15 Fat Superheroes and Supervillians Ranked According To Weight

Not every superhero can maintain a godly physique. In the long fight against crime, A few of them may even be out of shape. Here we listed out some of the popular superheroes and supervillains who are fat.

These superheroes/villains may be exceptional but burning calories might not be their cup of tea. If you want to know more about it then keep reading. I promise you’ll be in for a surprise.

Note: This list contains fat superheroes/villains from comics and movies.

In a world full of muscles and arms, These overweight characters prefer huge bellies with enormous physical sizes. So, here are the top 15 overweight characters that you need to see.

#15 Penguin

#15 Penguin - Fat Superheroes
Source: DC comics

Weight: 175 lbs

The Penguin was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. He first appeared in Detective Comics #58.

This supervillain is very similar to Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. Born in a middle-class family, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot faced severe hatred and bullying.

The name Penguin was given by other kids to tease him. This shaped him into a criminal who wanted respect from others.

From being an outcast, Oswald grew so much that he became of the notable villains from Batman’s rogue gallery.

He may seem like a gentleman with expensive suits on top but beneath all that he is a hardcore criminal who manipulates others and kills anyone who gets in his way.

Penguin from Gotham’s Black Market is one of the notable names in the city and makes it into our top 5 fat superhero/supervillain list.


  • Insanely Rich
  • Leadership
  • Gadgets
  • Adaptive
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Weapon Master
  • Escape Artist

#14 Nite Owl II

#14 Nite Owl II - Fat Superheroes
Source: DC comics

Weight: 198 lbs

Dan Dreiberg aka Nite Owl II was created by Alan Moorr and Dave Gibbons, The comic character made his first appearance in Watchmen #1.

This fat superhero shares a resemblance with Batman. Born and raised in a wealthy family, Dan Dreiberg took inspiration from Night Owl.

After being rejected as his sidekick, Night Owl took Dan as his apprentice.

Fast forward to three years, Night Owl retired from crime-fighting and Dan Dreiberg took over his mantel as Night Owl II.


  • Insanely Rich
  • Gadgets
  • Intellect
  • Stealth
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Marksmanship

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#13 Peter Parker (Earth X)

#13 Peter Parker (Earth X) - Fat Superheroes
Source: Marvel Comics

Weight: 200 lbs

This is an alternative version of our beloved Spider-Man. Peter Parker from Earth X was created by Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, and John Paul Leon.

This fat superhero first appeared in Earth X #0 in Marvel comics.

Peter Benjamin Parker aka Spider-Man is from earth 9997. This version of Peter Parker shares a similar origin story and powers to our Spider-Man but is depressed in his life.

After his identity got revealed and Mary Jane died of cancer, Peter was in a bad stage of his life.

Left with his and Mary Jane’s daughter, Peter stopped being Spider-Man. Due to the increased metabolism, He got super fat and is definitely not the energetic Peter Parker we all cherish.


  • Everything Spider-Man can do
  • Increased Strength
  • Organic Webbing

#12 Bouncing Boy

#12 Bouncing Boy - Fat Superheroes
Source: DC comics

Weight: 231 lbs

If you think Plastic Man from DC comics is hilarious then you need to know about Bouncing Boy.

This fat superhero was created by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney.

As in the name, Bouncing Boy has a special power to inflate into a giant ball and bounce around.

Chuck Taine aka Bouncing Boy is a member of the “Legion of Superheroes” on earth and was created by Jerry Siegel & Jim Mooney.

Born without any superpower, Chuck worked for a scientist in 30th-century earth and drank a plastic fluid in his lab as he thought it was soda.

This unexpected fluid made his body into a spongy round shaped ball. Chuck decided to join “The Legion of Superheroes” and is a handy superhero to be around.

With his giant ball-like body combined with near invulnerability and speed, This fat superhero can take down most of his opponents but it kinda looks funny when he does that.

A person bouncing off a wall multiple times and dashing other people is something to watch at.

If the current DCEU wants to go with a lighter tone in their movies then can try him out. I bet with the right direction and script, Bouncing Boy will be super hilarious to watch.


  • Size Manipulation
  • Inertia Absorption
  • Elasticity
  • Invulnerability
  • Density Control
  • Agility

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#11 Blimp

#11 Blimp - Fat Superheroes
Source: DC comics

Weight: 240 lbs

The Blimp was created by E. Nelson Bridwell, Mike Esposito, and Joe Orlando.

He is a member of the Inferior Five and in short, He is capable of extremely slow flight.

The Blimp is a member of the “Inferior Five” and is known to fly very slowly.

The fat hero formed the Inferior Five along with other superheroes.

His father, Captain Swift who is a parody of the Flash passed on the super speed thing to Blimp but the fat superhero hasn’t mastered it.


  • Flight
  • Super Slow Run

#10 Doctor Octopus

#10 Doctor Octopus - Fat Superheroes
Source: Marvel Comics

Weight: 245 lbs

The popular Spider-man villain was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Doctor Octopus first appeared in the Amazing Spider-Man#3.

Due to a radiation leak in his lab, Mechanical limbs got fused into his body and he can control all of them without any command.

Otto Octavius is a fierce supervillain in the Marvel comics and has got the better of Spider-man several times in his run.

Marvel is bringing the iconic Doc onto the big screen once again in Spider-Man No Way Home. Let’s see how that goes for Spidey in the film.


  • Super Strength
  • Powerful Suit
  • Dangerous Mechanical Arms
  • Danger Sense
  • Intellect
  • Gadgets
  • Stamina

#9 Granny Goodness

#9 Granny Goodness - Fat Superheroes
Source : DC comics

Weight: 256 lbs

This female fat supervillain is known due to her master, Darkseid.

Granny Goodness was created by Jack Kirby and is the leader of the female furies.

She is a resident of Apokolips and was taken by Darkseid in her childhood. Granny Goodness brainwashes and trains new soldiers of Darkseid’s army.

These inhabitants of Apokolips live in a realm called the “Fourth World” which resides outside of space and time.

This grants every one of them with superpowers that normal people would only dream of.

There are quite a few animated episodes in which Granny Goodness appeared but Zack Snyder’s Justice League paved way for her first live-action debut.


  • Super Strength
  • Intellect
  • Super Hearing
  • SuperSpeed
  • Healing
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Force Field
  • Invulnerability
  • Immortal
  • Swordsmanship
  • Weapon Master
  • Omni-Lingual

#8 Thor

#8 Thor - Fat Superheroes
Source: Marvel Studios

Weight: 310 lbs

Thor Odinson of Asgard is in his top physique in most of the comic storylines but there are a couple when he gets fat.

Yes, The kind we saw in Marvel’s Avengers Endgame. We have listed him and not the Red Guardian because Thor is actually fat in some comics but The Red Guardian isn’t.

The only reason Marvel made him fat in Black Widow is to lighten the film’s tone and provide humor.

Thor as we all knew got fat after his father, mother, adopted brother, and half of his people got killed off. This leads him to an insane consumption of alcohol. Hence, The birth of Fat Thor.

Not so strong digestive system like the Man of Steel I guess there. Nonetheless, This version of Thor is super fat and stomps his position into our list of fat superheroes.


  • Super Strength
  • Durability
  • Stamina
  • Agility
  • Electric Bolts
  • Summon Lighting
  • Wide range of weapons

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#7 Mr. Incredible

#7 Mr. Incredible - Fat Superheroes
Source: Disney

Weight: 348 lbs

Mr. Incredible was created by Brad Bird and first appeared in The Incredibles #1.

Robert Parr aka Bob is a superhero in the animated world and is the leader of the Incredibles team. The superhit film exactly shows how superheroes live in day-to-day life.

If we ever think of fat superheroes, This guy is sure to appear in it.

Not to mention, Mr. Incredible’s whole family is special. He is the father of Dash, Violent, John Parr, and husband to Helen Parr.

Any list of fat superheroes is incomplete if we haven’t mentioned Mr.Incredible in it.


  • Berserk Strength
  • Stamina
  • Leadership
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Gadgets

#6 Kingpin

#6 Kingpin - Fat Superheroes
Source : Marvel Comics

Weight: 450 lbs

This famous supervillain was created by Stan Lee and John Romita. He first appeared in the Amazing Spider-man #50.

Wilson Fisk is a supervillain who controls crime on the east coast. This character is known as the king of mobsters and he self-proclaimed himself as The Kingpin.

As we all know Wilson Fisk is huge and can bash anyone in straight combat. This guy threw some serious punches to the Punisher, Daredevil, and Spider-man.

Let’s hope Marvel brings this enticing fat supervillain onto the screen.


  • Berserk Strength
  • Insanely Rich
  • Intellect
  • Stamina
  • Leadership
  • Unarmed Combat

#5 Blob

#5 Blob - Fat Superheroes
Source: Marvel Comics

Weight: 510 lbs

Blob was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and the X-Men character made his debut in 1964.

Commonly known as the enemy of the X-Men, Blob is a huge character and is definitely one of the most surprising mutants to appear.

Due to his eating disorder, Blob put on a ton of weight and claims to be immovable when he wanted.

Due to his enormous size, Any punches he takes do not deal much damage as they get absorbed into his body.

Apart from that, This super fat character appeared in X-Men Origins alongside Wolverine.


  • Super Eating
  • Berserk Strength
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Inertia Absorption
  • Super Strength

#4 Fat Cobra

#4 Fat Cobra - Fat Superheroes
Source: Marvel Comics

Weight: 652 lbs

Fat Cobra is created by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, and David Aja. He first appeared in Immortal Iron Fist #8.

Born on Peng Lai Island, This character from his childhood used to eat a lot.

After Fat Cobra’s mother passed away, His father threw him in an orphanage. Even as a three-month-old child, The orphanage couldn’t keep up with his needs.

He served in the Chinese civil war and got promoted to general. He even beat an all-out eating competition between Volstagg and Hercules in Olympus.

Later, Fat Cobra appeared in Wolverine: Goodbye Chinatown and Damnation storylines.


  • Super Strength
  • Healing
  • SuperSpeed
  • Agility
  • Stamina
  • Chi Manipulation
  • Martial Arts
  • Leadership

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#3 Big Bertha

#3 Big Bertha - Fat Superheroes
Source: Marvel Comics

Weight: 750 lbs

Big Bertha is another one among our list of fat superheroes. She was created by John Byrne and Dan Slott.

Big Bertha first appeared in West Coast Avengers #46 in Marvel comics.

She is a supermodel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Apart from this, Her superhero form is huge. Hence the name Big Bertha.

She joined her first superhero team through an advertisement and is a member of the Great Lakes Avengers.

She has the ability to transform her body at will and this allows her to lead two different lives.


  • Shape Shifter
  • Mass Manipulation
  • Insanely Rich
  • Density Control
  • Super Strength
  • Unarmed Combat

#2 Volstagg

#2 Volstagg - Fat Superheroes
Source: Marvel Comics

Weight: 1425 lbs

This is one fat superhero you may never know about. Yes, He’s an Asgardian and is a friend of Thor.

Volstagg first appeared in Journey into Mystery #119 and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Volstagg is a member of the “Warriors Three” of Asgard. He may not be as popular as the Odinson but he is a trusted ally to the God of Thunder.

Though his fellow Asgardians are taken from Norse mythology, Volstagg is neither a god nor a part of the Norse mythology.

This character is very huge and loves to drink. Apart from all his flaws, Volstagg is a primary member of the Warriors Three and an incredibly strong superhero.

If you think Volstagg is fat then you should wait for the next one.


  • Asgardian
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Agility
  • Long Life
  • Durability

#1 Superman

#1 Superman - Fat Superheroes
Source: DC comics

Weight: 4408 lbs

Taking anything to an extreme is only possible for Superman and Yes, Superman is indeed fat. Before you get mad about it, hear me out.

The Man of Steel got fat on quite a few occasions and we have to include him. This is because no other website on Google listed the most popular superhero of all time in their lists.

First things first, Superman doesn’t get fast by eating alone. As we all knew, He is powered by solar energy.

Clart Kent’s metabolism is so good that it can digest anything he eats into atoms. Yeah, That’s how powerful his digestive system is.

When Superman drank the Scarlet Nectar, An unexpected change occurred in his body. Thanks to his invulnerability, The poison does not kill him but the side effects are ridiculous.

The Man of Steel became the “Man of Fat.”

Not only Superman, but Superboy also got fat on a couple of occasions when he was exposed to Red Kryptonite radiation and Alien Rays, but Clark Kent’s portrayal of being fat is funny.

He even flee away from earth so that people wouldn’t identify him but a plane full of passengers did it tho.

Another instance is when Superman got into a telephone booth to change identities from Clark Kent to Superman, He got fat.

This is due to the radiation experiments conducted in it. The people of Metropolis called him “The Two-Ton Superman!”


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This brings an end to our list of most popular fat superheroes.

There are other characters from comics who are fattier than them but these are the known superheroes/supervillains.

To know more about the extreme ones, check out the FAQs below.


Who Is The Fattest Marvel Character?

Weighing at a whopping 1425 lbs, The fattest Marvel character is Volstagg. Next to him Big Bertha(750 lbs), Fat Cobra(625 lbs), and Blob(510 lbs) take the top three spots.

Who Is The Fattest Supervillain?

The fattest supervillain is Fat Cobra from Marvel comics. He weighs around 625 lbs of weight and is definitely hard to beat him in terms of mass.

Here are the fattest supervillains in order:

  • 5# Penguin – 175 lbs
  • 4# Doctor Octopus – 245 lbs
  • 3# Kingpin – 450 lbs
  • 2# Blob – 510 lbs
  • 1# Fat Cobra – 625 lbs

Are There Any Fat Female Superheroes?

Yes, Marvel’s Big Bertha is a supermodel in her daily life and a crime-fighting superhero in the night. Weighing at 750 lbs, Big Bertha is the fattest female superhero in all of the comics.

Apart from her, There are quite a few fat female superheroes. This includes Faith from Valiant comics.

Fat Superheroes Marvel

Weighing at 1425 lbs, Volstagg tops the list of fat superheroes from Marvel comics. Apart from the Asgardian, other characters like Big Bertha, Blob, Doctor Octopus, and Kingpin are obese.

Fat Superheroes Girl

Faith from Valiant comics and Big Bertha from Marvel comics are fat superheroes who are girls.

Fat Superheroes And Villains

Mr. Incredible, Superman, Peter Parker Earth X, Thor, Night Owl II, Blob, Doctor Octopus, Kingpin, Big Bertha, Blimp, and Faith are some of the fat superheroes and villains. To know more about it, Go to the top of this page.

Lastly, Being fat is not a bad thing, It is just not healthy. Everyone should burn calories and get some exercise in their day-to-day life.

The above list proved that not even superheroes themselves cannot stay fit if they do not work hard.

You can cut some slack and go easy on yourself for once but staying healthy comes first. No matter what, We all need to sacrifice our delicious snacks for it.

What do you think of this list? Did you get a grasp of all the fat superheroes and supervillains?

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