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One Marvel Hero Defeated Everyone You Ever Knew

Marvel’s Squirrel girl is a legend. She went on a rampage through the Marvel Universe and defeated every Marvel Hero.

Yes, You heard it right. A single Marvel hero defeated everyone you ever knew.

It might seem surprising to some, but Marvel’s most unbeatable hero is Squirrel Girl.

The character first appeared in Iron Man’s issue where she defeated Doctor Doom. Her running joke was that she was almost unbeatable.

She has been able to defeat multiversal threats like Galactus and Thanos. Her greatest accomplishment was to defeat every Marvel Universe hero.

Marvel’s heroes face a fate they didn’t expect in 2016’s Unbeatable Squirrel Girl beats Up the Marvel Universe by Erica Henderson and Ryan North. This might seem impossible for Iron Man, one of Marvel’s most noble and pure heroes. However, a series of unfortunate events make it a grim reality.

Here’s How A Single Marvel Hero Defeated Everyone

Iron Man invites Squirrel Girl and her squirrels to try out the new gadget he stole from the High Evolutionary.

The two heroes find themselves in a battle against the High Evolutionary goons. Squirrel Girl eventually falls into the pod-like device. This is when two Squirrel Girls are born.

Although Doreen and Allene initially seem to be fast friends, it quickly becomes apparent that something is wrong with the cloning process.

Allene decides that squirrels are better planet stewards than humans and uses the High Evolutionary pod to create an army of squirrels.

Squirrels are used to steal Iron Man’s suit, and Squirrel Girl has Deadpool’s Marvel trading card copy.

These cards provide valuable information about the weaknesses of every villain and hero.

Allene blows up Stark Tower, tricking the Avengers into believing she is the real Squirrel Girl. She then electrocutes them and steals all their gear.

The surprising powerful hero then steals Magneto’s helmet and Doctor Octopus’s arms. She then easily destroys each Marvel villain and hero with all of her powerful equipment.

Who would you think can stop this rampaging Squirrel at this point?

Her brutal rampage was at last stopped by the Mjolnir-enhanced real Squirrel Girl and other members of Marvel’s large roster of heroes.

Although only a few heroes are visible in the final battle, the caption at bottom of the page informs readers every Marvel hero canonically participates in the fight regardless if they’re actually seen.

Apart from the obvious humor, this story is completely canon. Although Marvel has published a few stories in which their heroes kill the rest of the Marvel Universe like Deadpool Killing the whole Marvel Universe, this story is the first to take place within the 616 universes.

Squirrel Girl is a remarkable character. Even when she fights the entire Marvel Universe she never actually kills anyone.

This superhero even at her worst is still a hero that’s more true than the Punisher. Despite her abilities, Marvel’s heroes need to take Squirrel Girl more seriously.

At this phase in the MCU, I highly doubt her prowess would come in handy as the MCU made even some of the terrifying characters such as Drax a joke and used it for comedic relief.

Squirrel Girl may be powerful and all but her debut at this point in the MCU is unnecessary. She would end up as some no-show goofy character in the present universe.

What do you think of Squirrel Girl? If this single Marvel hero defeated everyone around, would it be great to see her in the MCU at some point in the future?

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