The Boys: 15 Most Powerful Superheroes Of All Time

The world of “The Boys” is filled with powerful people at each other’s throats, and it never fails to bring us bloody, gruesome battles that almost always end up with someone dead. This cynical take on what superheroes might be like in real life introduces us to a myriad of powered individuals. But with so many supes in play, it makes you wonder- Who are the most powerful ones?

We’ve put together a list to help you with that question.

Here are the 15 most powerful superheroes from The Boys who may well be the strongest of them all.

#15 Lamplighter

#15 Lamplighter - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boys, We gotta go now
Best feat: Lamplighter uses his powers to incinerate powered individuals at Sage Grove Center.

Lamplighter is one of the original members of The Seven and a precursor to Starlight. He has Pyrokinetic abilities and holds a torch that he uses as a source for his fire. We don’t get to see much of Lamplighter on the show, but there are mentions of him as the one who murders Mallory’s grandchildren. 

At some point before the events of Season 1, Vought appoints Lamplighter as ‘cleanup’ at the Sage Grove Center, where he oversees inmates. Part of his job is to kill individuals who could not handle Compound V, and we get a small taste of his powers in the second season. 

An important point to note is that his fire can hurt Supes.


  • Pyrokinesis
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced durability

#14 Big Game

#14 Big Game - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boys #4 Cherry, Part 2
Best feat: Big Game has carried a Semi-truck for over seven blocks. He did so simply because he could not get the engine to start.

We don’t get much of Big Game on the show, apart from some camera footage and Starlight’s mention of him, who says he used to have a crush on her. Big Game leads Teenage Kix.

Though we do not get to see him in action in the show, Big Game is one of the more powerful characters in The Boys Universe. He lifts over 100 tonnes with ease. In one instance, he even lifts the world’s largest yacht, weighing nearly 500 tonnes. This strength puts him on par with the big hitters like Homelander and Queen Maeve.


  • Superstrength
  • Superhuman durability

#13 A -Train

#13 A -Train - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boy, The Name of the Game
Best feat: Finishes a 400-meter dash in just over one second and can run at Mach 1.3 speed.

A-Train is the in-house speedster of The Seven and is the character that kicks off the entire show when he runs right through Hughie Campbell’s Girlfriend. The self-proclaimed “Fastest man on the planet” is a core member of The Seven. 

The ability to run at inhuman speeds makes him incredibly hard to catch. He claims his speed allows him to cover all of New York City in under three hours.

In a bout against Starlight, A-Train holds his ground until he is blinded by her light-based attack. A-train also has superhuman strength, which he uses to throw Starlight flying and Kimiko into a wall. Both of these opponents have enhanced strength themselves.


  • Super speed
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced Superhuman stamina
  • Healing factor

#12 Ryan Butcher

#12 Ryan Butcher - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boys, You Found me
Best feat: Ryan uses his laser vision to severely burn Stormfront, making her bedridden. This is the first time he uses his heat vision.

Ryan Butcher is the son of Homelander and has received his father’s powers. He is prophesied to be as or even more powerful than his father in the future.

We get little glimpses of Ryan’s strength throughout the show, but the most crucial moment is the one where Ryan uses his heat vision on Stormfront. The scene is gory. 

Ryan is now in the care of Homelander, and it would be interesting to see what kind of superhero he grows up to be.


  • Super Strength
  • Laser vision
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhances sense
  • Healing factor

#11 Translucent

#11 Translucent - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boy, The name of the game
Best feat: Translucent was unaffected by a high caliber sniper round, coated with the same material as his skin.

We don’t see much of this superhero past the first season, but we get a small idea of how powerful he is. Translucent is a core member of the seven and one of the main characters in the show. 

This superhero has the power to turn invisible and also has impenetrable skin. He is also shown to have enhanced strength as he takes on both Billy Butcher and Hughie Campbell at the same time.

The ability to become invisible grants him a stealth advantage, and the added edge of carbon skin makes him a force to reckon with. Even his skin proved to be inflammable. 


  • Invisibility
  • Impenetrable skin
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced strength

#10 Cindy

#10 Cindy - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boys, The Bloody Doors Off
Best feat: When Lamplighter accidentally destroys her wall, Cindy gets out and blows the doors off all the inmate’s cells, and she does so with just her mind.

We are briefly introduced to Cindy in the show, but she proves to be mighty in the few moments of screen time she has. From what we can tell, she is a compelling telekinetic and is probably based on Marvel’s Marvel girl. 

Cindy is a test patient at the Sage Grove Center and is under the care of Lamplighter. We get hints of her power when even Lamplighter doesn’t think he could take her. 

When Stormfront arrives at the New Mutant-Esq facility to control the situation, Cindy is electrocuted by the superhero. Still, she is later seen unharmed and hitchhiking a ride on the side of the road. The serial killer vibes are big. We hope to see more of this mysterious character and her powers in the coming episodes.


  • Telekinesis
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced strength

#9 Billy Butcher

#9 Billy Butcher - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boy #1 (October 2006)
Best feat: Billy Butcher gets caught in a stand-off with Homelander as they shoot their laser eyes at each other, and Butcher can hold his own.

While Billy Butcher does not technically have permanent superpowers, the Temporary V he injects into himself gives him powers similar to Homelander. The true extent of his power is unknown, but we see Butcher, on many occasions, showcase incredible abilities. The leader of The Boys beats Gunpowder to death with his hands and cuts him in half with his laser vision. Scary.

In a recent episode of The Boys, Butcher and Soldier Boy take on Homelander, and Butcher can be seen trading blows and standing toe to toe with the main Antagonist. Butcher’s power level seems to be only falling a tiny bit short of that of Homelander and can be compared to the strength levels of Soldier Boy and Queen Maeve. 


  • Super Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Laser vision
  • Enhanced durability

#8 Victoria Neuman

#8 Victoria Neuman - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boys, The Big Ride
Best feat: Victoria Neuman is seen blowing up the heads of all members of congress with absolute ease.

First introduced as a righteous politician, who is out to bring order to the superheroes wreaking havoc in Vought, Victoria Neuman reveals her devastating powers towards the end of the show’s second season. She has the very crazy ability to blow people’s heads up at will, and that too with ease. The only thing she may require is a line of sight.

The superpowered politician even threatens and scares Starlight with her abilities. This unique ability means she can murder people and Supes without leaving a trace. That makes her dangerous and very scary. 

In addition to her superhuman abilities, Neuman is also an experienced politician, giving her many means to exert her agenda.


  • Molecular Combustion
  • Bleeding Inducement
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced durability

#7 Stormfront

#7 Stormfront - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boy #7 ‘Get some’- Part 1
Best feat: Simultaneously fights Kenji and Kimiko and overpowers them effortlessly, even killing Kenji with a flick of her wrist.

This Nazi Superhero is introduced in the second season of The Boys, and though she is initially portrayed as a good person, she soon shows her colors. 

Stormfront has been around for generations and has had decades to develop and increase her powers. Her Plasma manipulation blows up an apartment building during her fight with Kimiko and Kenji. In a two-on-one fight against Kimiko and Starlight, Stormfront overpowers the two and only backs down once Queen Maeve enters the fight. 

A unique ability that Stormfront possesses is Electrical Telekinesis, where she can charge any object or individual and move them in any direction she wants. A combination of all these powers combined makes her a formidable superhero.


  • Super Strength
  • Flight
  • Electrical Telekinesis
  • Plasma Manipulation

#6 Kimiko

#6 Kimiko - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boy #2 (October 2006)
Best feat: Kimiko can be seen breaking A-Train’s leg. This is super impressive, as A-Train is a speedster with incredibly strong legs to withstand the force of his speed.

Kimiko is a fan favorite, and for a good reason. This Anti-hero has hints of the Wolverine but is probably just a tad bit more violent. Kimiko has acted as the gun for The Boys, and she is the only person on the team with actual Superpowers. Also known as “The female” in the comics, this traumatized female boasts incredible strength and agility.

In a face-off with Black Noir, Kimiko can be seen holding her own and trading powerful blows that hurt the masked superhero. To put her power into perspective, she even makes Stormfront spit blood by punching. 

Kimiko’s regenerative capabilities in themselves are scary. Even in situations that would otherwise mean certain death, she walks away, healed and ready for battle. 


  • Super Strength
  • Enhanced agility
  • Regeneration/Healing factor
  • Enhanced durability

#5 Starlight

#5 Starlight - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boys #3 (November 2006)
Best feat: Starlight launches Black Noir so hard that the impact cracks concrete.

Starlight is probably the only superhero here that truly deserves that title. From the beginning, Starlight has been a literal beacon of genuine goodness. Her powers mirror that in an undeniable yet charming way. That said, Starlight is not just a glorified flashlight. 

In a fight against Stormfront, Starlight can be seen stunning the Nazi hero, the same one that can withstand bullets. Even on taking a hit from Black Noir himself, Starlight appears unaffected and can hold her own against the Ninja-Superhero.

Her bioluminescent power is strong enough to blind people, manipulate electricity, and even burn people’s eyes out. The full extent of her power is unknown, but it would be safe to assume that she is up there in the big leagues.


  • Bioluminescence
  • Enhanced durability
  • Electrical Manipulation
  • Light generation

#4 Queen Maeve

#4 Queen Maeve - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boys #3 “Cherry, Part 1” (November 2006)
Best feat: Queen Maeve hits Stormfront hard enough to bleed. It is important to note that Stormfront can take bullets without even getting a scratch.

This Superhero, modeled after Wonder Woman, means business. Queen Maeve might be among the strongest characters on the Seven, falling short only to Homelander and Black Noir. Like her other teammates, she too is experimented with while in the womb and eventually develops abilities like super strength, durability, and enhanced speed.

The Legend even refers to Homelander and Queen Maeve as the heavy hitters of The Seven, indicating that her power levels are pretty close to the main antagonist. 

Although we haven’t seen Queen Maeve in action yet, as the show slowly reaches its end, there is a good chance of that happening. Even if we don’t see the LGBTQ+ land the final blow against Homelander, we can expect that she will have a pivotal role in the end. Fingers crossed.


  • Super Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Enhanced speed
  • Weapons master
  • Healing factor

#3 Black Noir

#3 Black Noir - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boy #1 (October 2006)
Best feat: Black Noir tanks a bull rush from Kimiko and effortlessly takes numerous violent slashes from her.

This silent Ninja-Esq superhero is probably one of the strongest on the show, and we still do not know the full extent of his power. The limit of Noir’s strength is still to be explored, but we see how scary he can be during the second season of the show when he is sent to kill the super terrorist- Naqib. The terrorist’s ability to create explosions doesn’t even phase Noir, and the mysterious Ninja walks away with his opponent’s head. Scary indeed.

In a bout with Kimiko, we see Black Noir easily overpowering her and defeating her in battle. Armed with horrifying strength and super regeneration, Kimiko still does not stand a chance against the masked superhero. Criminals tremble at the mention of his name, and with good reason. Black Noir is a force to reckon with and even has the respect of Homelander. 


  • Super Strength
  • Enhanced senses
  • Stealth
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Weapons master
  • Martial arts

#2 Soldier Boy

#2 Soldier Boy - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: Soldier Boy III Herogasm #1: Babylon (May 2009)
Best feat: Soldier Boy stands toe to toe with Homelander, trading blows that hurt him. This causes Homelander to wear concealer, and Queen Maeve, who notices this, is shocked.

Soldier Boy, the precursor to Homelander, is easily one of the strongest characters on the show. The first mention of the character comes way back in Season 1, but now we finally get a good look at him. The rumors of his return send Homelander and his lackeys into a frenzy, and you can see Homelander becoming nervous. That’s not something that happens every day.

In both the comic books and a scene in the show, he can be seen taking on his entire team sometimes, and most times, he beats them to a pulp. He even goes toe to toe with Homelander, and we can see that Soldier Boy only falls a tiny bit short.


  • Super Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Enhanced senses
  • Super Speed
  • No aging

# 1 Homelander

# 1 Homelander - The Boys Superheroes

First Appearance: The Boys #03 (2006)
Best feat: Homelander tosses an entire airplane aside with just one hand as a show of anger, as A-Train would not stop complaining.

This list would not be complete without one of the show’s titular characters. While the general idea of a Superhero is someone who does actual good, Homelander is pretty far from the image. 

Nonetheless, there is little doubt as to how powerful Homelander is. He is the most powerful character introduced on the show to date. The leader of The Seven instigates fear in the hearts of his incredibly formidable teammates. Even Queen Maeve, someone who can easily topple large vehicles and stop speeding trucks, is terrified of the man, and within good reason. 

In a recent episode of “The Boys,” Homelander is seen taking on both Soldier Boy and a powered Billy Butcher and escaping with only a scratch. Oh, and let’s not forget the laser eyes that can cut a plane in half. 

Powers :

  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • Enhanced senses
  • Super Speed
  • Invulnerability
  • Laser Vision

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Honorable Mentions

  • The Deep
  • Laser-baby
  • Kenji Miyashiro
  • Pop Claw
  • Naqib

This brings us to the end of our countdown. Who do you think are the most powerful superheroes on The Boys?

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Who Is the Most Powerful Member of the Boys?

Billy Butcher on Temp V is the most powerful. His enhanced strength and durability allow him to land punches on Homelander.

Who Is Stronger Than Homelander?

The only person who could possibly be stronger than Homelander is Ryan Butcher, but it would be years before he can hone his powers.

Is Homelander the Most Powerful?

Yes, Homelander is the most powerful character in The Boys. So far, his power levels are miles ahead of anyone else in the Universe.

Who Is the Most Powerful Out of the Seven?

Homelander is the most powerful out of The Seven. He is also the leader of the Seven.

Is Billy Butcher a Supe?

Since he has been taking Temp V, he gains temporary powers. So, he is just a temporary Supe.

Is Butcher the Strongest Supe?

No, many other-powered individuals are much above him. Homelander is the strongest Supe.

Is Ryan Stronger Than Homelander?

Not yet. Ryan is expected to become stronger than his father, but currently, he is not.

Is Homelander Stronger Than Superman?

No, Superman is thousands of times stronger and has enough power to punch a hole through reality.

That’s all for today folks. Who is your favorite superhero from The Boys? Let us know it all on our Instagram page here, and visit for more awesome The Boys content.