15 Ruthless Black Adam Feats Of Strength You Need To Know

We are all excited for Dwyane Johnson’s Black Adam but do you know the terrible things he can do? Today, We count down the 15 greatest Black Adam feats from the DC comics that show his brutality.

Before going into the topic, Let’s see a bit of Black Adam’s history.

Firstly, Teth Adam is a normal guy who strives for the betterment of his people in Khandaq, Egypt.

Impressed by his good deeds, The wizard Shazam granted him powers of the Egyptian Gods.

By uttering the word “Shazam”, Teth can transform himself into a superhero but the Wizard’s champion chooses to move away from the path of peace.

Black Adam is an anti-hero who doesn’t tolerance crime. As soon as he freed his people, Adam was corrupted by God’s power and wanted to rule the world.

The Wizard banished him in the Rock of Eternity but after centuries, Black Adam managed to escape.

As we all knew, Black Adam has a 0 tolerance policy towards criminals, Almost all the bad guys who crossed paths with Adam will be killed.

That being said, Let’s answer, How strong is Black Adam?

Some of Black Adam’s best feats of strength are mentioned below to give you an idea of his power.

  • Can easily lift over 100,000 tons
  • Throws a huge aircraft casually
  • Knocking down Superman
  • Defeated the JSA all by himself
  • Toyed with Teen Titans
  • Strikes harder than an asteroid that killed Dinosaurs

With that much raw strength at his disposal, Black Adam can be considered a ruthless version of Shazam.

It’s time to dive into the top 15 greatest feats of Black Adam.

Note: These feats include extreme violence. People who are weak-hearted should not read this stuff.

#15 Punches A Superhero’s Heart Out

#15 Punches A Superhero's Heart Out
Source : DC Comics

When his wife Isis and her brother Osiris were killed in Egypt. Black Adam went on a killing spree.

One of the superhero teams trying to bring down Black Adam from destroying the world is Teen Titans.

At that point, The team includes Raven, Dove, Beast Boy, Hawk, and Terra.

The recently joined superhero named Terra is capable of controlling huge rocks and decided to face Adam.

When Terra blamed Adam for all the destruction, The fate of this superhero changed in an instant.

She smashed Black Adam with enormous boulders that look like mountains, Black Adam isn’t even slowed down and that brought his attention to the young superhero.

Black Adam then quickly punches through her chest taking out her heart and in turn killing the female superhero.

This ruthless feat of Black Adam devasted the entire Teen Titans as they saw her heart being ripped out.

The incident proves that Black Adam kills anyone standing in his path regardless of their deeds.

#14 Pushes The Flash Past His Limit

14 Pushes The Flash Past His Limit
Source : DC Comics

When Jay Garrick and Teth Adam exchanged blows, Black Adam seemed to be a lot faster than what the Flash expected.

For the first few minutes, The Flash had the upper hand due to his superspeed but Black Adam quickly changed the course of the battle.

Adam said, “I can channel the swiftness of Heru and kill you in a heartbeat.”

To which the Flash replied, “So you think you’re fast? Let’s see you try a dose of the speed force.”

The Flash then had to unleash his speed force as he blow away the anti-villain.

This not only proves Black Adam’s quick thinking but also his speed as he pushed the Flash to use the speed force.

This may not be an ideal one in this list of all the brutal feats Black Adam has done but it’s still worthy of mentioning his ability to keep up with the Flash himself.

#13 Kills A Yeti After Being Depowered

#13 Kills A Yeti After Being Depowered
Source : DC Comics

In Black Adam: The Dark Age, Teth was in the Himalayas searching for the Lazarus pit.

Unfortunately, The pit was guarded by a Yeti and Adam lost most of his powers in a battle with Captain Marvel aka Shazam and Zatanna.

If you don’t know who a Yeti is then keep reading.

Hu Wei a Chinese superhero has the ability to transform into a monstrous creature.

Due to his atavistic genes, The metahuman can transform into a gigantic beast with razor-sharp claws.

Yeti has superhuman strength and can tear through anything with his claws and teeth. They are known to go wild and destroy everything in the area.

So, When Black Adam found the Lazarus pit, He was forced to fight the Yeti in his depowered state.

Black Adam slashed his knife in the Yeti’s stomach and pulled his intestines out rendering him dead.

Even after being stripped of his powers, Black Adam can be a deadly foe to face.

#12 One-Shot’s Power Girl

#12 One-Shot's Power Girl
Source : DC Comics

Again in the Dark Age, Black Adam was determined as ever to protect his people in his own way.

When his wife Isis who used to be kind followed the footsteps of Teth, The world around them ignited with hate and fear.

Various superheroes tried to reason with her but Black Adam found out that Power Girl is trying to change his wife’s objectives.

He then ordered those heroes to leave his city and charged them with trespassing.

This resulted in a conflict between the superheroes and the mad champion paving way for Power girl vs Black Adam.

Surrounded by his people, Powergirl tried to judge Black Adam for his bad deeds and this is the one thing he does not like.

The anti-hero then blew away Powergirl with a single sonic clap saying, “Do not dare judge me.”

#11 Mocks Dr. Fate

#11 Mocks Dr. Fate
Source : DC Comics

Remember when we said Black Adam went berserk destroying everything in his path?

Apart from Teen Titans, Some of the superheroes who tried to stop him were Green Lantern, Atom Smasher, and Dr. Fate.

When the trio tried to take down Adam, He’s left with no choice but to fight them which he loves.

First, Black Adam punches Atom Smasher and quickly went after Dr. Kent Nelson aka Dr. Fate.

Teth knew that the most fearsome opponent in this trio is Dr.Fate and went after his helmet.

Black Adam even tried to remove Dr.Fate’s helmet which grants the user powers but as strong he is, Adam cannot remove the helmet with raw strength.

Soon, Dr.Fate unleashed a bolt of enormous lightning on Black Adam to which the rouge superhero laughing said, “As if simple lightning could hurt me.”

He then mocks Dr.Fate by slamming him into the ground by saying, “Painless, Nonetheless.”

Black Adam may not last long against a battle with Fate but he never lets his pride down.

#10 Defeats The Entire Shazam Family

#10 Defeats The Entire Shazam Family
Source : DC Comics

If there’s one superhero team that can possibly defeat Black Adam then it’s his nemesis, The Shazam Family.

Unlike Superman and Shazam, Black Adam never pulls his punches. Each of his punches was meant to kill his opponent.

When the Shazam family faces off against their evil champion in Egypt, Black Adam fought all 7 members of the team.

Even outnumbering Adam doesn’t work well as he can demolish any superhero team with his brutal blows.

In the comics, Black Adam really took down every member of the Marvel family including Billy Batson.

Technically speaking, Black Adam and Shazam have similar powers but Teth is way more experienced and brutal than Billy Batson which gives him a huge advantage.

#9 Beats The Shit Out Of Death

#9 Beats The Shit Out Of Death
Source : DC Comics

In DC’s New 52 #45, Black Adam finds himself against another deadly foe.

This time it is the horseman of the apocalypse, Azraeuz aka Death.

After Black Adam destroys a whole county which we’ll get back to it later. Death was overcharged with power.

As well all knew, Every life taken can boost Death’s strength and he is now invulnerable but Black Adam really doesn’t care about all that.

He smashed Azraeuz’s skull and said, “I am going to spend the rest of the night slowly ending your life.”

It is still unclear whether Adam was victorious because of the Egyptian gods’ power or his sheer will to fight.

Nonetheless, Even All-Mighty Death himself wasn’t able to defeat Black Adam.

#8 Forces Martian Manhunter To See Everyone He Killed

#8 Forces Martian Manhunter To See Everyone He Killed
Source : DC Comics

If there’s one thing Black Adam doesn’t like is him being controlled by others.

One such superhero from the Justice League who can read into people’s minds and control them is J’onn J’onzz.

When Black Adam and Martian Manhunter fought, Adam forced J’onn to see all the people he’s killed on that day.

Black Adam choked Martian Manhunter as he sees all the terrible things in his mind.

The evil champion said, “My vengeance is justice and my fury is righteous. I swim in an ocean of blood and do not drown beneath the waves.”

All the screams and pleading for their lives drove Martian Manhunter insane as he escaped into space in shock.

When Adam knew he cannot beat Martian Manhunter in a straight fight, He tried to mentally destabilize the green superhero and it worked quite well.

Can Martian Manhunter Read Minds? (Explained)

Know More About J’onn J’onzz Telepathic Abilities

#7 Takes Revenge On Kobra

7 Takes Revenge On Kobra
Source : DC Comics

Never mess with Black Adam’s friends. Even when you can defeat them, The evil champion will eventually come for your life.

In JSA #51, Kobra destroyed major cities which resulted in the death of Atom Smasher’s mother.

Even though every superhero in the city was looking for the mad man, He managed to escape.

But Kobra’s luck ran out when he finds himself against Black Adam and Atom Smasher.

By this point, it would be obvious that Black Adam will do something to the bad guy, and guess what?

Black Adam ripped right through Kobra’s chest taking his heart out. The anti-villain further said, “No one hurts my comrades.”

Though this act can be justified, His brutal ways and tolerance towards crime remain the same.

#6 Punishes Both Good and Bad Guys

#6 Punishes Both Good and Bad Guys
Source : DC Comics

Black Adam may be hard on criminals but that doesn’t mean he’ll go easy on someone who stands in his way.

In JSA: Black Vengeance, The Spectre was corrupted by Jean Loring. He now wanted to destroy everything related to magic.

After destroying many cities, Spectre turned towards Black Adam. He then flew into the city of Kahndaq looking for Teth Adam.

Spectre said, “All who worship Black Adam will perish.”

While many heroes from the JSA have been alerted and are helping out the common people, Black Adam ran into Spectre.

Adam then flew through Spectre’s shell making him unable to move.

Seeing all the chaos in his homeland, He pushes people to take arms and fight on his side.

What we mean by his side is to clear out every superbeing in the city. Be it Spectre or the other superheroes who came to aid.

Black Adam threw out all of them saying, “You are not welcomed on these lands.”

Now, Let’s dive deep into the top 5 terrible things Black Adam has done in the comics.

#5 Killed His Own Wife

#5 Killed His Own Wife
Source : DC Comics

Yes, What you read is indeed true.

In Black Adam: Dark Age #2, Teth killed his own wife but how can a man with such strong morals end his love?

After the whole World War thing got settled, Black Adam wandered the planet carrying his wife’s bones.

He then finally found the Lazarus pit and tried to bring her back.

Adrianna Tomaz was indeed brought back to life but dropping mere bones into the Lazarus pit wasn’t a good idea.

Black Adam’s wife was resurrected but her body was slowly decaying.

Unable to see his love suffering Black Adam killed her. This was the first time when the evil champion killed someone out of love.

Though it may not be a cold-hearted murder, Black Adam ended her life and there’s nothing he can do about it.

#4 Takes Off Amazo’s Head

#4 Takes Off Amazo's Head
Source : DC Comics

What if supervillains fight each other and then Black Adam was caught up in between them?

The answer, Black Adam kills anyone who crosses paths with him.

In the comics, Superpowered characters like Solomon Grundy, Amazo, Swamp Thing, Bane, Riddler fight Phantom Stranger, and his allies.

In the midst of battle, Black Adam appears as he was looking for Spectre who has connections with the Phantom Stranger.

When Amazo, The first official android attacks Black Adam. He just rips his head right off his body.

Created by Professor Ivo, Amazo is a deadly villain with powers such as replication of any superpowers he encounters.

Even someone like Amazo got destroyed miserably in the hands of Black Adam.

This once again proves his single-minded approach towards his opponents.

#3 Publicly Rips Terra-Man Into Half

#3 Publicly Rips Terra-Man Into Half
Source : DC Comics

By this point, You should definitely know that Black Adam loves violence and abuses his powers.

One such terrible feat to prove is when Black Adam ripped Terra-Man with his bare hands.

During the Infinite Crisis #3, Black Adam was ruling the Egyptian city, Khandaq.

One day he announced a public press meet and guess what?

He openly criticized superheroes like Batman, Superman for their ineffective ways of dealing with crime.

To prove his point, Adam grasps Terra-Man and rips the dude in half.

He further throws his limbs in different directions saying, “Criminals like that do not deserve to live.”

Just imagine the sheer horror of the terrific view. I bet the people who attended the meet would be haunted by this incident for the rest of their lives.

#2 Jabs His Fingers Into Psycho Pirate’s Eyes

#2 Jabs His Fingers Into Psycho Pirate's Eyes
Source : DC Comics

If ripping people in half and punching their hearts out isn’t enough then keep reading.

In Infinite Crisis #6, Lex Luthor hires Psycho-Pirate to manipulate Black Adam.

He succeeds the mission and took control over Adam for a few minutes but soon the champion broke free.

Just so you know, Black Adam doesn’t like being controlled whatsoever.

When he got out of the captivity, Black Adam pocked his finger right into Psycho Pirate’s eye sockets pushing his brain out.

That was a gross picture even for the superheroes to see.

Disturbed by the act, Power Girl asks, “Was that necessary Adam?” to which he replied, “Absolutely !”

Now it’s time for the greatest and ruthless Black Adam feat in all of the comics.

#1 Destroyed An Entire Nation

#1 Destroyed An Entire Nation
Source : DC Comics

This is by far the worst thing Black Adam has ever done.

In New-52 #45, Black Adam was on a roll as his family was killed during World War.

He played a pivotal role in World War 3 as he destroyed an entire nation known as “Bailya.”

On a hunt to capture Death himself, Black Adam lay waste to the whole war.

He blames the nation, Bailya for being partially responsible for his family’s demise.

As a result, In under 36 hours, Adam slaughtered almost 2 million people including the army and its citizens.

That brings an end to all the horrific things Black Adam has done.

The Rock being cast as Teth Adam sure seems trouble for other superheroes in the DCEU but which Black Adam feat do you like the most?

Which one among the Black Adam feats do you think will showcase his true strength and brutality?

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