15 Doctor Superheroes Who Are or Has Doctor In Their Name

You know, there is a high chance that your favorite superhero is probably a doctor of some kind?

The comic world is filled with doctors. You can likely even argue that most heroes are just nerds and would not be wrong. Every other superhero seems to also hold a doctorate of some kind, and usually, their powers directly result from an experiment they would have conducted. We’re pretty that comic books were the top reason kids in the 90s decided to study harder. 

We’ve put together a list of your favorite heroes who are also doctors. Some go out of their way to ensure you know it, too. Let’s dive in together!

#15 Batgirl

#15 Batgirl - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, but she does not have it in her name

Barbara Gordon is one of the smartest individuals in the Bat family, and the way that family is, that is saying a lot. When she first joins the bat family ranks, she is depicted as the head of the Gotham City Library. She holds a doctorate in library sciences and is also a tech genius. 

When she was Batgirl, Barbara was the go-to tech whiz and seemed to have an answer for any tech problem. Library science focuses on organization and data collection. We can see this translate into the way she works. Barbara is meticulous, and it is tough to swindle the girl. It helps that she is also James Gordon’s daughter.

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#14 Mighty Thor (Jane Foster)

#14 Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, but she does not have it in her name

Before taking up the mantle of the Mighty Thor, Jane Foster was a celebrated astrophysicist and one of the leading authorities on the subject. During one of these research missions, Jane meets Thor for the first time in the MCU. She has a doctorate on the subject and even created a working model of the kind of wormhole that Thor uses to travel. 

Even after taking up the mantle of Thor, Jane continued her research and is still considered the planet’s leading astronomer. She has several theories that she came up with. She eventually ends up with all the powers of Thor and a Ph.D. to top it off. That is a dangerous opponent. 

#13 Spider-Man

#13 Spider-Man - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, but he does not have it in his name

Peter Parker is one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe and is considered the greatest hero of all time. Through the comics, we see Spider-Man as a bright young teenager trying to make his way awkwardly through life while also being a masked vigilante.

After he excelled in high school, Peter took time to study further because of his financial situation. However, he eventually put his brain to use and got a degree in biophysics and a Ph.D. in biochemistry.

He uses his education to increase his chances of success when faced with threats. We can see Spider-Man making his gadgets and weapons to improve his success rate. 

It is funny to think of him as Dr. Peter Parker, though.

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#12 Dr. Manhattan

#12 Dr. Manhattan - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, and he has it in his name

Dr. Manhattan is a core member of the Watchmen and one of the universe’s most powerful beings. Formerly, Jonathan Osterman, Dr. Manhattan, has a Ph.D. in atomic physics and was one of the leading authorities on nuclear physics. Like most of the scientist superheroes on this list, he received powers when exposed to an accident in the lab. 

A celebrated scientist before his turning, Jonathan studied nuclear physics to the bone. The doctorate was well-earned, and ever since he became the omniscient energy being he is, his knowledge grew to cosmic proportions. 

With his information resources, he probably has more knowledge than any other Ph.D. can give him.

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#11 Beast

#11 Beast - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, but he does not have it in his name

Hank McCoy is a core member of the X-Men and one of the most brilliant minds on the planet. The X-men half tonnes of advanced technology that the rest of the world does not have. From Flying jets to highly equipped training rooms. These are all the work of the great Hank McCoy. What is interesting is that these are just things that he likes playing around with. 

Hank is also one of the leading authorities on genetics and possesses a whopping 6 Ph.D. Beast has revolutionized gene study and was able to take the discipline forward by many years. Hank has used his knowledge in many avenues and even once developed a serum to suppress the mutant gene.

This invention was born out of the insecurity surrounding his appearance, but he soon grew out of it. Hank has served as the scientific advisor to the White House on many occasions.

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#10 Black Panther

#10 Black Panther - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, but he does not have it in his name

The king of Wakanda seems to be a Jack of all trades. Except that he is a king, so he is a king of all trades. A noble leader, a skilled fighter, and a genius inventor. Why not add a doctor to that long list?

T’Challa possesses five doctorates in different fields such as physics, political science, engineering, economics, and psychology. Seriously, how does one find the time to be a king, a superhero, and then also acquire five PhDs? 

Every doctorate that Black Panther has serves him very well. He can better understand the technology he works with, and his advanced mind is constantly working to improve things. T’Challa has been highly successful so far. Even his Ph.D. in economics and political science gives him an edge as the ruler of Wakanda. He doesn’t do anything unless there is a good reason. 

#9 Professor X

#9 Professor X - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, but he does not have it in his name

When he is not out saving mankind and mutant-kind, Professor X is the headmaster of a school full of mutants. He did not simply get out of the blue. His mind is said to be among the most powerful in the universe, while it is among the smartest. Charles Xavier has doctorates in biochemistry, biophysics, and genetics. He took the last one to better understand himself and his species. 

Professor X uses his knowledge of mutants to help his team and students to better stave off the outside world. His intellect and the doctorates have enabled him to better understand mutant-kind, and he has used this knowledge to better argue the case for their existence in an otherwise mutant-hating world. 

His ability to read minds makes him one of the most resourceful individuals on the planet when it comes to information.

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#8 Mr. Terrific

#8 Mr. Terrific - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, but he does not have it in his name

Mr. Terrific is the third-smartest man on Earth in the DC Universe. So, you would expect him to have a Ph.D. or two, no? Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Mr. Terrific is said to have fourteen different PhDs in physics and engineering. We have no idea where he found the time to do this, but anything appears to be possible when you are mind-bending intelligent. 

Mr. Terrific uses his knowledge and education for good. He developed T-spheres that can virtually do anything from allowing him to fly, give out electrical charges, blast out energy, and project holograms. All of these functions can be carried either by vocal or mental commands. How insane is that?

He is a natural aptitude for natural aptitudes. Meaning that he can pick up complicated things with ease. He is one of the few JLA members that have proper medical training. He is so good at that that he might also be a medical doctor. 

#7 The Atom

#7 The Atom - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, but he does not have it in his name

Ray Palmer is a superhero who has powers similar to the Ant-Man. The Atom is many things, an adrenaline junkie, an adventurer, an explorer, etc., but above all this, he is a brilliant scientist with four different PhDs in the field of physics. His genius-level intellect enabled him to unlock the power of a miniaturized version of a white dwarf star. This allows Atom to alter his size the same way Ant-Man does. 

As the adventurer and explorer, Palmer uses this technology to travel through the nooks and crannies that no one else can go and discover many small worlds. Another frequent use of his powers is in advanced medical procedures. Ray Palmer is a regular helper in these kinds of procedures. 

You know what they say, no deed is too small when it comes to helping others.

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#6 Hulk

#6 Hulk - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, but he does not have it in his name

We all know Hulk as a raging green monster you wouldn’t want as your roommate. One bad day and there’s a hole in your wall. However, his alter-ego is an entirely different story. 

Dr. Bruce Banner is a leading authority on gamma radiation and has one of the world’s smartest minds. While his MCU counterpart is said to have seven different doctorates, the comic version is slightly lesser. Still super impressive. 

Bruce’s research in his very Ph.D. subject eventually led him to become the Hulk. Bruce Banner was exposed to gamma radiation and, coupled with experiments that his father did on him as a child, he gained the gift and curse that is the Hulk. The entire character was modeled after Jekyll and Hyde, and it was done well. 

When he is not the Hulk, Bruce uses his knowledge and expertise to help others in medical attention and works tirelessly to create or discover new things.

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#5 Dr. Fate

#5 Dr. Fate - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, and he has it in his name

Dr. Fate is probably the only hero on this list who is not a doctor. Yet, he and Dr. Strange are the two most famous individuals with that term in their names. Dr. Fate is only part of this list because the term is in his name. A little of a cheat, eh?

Dr. Fate is the name of anyone who wears the Helmet of Fate. They are immediately given the powers of Nabu and begin their magical journey. The person under the helmet is not usually not very relevant. The name Doctor Fate probably came about because he is a master of magic, and if there was a doctorate for that, Fate would undoubtedly have it. 

Very few can match up to Dr. Fate when it comes to magic. He is a mystical badass.

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#4 Dr. Strange

#4 Dr. Strange - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, and he has it in his name

Dr. Stephen Strange owes everything he has to his medical practice. Before becoming the sorcerer supreme, Strange was one of the best medical surgeons in the world and made a fortune by performing surgeries that no one else could and some that most said could not be done. Strange was all hands, and he was the best.

However, the tragic accident caused him to lose his hands, his most prized possession. The journey to fix his broken hands ended with him at Kamar-Taj, where his next journey as a sorcerer began. When he lost his hands, Strange was desperate and lost his fortune trying to find a fix, but instead, he found his destiny. Just like we said, his doctorate is what eventually made him the Sorcerer Supreme. 

He decided to keep the name when fighting interdimensional demons and magical threats. We’re glad he did. Otherwise, it would have been… Strange.

#3 Ant-Man

#3 Ant-Man - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, but he does not have it in his name

Hank Pym, otherwise known as the first Ant-Man, is among the smartest individuals who are part of the Marvel Universe. He does not have any innate powers, and the abilities he possesses are a result of the research he has done. Hank Pym was able to create a formula that could alter the size of an object and then eventually used it to become the hero – Ant-Man. 

Hank Pym has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and is a leading authority on the subject. His Ph.D. helped him gain the knowledge to develop the serum that he would eventually call Pym Particles. You might have already guessed that Hank is a bit of a narcissist. 

His work on the Pym Particles has, directly and indirectly, saved many lives. However, Hank also dabbles in physics and artificial intelligence. Hank Pym is the actual creator of Ultron. Which would explain why that robot was such a rotten egg.

#2 Tony Stark

#2 Tony Stark - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, but he does not have it in his name

Iron Man was how we were introduced to the Marvel cinematic universe, and he is one of the most popular characters in the comics until now. As a person, Tony Stark does not have any powers except his wealth and a brain that just won’t quit. Tony built a working first edition of the Iron Man suit from a box of scraps. We can all agree that the man is brilliant. 

Tony Stark has two degrees and three doctorates in physics and artificial intelligence. It is not specified which doctorates he possesses, but we know he has two master’s degrees from MIT, which he received when he was just a teenager. Considered to be among the smartest individuals on the planet, it is not surprising. 

These degrees and PhDs have helped Tony better understand the technology he develops and uses. He is even one of the leading authorities on artificial intelligence and anything related to technology.

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#1 Reed Richards

#1 Reed Richards - Doctor Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Doctor Status: Yes, but he does not have it in his name

Reed Richards is not often referred to as a Doctor and does not have the term in his name either. However, he deserves that title more than anyone else on this list. His name should have been Dr. Fantastic. The opportunity was right there, Marvel!

Mr. Fantastic sits at the top of this list because he is said to have 18 different doctorates in various fields such as physics, math, and artificial intelligence. They don’t call him the smartest on the planet for no reason. Even before he gained his powers, Reed was already a prodigy about intelligence, and his powers allowed him to amplify it even further. He can stretch his mind to solve any problem he is faced with. This has played a massive role in helping to get those doctorates. 

His expertise in many fields makes him the leading authority on many subjects and has earned him the title of the most brilliant man on the planet. The application of these doctorates has helped his team solve many problems, beat unbeatable villains, and make life easier in general for everyone.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Doctor Sampson
  • Dr. Light
  • Donald Blake (Thor)
  • She-Hulk
  • Jean Grey

Now, Go through a few most searched questions on the web related to doctor superheroes.


Which Marvel Character Is a Doctor?

Dr. Strange is a doctor. Stephen Strange was a leading surgeon and one of the best authorities on medicine in the world.

How Many Doctors Are in DC Comics?

There are many doctors in DC Comics, namely – Barbara Gordon, Mr. Terrific, Dr. Light, Blue Beetle Etc.

Is There a Doctor Comic?

Yes, there are many doctor comics. One of the most famous ones is Doctor Who. However, if you’d like to check out superhero-related doctor comics, then Dr. Strange would be the best. 

Is Doctor Strange a Doctor?

Yes, Doctor Strange is a Doctor. He is a neurosurgeon and one of the best.

What Does DC Mean Behind a Doctor’s Name?

DC means Doctor of Chiropractic. This is usually only seen behind the names of Chiropractors.

It shouldn’t be so surprising that so many heroes are also doctors. Most of their powers come from it. Is your favorite hero also a doctor? Come back again to averagebeing.com for more fun articles! 

Later, Nerds.