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Batwoman: Ruby Rose Opens Up On The Terrible Set Conditions

Ruby Rose who portrayed Batwoman reveals the terrible set conditions they’ve faced by WBTV CEO and productions.

Just after one season, Ruby Rose exited from Batwoman and the actor finally reveals what all the working staff including herself have gone through in the filming duration.

The actor has taken it public via Instagram addressing the horrific set conditions they were put through and she blames WBTV CEO for it.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ruby Rose and her acquisitions on WB for the mistreatment of Batwoman sets.

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Ruby Rose CW’s Batwoman On Set Conditions

The actress shared a series of Instagram stories describing this terrible situation and took on the time to explain it in chapters.

Ruby Rose On WBTV CEO

The first chapter specifies WBTV CEO, Peter Roth’s behavior with young female actors.

Ruby Rose On Her Injury

The second chapter explains how WB and the CW forced Ruby Rose to get up and play the role of Batwoman after a severe injury.

Ruby Rose On The Horrific Set Conditions Of Batwoman

This one shows all kinds of terrible behavior that the working team has to go through in the sets of Batwoman.

Ruby Rose’s Message To Batwoman Fans

Finally, The actress put on a decent story of explaining how things were and why she cannot portray the Batwoman anymore.

This is not the first time WB and their higher-ups are blamed by their own actors. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a prime example of how WB deals with this stuff.

Considering the Marvel Cinematic Universe is leagues ahead of the DCEU, WB is the sole culprit here for messing up with the directors and the actors.

Even though Ray Fisher aka Cyborg on the Justice League film is still fighting in one end, WB has no respect for their actors whatsoever.

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If this continues in the near future, Fans will not support the DCEU and the universe is bound to fail miserably.

First, they mess up with the directors’ vision and now treat their own actors in such conditions. As fans of the DC universe, Please make this right and I’m sure the DCEU has bright days ahead.

But on the flip side, Considering all the accusations made in WB and their higher-ups. If these are all true and WB is covering their horrendous acts, The truth is sure to come out one day. 

What do you think of Ruby Rose aka Batwoman acquisitions on WB for the terrible set conditions? Who do you support? 

Source : @averagebeing_com, DC, Warner Bros

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