20+ Manhwa With Leveling System To Binge Right Now

I am sure many of you here are already familiar with Manhwa, but you have nothing to worry about if you don’t! 

Manhwa is a type of graphic novel, which is more or less like Manga, but Manhwa hails from South Korea. Manhwa is more interesting because they are in Colored format! And I am sure some people are very interested in colored graphic novels. Stories revolving around monsters, video games, dungeons, and many more aspects, make the novels a must-read for everyone. 

Among all genres of Manhwa, the most famous is the Leveling System: The players have to clear each level to level up and skill up. And the most common form of Manhwa’s story is Dungeon and Monster, where the Main Character defeats the monster to climb up the stairs of success. 

Without wasting any time, let’s set out on a quest to find out Manhwa With Leveling System To Binge Right Now.

#20 Imaginator

#20 Imaginator - Manhwa With Leveling System

Set in a very far future, Imaginator Manhwa walks us through the story of Tae Min Park. A meteor is fast approaching the Earth, with enough destructive prowess to wipe out the entire planet. Nations try to destroy the meteor with all their military might, but alas, they all fail miserably. People were saying their final prayers with impending destruction fast approaching. 

Minutes before the meteor hits the Earth: it disappears. Before humans can let out a sigh of relief, monsters drop out from the clear sky. They begin to wreak destruction on the planet, and armies and their weapons prove useless against them. 

20 years have passed, but nothing has changed. Tae Min Park rose amidst this chaos, a teenager with Solo Levelling Ability. Tae has been gifted the ability of a gun, which can take down the monsters. His quest is now straightforward, to find out the reason for the mysterious appearances of the monsters.

#19 Warble

#19 Warble - Manhwa With Leveling System

Set in the world between Overload and Underworld, where Overload is the place humans reside, and Underworld is a place where demons live. There is only one way to travel, through Warble, a portal created for humans to travel between Overload and Underworld.  

Warble follows the story of Jude, whose goal is to become the King of Grimoires. His plans go awry because of a Warlock, and now his only goal is to stop the world’s destruction as he knows. Warble is a completed story with action sequences and a well-written end. Though the art style is unique, this one is worth trying out. 

#18 The Player That Can’t Level Up

#18 The Player That Can't Level Up - Manhwa With Leveling System

Leveling systems are pretty straightforward, you fight, and you level up. But what if you do not level? The Player That Can’t Level Up, just as the name of the series states, the Main Character cannot just level up.

Kim Gi-Gyu, the MC of the series, cannot level up even after clearing the tutorial. You would expect to level up after killing a Goblin, but that did not happen with Kim either.

Five years pass by, and Kim still can’t level up. Can Kim not level up because of a bug, or is it a feature? Curious, right? To know this and to get all the answers, you must pick up the Manhwa right now. 

#17 The Gamer

#17 The Gamer - Manhwa With Leveling System

Who does not like games, right? Our Main Character loves them. This Manwha is creative and unique, which will grip you. Han Jee Han, the MC of the series, spends most of his time playing games, or probably all of his time. When Han acquires powers to superimpose video game characters into the real world, his life takes quite a turn.  

Han’s life outside has turned into a video game, with states of a person hovering over his head and tasks he needs to complete. The Gamer Manhwa has decent artwork, storyline, and character development, and it will keep you hooked and entertained with its humor.

#16 A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

#16 A Returner's Magic Should Be Special - Manhwa With Leveling System

Shadow World experienced a catastrophe that wiped out the entire human nature leaving only six behind. Desir Arman and five other remaining humans are the series’ main characters. The remaining six humans had several tries to clear levels, restore and bring back the world as they once knew it, but now they only have one attempt left. 

The six humans attempt to beat the level of Labyrinth one final time, but they all fail. Desir looking up on his demise after failing is taken aback when he gets transported back to the past, almost thirteen years back.

Ultimately giving Desir a chance to stop the impending catastrophe once and for all. Enrolled in the finest magical institution, Havrion, Desmir is reunited with his colleagues and friends and prepares himself for the upcoming doom of the Shadow World.

#15 Dungeon Reset

#15 Dungeon Reset - Manhwa With Leveling System

The leveling system is straightforward in Dungeon Reset; the Main Character has to clear dungeons to skill up and move up a level. This Manwha follows the life of Jeong Dawoon and his adventures in the new world of Dungeons. 

Dungeon Reset takes place in the world where Dungeons resets the world every time it gets cleared: creating an endless loop of clearing and resetting. As each Dungeon resets, it becomes inaccessible for every other player except for Jeong.

A mysterious drop into a trap once made him immune to the “reset system.” With his odd new ability, Jeong is the only player who can move forward and clear the levels with his bloodthirsty and violent assistant and his lovable squirrel. 

#14 The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

#14 The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor - Manhwa With Leveling System

MMORPG, Virtual Reality, and a game through which a gamer can earn money; this is a dream come true for many. Lee Hyun, the Main Character of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, lives a life of poverty and debt.

Burdened with the responsibility of caring for his grandmother and sister, Lee works day in and out to make ends meet. The money he makes is of little help due to massive loan sharks’ debt. 

Lee Hyun learns about a virtual reality game called the Royal Road, through which gamers can earn money in real life. Lee begins playing the Royal Road and grinding day and night to level up and make money. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is a perfect example of Solo Leveling, and a great story makes it a great read.  

#13 Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect The Dungeon

#13 Skeleton Soldier Couldn't Protect The Dungeon - Manhwa With Leveling System

Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect The Dungeon is Manhwa of betrayal, suffering, pain, and revenge. Skeleton is a soldier placed under the command of the Demon Lord Baal. His human past is unknown; his tomb mutilated beyond recognition, wiping out any name it had engraved. Hence the name Unkown, or Skeleton. 

Rubia is a low-ranking mage or a necromancer and the master of the Skeleton. A quest done by the duo goes bad when Skeleton dies. Rubia revives him, but moments after his revival, she is killed by a mercenary in front of the Skeleton. Having watched the horror, Skeleton is driven by hate and revenge to take down the mercenary who killed Rubia. 

#12 Tower Of God

#12 Tower Of God - Manhwa With Leveling System

Tower Of God walks the story of Twenty-Fifth Baam, a weird name, I know. Baam is the Main Character; who lives alone in a mysterious tower. But someone spends time and gets along well with him there.

The tower has many mysterious things hidden in it, and among those mysteries are the levels. Baam and Rachel go on a quest to clear each of these levels. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Something awaits them at the top of the tower. What? To get that answer, you need to read the Manhwa. Can’t give out all the spoilers, can we? 

#11 I am The Sorceror King

#11 I am The Sorcerer King - Manhwa With Leveling System

I am The Sorceror King Manhwa is your typical leveling story with dungeons, hunters, and leveling up. But do not let this mislead you. Monsters drop out of the clear blue sky, intending to wipe out humanity from the face of the Earth. 

To protect humanity from harm’s way, hunters arouse. Hunters are the people with supernatural abilities to take down monsters. Lee is a hunter too, but the weakest of all.

Being the weakest is no fun for Lee; he usually ends up as bait for monsters to lure them while other hunters take it down. However, things change when Lee gets hurt and gains a new supernatural ability changing his fate as a Hunter.

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#10 Hardcore Leveling Warrior

#10 Hardcore Leveling Warrior - Manhwa With Leveling System

Gong Won-Ho, is known by his alias Hardcore Leveling Warrior in the popular hit game, the Lucid Adventure. Being THE strongest player in the game, Hardcore Leveling Warrior is a legendary character and revered by many in the game.

He is also the winner of the Combat tournament and the title holder of the Number One Rank, three times ROR World Champion, and the head coach of the Esports team, the Knights Games.

Basically, someone you do not want to cross paths with. But there was a player who did. Not only did he cross paths with the legend himself, but he killed and bought him down to level one. This Manhwa is the Hardcore Leveling Warrior’s quest to find his murderer and reach the top of the ladder again. 

#9 FFF-Class Trashero

#9 FFF-Class Trashero - Manhwa With Leveling System

FFF-Class Trashero walks us through the story of Kang Han Soo, a demon hunter. It was in Kang’s destiny to take down the demon lord, and for that, Kang’s summoned into the fantasy world; for the sole purpose of killing the demon lord.  

After ten long years of training, grinding, leveling up, and acquiring countless powers, Kang finally takes down the demon lord. However, his joy was short-lived when the Gods provided him with a report card of the battle and graded him “F.” Kang was given one more chance to re-live his life again and take down the demon lord again. 

#8 SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

#8 SSS-Class Suicide Hunter - Manhwa With Leveling System

Most of you already know how prestigious the S-Rank Class is as it symbolizes utmost excellence. It is also the rank our protagonist is after in this Manhwa; his only goal is to become the S-Class Hunter.

But the hero lacks the skills needed to become one, but wait, there is a shortcut. All the protagonist has to do is die. But will that be enough? Will he get the S-Rank he is long after? We cannot just tell you that. 

#7 OrginS

#7 OrginS - Manhwa With Leveling System

OrginS is a story of Suijin, a bandit, and his two other friends. All three of them were expelled from their place of living to the treacherous world outside the Gisha walls.

Sujin and his friends are in a dire position with many monsters around them. He has to fight with the monsters to survive in the outside wall. OrginS is a well-paced Manhwa with action-infused fights between the monsters, Suijin and his friends, and guardians of the Gisha walls. 

#6 Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good for Nothing

#6 Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good for Nothing - Manhwa With Leveling System

Another Manhwa with a long title; the story revolves around a regular office-going-Joe, called Yuseong. His life is pretty much routine: work and live life normally. But his routine life is abruptly interrupted when Yuseong is teleported to an unknown world.

In this new strange world, he is the protagonist and a hero. Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good for Nothing follows the story of boring Yuseong in a new world and how he tries and works hard to level up and become a likable and not-so-boring character. 

#5 Kill The Hero

#5 Kill The Hero - Manhwa With Leveling System

Kill The Hero is about the protagonist Kim Woo-Jin, a member of one of the most powerful guilds in the world, the Hero’s. The guild is led by Se Jun, a person hailed and revered as Messiah. Admired and followed by many, Se Jun will bring peace to this world. Or so they thought! 

Se Jun kept his true intentions hidden from the world until Kim unraveled the truth. This brought the end of Kim, who was branded and killed by his guild members. Betrayed and vengeful, Kim gets reincarnated as his past self. With a new life, Kim carefully marks his steps to reach Se Jun and take him down for the better or worse. 

#4 The Beginning After the End

#4 The Beginning After the End - Manhwa With Leveling System

Set in the world of Dicathen, a world dominated by martial arts. And among the domination of martial lies our protagonist, King Grey. King Grey is at the pinnacle of his success and has it all, from fame to prestige to money to martial arts, but something daunting brings him down: his will to do nothing. A significant part of him is broken. 

King Grey gets a second chance. He dies under mysterious circumstances and reincarnates as a new man, Arthur Leywin. To not become the man he once was again, he turns himself into a new man with more resolve and commitment.

#3 Second Life Ranker

#3 Second Life Ranker - Manhwa With Leveling System

Second Life Ranker follows the story of two twin brothers and the disappearance of one of the brothers. Yeon-woo, the brother who is alive, sets on a quest to find out the mystery behind the sudden disappearance.

Yeon-woo stumbles across his brother’s watch and a diary, and inside the diary is written: “By the time you hear this, I guess I will be already dead….” Yeon is set on a mission to climb the Tower of the Sun, one of the victims of the Tower was Yeon’s brother. Second Life Ranker does not lose any aspect of leveling system and stays true to the concept.

#2 Tomb Raider King

#2 Tomb Raider King - Manhwa With Leveling System

The Manhwa revolves around the story of a protagonist called the Tomb Raider. What does he do? It’s obvious. He hunts down tombs and collects relics, obviously. 

Set in the world of Relics Land, where relics have supernatural powers attributed to them. Hunters track down these relics extensively to satisfy their greed for power. They started to oppress those without abilities and slowly began to rule the world of Relics.  

Tomb Raider is a hunter with extensive knowledge of relics and their whereabouts. A man of this caliber must have tracked all the relics down then, right? Think again. Reincarnated as ten years younger, Tomb Raider sets his goal on tracking down every last relic, changing the world for the better in the process.

#1 Solo Leveling

#1 Solo Leveling - Manhwa With Leveling System

To prevent the extinction of the human race, those with abilities must utilize them to battle monsters. Sung Jin Woo, a subpar hunter, appears in this harsh environment and is regarded as the least effective hunter. In his universe, dungeons suddenly appear, and people develop superhuman skills.

Sung Jin Woo gets locked inside a weird dungeon, which causes everything to alter. He is murdered there, but something odd happens, and he lives. He realizes that he can now level up by completing tasks while awake.

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