loyal to his friend.

Later, The fire-breathing dragon and Kitty founded Excalibur, A British superhero team, and continued their adventures.

#3 Lockjaw

#3 Lockjaw

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #45

Type: Bulldog

Comic: Marvel

The leader of the pet Avengers is here.

Lockjaw is an inhuman who turned into a Bulldog due to mutations by Terrigen Mists.

He is basically a giant royal dog from the Inhuman Family with a blue antenna on his forehead. These glowing antennas can teleport him anywhere in the universe.

Lockjaw’s first heroic adventure began when he teamed up with Blackbolt to stop Trikon created by Maximus.

The Bulldog then banished the dangerous creature in the Negative zone with his teleportation powers.

His adventures continued on as he rescued Human Torch, Quicksilver, and most importantly, He played a crucial role in stopping the mad titan from obtaining all the infinity stones.

Anyway, A talking Bulldog with teleportation powers is something to watch on the big screen.

#2 Ace

#2 Ace

First Appearance: Batman #92

Type: German Shepherd

Comic: DC

Everything from a Buttler to a pet dog in the Batfamily can be a force to reckon with.

Originally Ace was a pet dog of John Wilker. When Batman and Robin saved him from drowning, He tracked down his master who was kidnapped by thugs.

As we all knew the superhero duo took care of it and Wilker gave Ace to Batman as he couldn’t take care of him.

The whole origin of Ace changed in the Rebirth Universe as Alfred found the guard dog caught up in one of Joker’s evil plans.

When the Butler brought the pet to the Batcave, Bruce trained him and in a blink of an eye, The German Shepherd became a Superhero pet.

He even has a full-sized costume, Batgadgets, and a Bat Glider. Well…we are talking about the Batfamily here.

Nonetheless, Out of the years, Batman has been on screen, We believe now is the right time for The Dark Knight to have a friend on his crime-fighting nights.

#1 Krypto

#1 Krypto

First Appearance: Adventure Comics #210

Type: Labrador Retriever

Comic: DC

If Superman is considered as the godfather is all superheroes then his dog would be in the same league as him in superhero pets.

The only superhero pet to be recognized immediately throughout the world without a question is “Krypto.”

The dog was Kal-El’s pet on Krypton and was sent as a test launch before him.

Though he was blown off course in the deep space, The pet soon reached his master in Smallville and became Kent’s household dog.

The four-legged companion was known to favor Superboy and has seen as many adventures as any other mainstream superhero.

Krypto even got his own Television series and comic run as he grew his presence amongst kids.

With DC’s Legion of Super pets film, We hope at least a few of these superhero pets can get what they deserve.

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With this, We are rounding out our list of the top superhero pets from Marvel and DC. Though they aren’t as popular as their masters, These pets can tell some amazing stories.

So, Which superhero pet do you love the most? Did we miss any Superhero Pets on our list?

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