This She-Hulk Scene Is Sure To Get Censored In The Future

The latest Disney plus series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, is a funny court-drama comedy. The series focuses on the Hulk’s cousin, Jennifer Walters accidental transformation into a female Hulk and her struggle to maintain her superhero persona, social life, and professional career.

Many fans expected the show to be light-hearted, with the only surprise of Daredevil in a new yellow suit. But episode 4 has done something major, which MCU has not tried yet. They have introduced hell and given some references to one of the most awaited villains, Mephisto, for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The main focus of this episode was Sorcerer Supreme, Wong. He hired the new super-strong She-Hulk as his attorney to sue a magician for illegal and dangerous use of the Mystic Arts.

This new magician’s name was Donny Blaze which was a big reference to “Jonny Blaze,” aka the Ghost Rider. Before releasing the series, Fans were speculating about this character’s probability of being the new Ghost Rider. But it turns out Marvel was just teasing fans as they did in the past.

In the first few scenes, we see Donny Blaze showing magic tricks to the audience, but they are not fascinated by it. He called for a woman to be a volunteer for the next trick and then decided to use the Sling Ring to open a portal. In this case, the portal connected with another dimension. He unwittingly pushed the woman, Madison to the dimension of Marvel’s Hell.

  • She-Hulks-brutal-heart-scene-in-episode-4-1
  • She-Hulks-heart-scene-in-episode-4-1

Soon after, The scene moved to Wong’s dancing while watching television. He was startled by a portal; as a woman dropped right beside his sofa. The most significant part of that scene was that the girl named Madisynn was carrying a heart in the flesh in his hands with no sign of blood.

There is a huge possibility that Marvel has already censored the scene. The camera focuses on the bloodless red heart multiple times in the sequence. But the scene looked digitally censored as the veins of that heart were quite blurry. They must have removed the dripping of blood.

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What Is the Controversy Around Disney Censoring Marvel’s TV-14 Series?

Recently, there was a controversy around Marvel Studios’ other Disney Plus series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Disney quietly censored all the blood scenes from old episodes.

In a specific scene of episode 3, Zemo’s killing of Wilfred Nagel by gunshot was re-edited by removing all the blood spills. In another scene, Bucky’s throwing a pipe through a goon’s shoulder was also censored.

After fans pointed out these scenes, Marvel declared that the uploaded version of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was a technical glitch. They confirmed that they would soon restore those episodes to the original ones, and Disney Plus was working on fixing them.

Disney might have taken an approach to make the TV-14 rated shows available for the larger audiences who cannot watch their favorite superhero shows being underage.

Both Disney Plus series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, have received a TV-14 rating for the mature themes, violence, and language. After censoring all the blood scenes from the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Disney will try to remove this heart scene. Maybe they’ll try replacing the heart with a flower or something else. So, start watching all the episodes as soon as possible before Disney censors them.

Tatiana Maslani starring She-Hulk series, is a fun-to-watch show with lots of easter eggs and hidden references. The show has more surprises than any fan expected and is now streaming on Disney+.