Guardians of the Galaxy Unused Short Films Explained

James Gunn revealed that Guardians of the Galaxy was almost ready for a completely different approach via 4 short films before the movie release.

Even before the release of 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel and James Gunn has planned to introduce these unknown superheroes in one-shot prequels.

This is the original plan before it got scrapped away in the likes of the massive world-building movie.

Yes, This has been confirmed by James Gunn himself and he also said that he actually shot one of the short films for Groot and Rocket. Though it may be the initial few minutes, It would be awesome to watch a Groot and Rocket prequel.

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More onto it later, The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been digging around some unexpected news in the MCU.

James Gunn on Guardians of the Galaxy Short Films

Guardians of the Galaxy Unused Short Films Explained

James Gunn said, “The 3 shorts were going to play before the 3 movies coming out before Guardians which seemed like a good idea to get people to know them since everyone was telling us these unknown characters were going to be Marvel’s first bomb.”

According to Gunn, Marvel planned 4 short films in particular. Each of these would properly introduce and explain these characters for a bigger event in the near future.

1# Rocket and Groot
2# Gamora
3# Drax
4# Star-Lord

These were the original one-shots planned but they got scraped away and James Gunn has an answer for it too.

James Gunn Reveals Why They Didn’t Make Them

Guardians of the Galaxy Unused Short Films Explained

Here James Gunn explained a little bit about the short films and why he didn’t make them.

Gunn explained, “We didn’t end up doing it because I realized it was ridiculous for me to be writing and directing 4 short films at the same time as I was prepping an enormous world-building movie.”

He added, “The 4th short was going to be Quill’s backstory which is really what’s at the beginning of Guardians now. It was really hard for me to admit it was too much for me and I was sad deciding I couldn’t do them, especially Rocket and Groot. But, you know, maybe someday!”

Who doesn’t want a prequel made about Groot and Rocket and how they met. If done right, I bet this will bring in even more success for Marvel than any of their previous shows.

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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige on GOG Short Films

Guardians of the Galaxy Unused Short Films Explained

As you know, These are the words of Kevin Feige taken from the latest episode of the new book, The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Feige said, “We toyed with the idea of doing short films on Drax, on Rocket and Groot, and on Gamora, leading up to Guardians. This One-Shot series would have led into the Guardians movie proper which would have also been directly preceded by a fourth self-contained short film about a mysterious kid who loved fantasy things. Then you’d start Guardians and halfway through, we would reveal that the big space hero is the kid from the short. We thought that would be clever, but it was too much.”

Though it may seem to be in the right way, Scrapping the idea is what made Guardians of the Galaxy a massive success.

Before 2014, Most of the general audience isn’t familiar with the likes of any of these guardians. In short, The world doesn’t know who they are and what they do.

This anxiety made the public watch the movie in theatres without any expectations and James delivered it more than enough for a bunch of weirdoes.

Thanks to James Gunn and the marketing, Marvel Studios has another successful superhero team-up their sleeves apart from the Avengers.

What do you think about the Guardians of the Galaxy short films? Would you have enjoyed it with a detailed backstory of each and every character before the final film or it is good as a full-fledged movie?

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