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Richest Superheroes Of All Time (Ranked According To Real Life Survey)

Ever since the battle for the richest superhero started, they were too many sources to rely upon. We now have the exact details of these riches. They may be heroes but under the mask, They all need to work and earn a living just as we do in our daily lives.

Here the annual earnings of your favorite icons are disclosed. These were taken from their real professions and are precisely calculated by the Vanquis Bank of the United Kingdom.

The methodology is figured out by evaluating the type of work they do and the current worth to it across the globe.

The list goes from the least to top-earning heroes from the dc and marvel universe. Guess where your hero stands on this brand new richest superhero record and how much he/she earns from their day job.

Note: This superhero ranking is based on a real survey conducted by Vanquis Bank and it does not contain imaginative wealth such as the Wakandan’s vibranuim or Aquaman’s massive sea jewels.

Here are the top 24 Richest Superheroes of All Time :

24# Antman

Antman is the least richest superhero on the new list

Scott Edward Harris Lang, a former convict thief, was having trouble paying child support to his ex-wife for Cassie Lang’s visitation rights.

Hank Pym convinced him to accept the Ant-Man role. This suit is a super-powered modern design that shrinks the wearer to different sizes, increases one’s strength, toughness, agility, and physical strength.

Scott Lang A.K.A Ant-man is the least earning superhero and far away from being the richest on the list.

Job : Ice Cream Server at Baskin Robbins.

Location : San Francisco.

Annual Salary : $18,543

23# Spiderman

Peter Parker, a teenager, was somehow given arachnid abilities by a spider bite. Instead of using these abilities for his own gain, he decided that he would help others.

The boy was an orphan who lived with his aunt May Parker. He chose to wear a mask to fight crime and not burden his aunt in doing so.

Apart from tony stark’s internship in the MCU, Peter Parker does some part-time jobs around the city which leaves him with low returns. Peter can be the poorest teenage superhero on the list.

Job : Part-time jobs (minimum wage), Photographer.

 Location :  New York

Annual Salary : $18,605

22# Supergirl

Kara Zor-el, a teenager, was launched to Earth from the dying planet Krypton.

She finds herself in a completely new world, one that isn’t the same as her home. Kara is a lonely girl with extraordinary might and struggles to find her identity in her new home.

The Girl of Steel is the most powerful teenager in the world. She has all of Superman’s superhuman abilities, including speed, strength, and invulnerability, as well as flight and enhanced senses.

She is still learning how to control her amazing powers, and unlike her cousin, Kara lacks self-control. Despite making mistakes in her youth, she has saved the world numerous times and won the trust of her adopted family, earning her a place among the Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Kara Danvers A.K.A Supergirl is new to the world and walks in the footsteps of her cousin as a reporter.

Job : Reporter at CatCo Magazine

Loaction : National City

Annual Salary : $49,433

21# Wonder Woman

Beautiful as Aphrodite, smarter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules is Princess Diana of Themyscira who fights for peace in Man’s World.

Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic DC Super Heroes. Diana has been a symbol of truth, justice, and equality for people all over the world for almost eighty years.

Diana Prince was born on Themyscira which is also known as Paradise Island and is an Amazon-like Greek figure. She is also the gift of her people to humanity.

Diana is Themyscira’s emissary for Man’s World. She has taken it upon herself to be an example and lead by example, even if there are differences between her home and her new place. She is an example of the possibility of life without violence, hatred, or war and she has become a beacon for all those in need.

She is an equal among Super Heroes and has a strong sense of purpose to defend the world from all forms of injustice.

Diana Prince of Themyscra has been on and off mankind for decades. At present, she’s into Antiques.

Job : Curator of Antiquities

Location : Paris

Annual Salary : $51,441

20# Green Lantern

Hal Jordan, a test pilot, went from being a novelty to becoming the first human Green Lantern. He is now one of the most famous Lanterns to ever wear a power ring.

Two crashes of aircraft changed Hal Jordan’s world. He witnessed his father’s death, pilot Martin Jordan, the first time.

He was also a trained pilot and adult when he was called to see the spaceship that had crashed to pieces. It belonged to Abin Sur.

Abin revealed that he was part of the Green Lantern Corps, a group of cosmic beings armed with power rings and fueled by all the energy in the universe.

Abin died, leaving his ring and his duties as Green Lantern for Earth’s space sector to Hal Jordan.

One of the few superheroes who is actually a hero in their real life too is Hal Jordan. He is the only superhero who works in the national defense from the DC universe on the list.

Job : Air Force Captain

Location : USA

Annual Salary : $52,599

19# Captain America

Steve Rogers, a World War II hero and leader of the Avengers, was injected with a Super-Soldier serum that enhances what’s inside.

We all knew about god’s righteous man. Steve Rogers has been a good man and the Captain for us, ever since he first appeared in Captain America Comics #1,1941.

Job : Army Captain

Location : USA

Annual Salary : $52,599

18# Superman

The Man of Steel is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than an engine. He fights for truth, justice and the American way.

Superman is a DC Super Hero that everyone recognizes instantly. From his blue uniform to his flowing cape and to the shield on his chest with the “S”, Superman is a beloved DC Super Hero.

The Man of Steel stands for truth, justice, and hope. He is the first Super Hero in the world and a beacon for all.

Superman was the tip of the spear in the revolution that would transform pop culture. He has spent the past eighty years refining what it means for America to stand for truth and justice.

Kal-El, the last survivor from the doomed planet Krypton and a Kansas native is as much a legend as a man. He is the gold standard for heroism as well as compassion and responsibility.

Clart Kent A.K.A Superman joined as a journalist to save more people on planet earth.

Job : Journalist at Daily Planet

Location : Metropolis

Annual Salary : $53,070

17# Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff, a gifted spy is more than worth her moniker of Black Widow.

Natasha is ruthless, efficient, and extremely skilled. Even though she was once on the side of evil, her inherent heroism enabled her to overcome her past and make a difference in her life. This set her on a path of redemption. Eventually, Joining the Avengers.

Natasha Romanoff is a double agent who did a variety of tasks in the past before joining the avengers.

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Job : KGB Operative

Location : Russia

Annual Salary : $55,200

16# Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers, a former Air Force pilot, and intelligence agent pursued her dream of space exploration as a NASA employee. But her life was forever altered when she accidentally became a human-Kree hybrid with incredible powers.

Carol became the latest Captain Marvel warrior and has assumed her role as one of the greatest heroes in the world.

Besides all her unbelievable powers, Carol Danvers also works in the national defense.

Job : Air Force Major

Location : USA

Annual Salary : $59,824

15# The Flash

The Speed Force, a mysterious energy field, has granted certain heroes incredible speeds.

Flash, also known for being the Fastest Man Alive, is one of the most well-known superheroes.

Since World War II, there have been men in red who can run at incredible speeds and use their power to save lives or defend others. It all happens in fractions of a second.

Flash is a master of speed and time. He has used his abilities to travel through different eras and into other dimensions. While the Flash may not be able to avoid personal tragedy, he does everything he can to keep it from happening again to the citizens of Keystone City and Central City.

He’s now one of the most revered Super Heroes in DC Universe history.

The World’s Fastest man Barry Allen A.K.A the Flash is quick on his feet, so he chooses crime-solving.

Job : Crime Scene Investigator

Location : Central City

Annual Salary : $64,648

14# Falcon

Sam Wilson, an Air Force veteran, was quick to help Steve Rogers when his idol asked for help.

To become the Falcon, he donned the same flight suit he had worn in combat. This set him on the path to becoming an Avenger and then Captain America.

Sam Wilson occasionally sides with Captain America but he too gotta do his day job.

Job : Social Worker

Location : Washington D.C

Annual Salary : $70,179

13# The Hulk

Bruce Banner, a scientist, is exposed to high doses of Gamma radiation and transforms into the green, mean-spirited Hulk.

Dr. Bruce Banner is a mix of the quiet scientist he was and the uncontrollable green monster fueled by his rage.

Bruce Banner is quite opposite of the Hulk as he is all brains with 7 PhDs under his belt.

Job : Research Scientist

Location : Virigina

Annual Salary : $71,852

12# Hawkeye

Clint Barton is a skilled marksman and fighter who works for S.H.I.E.L.D.

As a special agent, The archer is also known as the Hawkeye, has a strong moral compass which sometimes leads him to go against his direct orders.

Clint Barton, This man does work in missions with any group he’s assigned to.

Job : S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent

Location : Washington D.C

Annual Salary : $73,917

11# War Machine

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes is a great example of loyalty and courage, flying the War Machine armor.

James Rhodes, a military veteran, is ready to fight in his advanced armor. This adds a formidable arsenal of Tony Stark-created designs.

James Rhodes and Ironman are best buddies in the MCU. Rhodes also works in the US defense.

Job : Air Force Colonel

Location : USA

Annual Salary : $83,174

10# Robin / Nightwing

Nightwing is at 10 on the richest superhero list

Dick Grayson, a circus acrobat saw his family brutally murdered. He was adopted by Bruce Wayne, a billionaire, and bat-friendly superhero.

Bruce shared his secret life of Batman with the boy and eventually made him Robin, The Dark Knight’s partner in Gotham.

As Dick grew older, he began to feel second-fiddle to the Justice League’s sternest heroes. He eventually left the Justice League and went his own way, keeping true to his Robin lessons while becoming a respected member of the superhero pantheon.

Like his mentor, his code is simple: if you break the law on his territory, be careful. Arkham is a place where anyone who does not follow the rules can expect to be subject to a painful short trip.

He may have some similarities with Batman’s motivations and methods, but Dick is a master at being Batman. He doesn’t wish to be as controlling, lonely, and dark as Bruce.

The world’s greatest detective is his father. So, naturally, Dick Grayson is interested in solving puzzles and criminal cases.

Job : Police Detective

Location : Detroit

Annual Salary : $84,000

9# Black Lightning

Black Lightning is at number 9 for the race of richest superheroes.

Jefferson Pierce was raised in poverty and had very few expectations. He decided to push himself beyond his limits and not just coast through his life.

He won three gold medals in the Olympics as an adult. He continued his education and then became a teacher to help others realize their potential.

Jefferson Pierce was constantly threatened by gang violence and criminals. This is when he decided to not hide his metahuman abilities and began fighting evil under the name Black Lightning.

Jefferson Pierce A.K.A Black Lightning is a simple man.

Job : Hight School, Principal

Location : Freeland, Georgia

Annual Salary : $104,268

8# Daredevil

Matt Murdock was blinded in an accident as a child that resulted in his other senses being enhanced to exceptional levels.

The criminal lawyer fights tirelessly for justice as both a crusading lawyer and as Daredevil, a hard-hitting costumed criminal fighter.

Though Matt Murdock is blind, He can pull off wonders. With his superhuman hearing capabilities, he can judge who the guilty is effortlessly.

Job : Lawyer

Location : New York

Annual Salary : $121,394

7# Batgirl

Batgirl is at 7 on the richest superhero list

Barbara Gordon redefined what it meant for a person to be a self-made hero by creating her own costume and joining Batman’s crusade under her father.

There are many guardian angels who watch over the streets of Gotham City. Batgirl was the first to transform the Dynamic Duo into a Batman family.

Barbara was raised as the only child of James Gordon, Police Commissioner of Gotham City. She lives at home with her mother and is a member of the Birds of Prey.

Barbara Gordon A.K.A Batgirl is the daughter of James Gordon, Gotham’s Commissioner.

Job : Head of Gotham City Public Library

Location : Gotham City

Annual Salary : $121,881

6# Professor X

Professor X is at 6 on the richest superhero list

Charles Xavier, a mutant with telepathic abilities, is a specialist in sociology and mutant biology.

Professor X aka Charles Francis Xavier is a mutant leader and creator of X-Men.

He also founded the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. He is also one of the most powerful telepaths rivaled only in power by Jean Grey.

The X-Men’s vision of peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants has been their driving force since the beginning.

Professor X, a powerful telepath and scientific genius was most well-known as the heart and soul of the X-Men.

Charles Xavier has been helping out fellow mutants after realizing how poor mutants were being treated by society.

Thanks to his vast family fortune to fund the school. He is the richest mutant superhero in the X-men universe.

Job : Founder of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

Location : New York

Annual Salary : $131,012

5# Deadpool

Deadpool is at 5 on the richest superhero list


Wade Wilson was born in Canada and grew up to be the most Non-Canadian person.

Wilson was eventually made the subject of Dr. Killbrew and Ajax, a sadistic doctor. He was subjected to painful testing and developed super-healing powers that cured his cancer. However, there was also severe scarring all over his body.

Wade Wilson, a mercenary who never quits, is renowned for his healing ability and big mouth. He is one of the wisest heroes in all of human history who breaks the fourth wall and directly addresses the audience.

The Merc with a Mouth is a great example of how great power can be used without any responsibility.

The Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson is on the top five richest superhero list as he charges his clients a wholesome amount.

Job : Mercenary

Location : Canada / USA

Annual Salary : $180,000

4# Doctor Strange

doctor strange is rich as he is a surgeon

Doctor Stephen Strange was once a highly successful surgeon but was notably egotistical. He suffered a horrible accident that caused him to change in ways he never imagined.

Stephen Strange, a former renowned surgeon, is now the Sorcerer Supreme aka Earth’s most trusted protector against magical and mystical threats.

Doctor Strange is Earth’s Sorcerer Superior and wields arcane magicks and mystical artifacts in order to defend the planet from malevolent threats.

Stephen Strange before becoming the master of mystique arts is a renowned surgeon.

Job : Neurosurgeon

Location : New York

Annual Salary : $394,765

3# Green Arrow

Green arrow is the third richest superhero

Many think of the Green Arrow as a modern-day Robin Hood. But, the truth is that he is much more than this description would have you believe.

Oliver Queen was born to wealth and privilege but tragedy struck at sea leaving him on an isolated island. Queen was left to discover if he had the strength to survive.

Oliver, who was stranded on an island, honed his archery skills to become the greatest archer of all time.

Oliver as a billionaire uses his wealth and unmatched archery skills to be Green Arrow, the Justice League’s battling Bowman.

Oliver Queen, The marksman unlike his marvel counterfeit owns a business organization who stands as the third richest superhero.

Job : Queen Consolidated CEO

Location : Star City

Annual Salary : $894,098

2# Ironman

Tony stark is the second richest superhero on the list

Tony Stark, The man who created a new element all together is the runner-up on this list as the second richest superhero.

Tony as an inventor, applies his genius to high-tech solutions for problems such as Iron Man and the armored Avenger.

The Genius, Billionaire, Philanthropist, Tony Stark’s confidence can only be matched by his flying abilities as Iron Man.

If you are a fan of tony stark, you gotta know these 5 success rules of the main man.

Job : Stark Industries CEO

Location : Los Angeles

Annual Salary : $920,006

1# Batman

Batman is at the top of this list as the richest superhero.

Bruce Wayne A.K.A the Batman is at the top of this list as the richest superhero.

Batman is one of the most famous fictional characters ever.

Bruce Wayne has dedicated his entire life to a never-ending crusade against criminals, in honor of his murdered parents who took him from his childhood.

He has been a self-made Super Hero since that fateful night. He has a vast array of technology that would be a shame for most armies.

Bruce also assembled teams of fellow DC Super Heroes, such as the Justice League, Outsiders, and Batman, Incorporated.

Bruce Wayne, in the name of his parents who were murdered, wages an eternal war against Gotham City’s criminals. He is revenge. He is night. He is Batman. 

Job : Wayne Enterprises CEO

Location : Gotham City

Annual Salary : $988,902

Did you guess it right?

Where does your favorite superhero ranks on the list? Comment your favorite hero’s ranking from the richest superhero list below.

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