The Boys Star Says He Doesn’t Want Homelander to Have a Happy Ending

An unhinged version of Superman, without any of his morality. Homelander embodies this entirely, and we’re sure fans everywhere are itching to see how his story ends. Our best guess? It is not going to be pretty.

“The Boys” brings a terrifying reality to life in their take on what our beloved superheroes would be like if they were corrupted by narcissism, the obsession with garnering more attention for themselves, and the absolute disregard for anyone but themselves.

The ongoing third season of “The Boys” has seen our favorite characters take some fascinating turns—especially the ‘hero’ we all love to hate- Homelander. We see the main antagonist, played by Antony Starr, become steadily more unstable, aggressive, and ruthless ever since the beginning of the show. 

In this particular season, we get a closer look at his internal mechanics and his belief that he is a victim despite everything happening exactly how he wants it. How does one stop a person that could shoot lasers from his eyes and has almost indestructible skin? Oh, and also is the strongest person on the planet. Those are not great odds.

The body count that Homelander has is unknown, but it wouldn’t be a bad guess to say that the number of people he has downright murdered is in the thousands. In addition to that, he is obsessed with being in the spotlight and needs to control everything and everyone. These traits do not make for the best team leader. And let’s not forget the little (and very weird) detail of his fixation on raw breast milk. So, yes. The list of reasons not to like Homelander is long, and fans are dying to see where the character’s story goes from here. It would be fair to say that most would like to see him have a very painful conclusion. The same can be said about the very actor playing Homelander.

In a recent interview with Collider, co-stars Antony Starr and Erin Moriarty (who plays Starlight) spoke about their story arcs and the show’s trajectory. Antony Starr, who dons the cape brilliantly, gives off the vibe that he also wants the same thing the fans want for the character.

Starr speaks on Homelander’s lack of empathy and absence of any self-reflection. It’s safe to say that even Starr is not a fan of Homelander’s actions. When asked by the interviewer if he thinks that Homelander could have a happy ending of sorts, Starr had this to say-

"I think Homelander's happy ending would be him annihilating everyone in the world and sitting there in a bloody wasteland on his own, with no one to mess with him. I don't think there is any redemption for Homelander. I wouldn't really want to see that, to be honest. I don't think there's any intention of doing that either. As for his demise, I don't know. Every time I try to pick out what might happen in the future, I'm wrong, so I've given up speculating. I'm just like 'You know what, I'll leave that for the writers and spare myself the embarrassment of being wrong, again and again, and again.'" - Antony Starr

It s clear from this statement that, even though Antony Starr does not know how his character’s arc will end, he certainly doesn’t want it to be a good one. Can we blame him? 

Homelander is probably the evilest character on the show. He has hurt a lot of people and continues to be a menace to everyone around him. It begs the question, how far would he go if he is not stopped? How long does every other character have to live in fear of this supposed Superhero? 

If there is anything that we have learned from the show, it is that no one really gets to have a happy ending; regardless of whether or not they were good or bad. That is simply the cynical nature of the show, but from what we can tell, we’re barrelling towards an eventual showdown that involves all the show’s main characters, and it will be gloriously gory. 

Until then, we can only hope that Homelander gets what he deserves. A nice, horrific ending.

“The Boys” is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.