20 Best Bald Anime Characters Ranked (With Reasons For Balding)

Being bald is something most of us face someday but anime has a different direction. Today we are counting down 20 iconic bald anime characters whom you can look up to even if you are bald.

The most common thing that we all can expect from a bald guy is to be badass. It doesn’t matter if they lost their precious hair, These characters will conquer self-doubt with skill and hard work. Without any further ado, Let’s get started going.

Here Are Our 20 Best Bald Anime Characters Ranked.

Note: To make this article fun, We’ve included reasons for all the anime characters for going bald.

#20 Erhard

#20 Erhard

Featured In: The Rising of the Shield Hero

Reason For Going Bald: He just shaved it.

Introduction: Erhard is a middle-aged man who used to be an adventure fighting wild beasts and monsters, His body is covered in scars from his previous battles.

What makes him special is that he is a weapon shop owner in the Castle Town of Melromarc.

While most people on this list are involved directly in action, Erhard is more of a background character.

His smithing skills are renowned throughout Melromarc and is known to be the best blacksmith in the kingdom.

If you ever need weapons then Erhard is your go-to guy.

#19 Dot Pixis

#19 Dot Pixis

Featured In: Attack on Titan

Reason For Going Bald: Lost his hair due to old age.

Introduction: The bald anime character is an old military person with a lot of wrinkles under his eyes.

Dot Pixis was the Garrison’s former Chief Official who also is the Highest Raking Commander in all of Southern Territories.

In Attack on Titan anime, He is simply referred to as commander and will act with full authority when a Titan attacks.

He is a brilliant strategist who keeps the soldiers motivated even when fighting terrifying Titans. The wise commander played a crucial role in retaking Trost District with the help of Eren Yeager.

Dot also claimed that he is willing to be butchered in the hands of a Titan if it were to save humanity.

Bonus: After taking Zeke’s spinal fluid, Dot Pixis was transformed into a Titan.

#18 Incognito

#18 Incognito

Featured In: Hellsing

Reason For Going Bald: An old vampire with no hair.

Introduction: This is our first bad guy from the bald anime characters list. Incognito is a powerful ancient vampire who served as the main antagonist in Hellsing anime.

This bald one is truly evil. The only reason for him to stay alive is to hurt innocents. The sadistic menace has no shame or guilt for all the horrible things he does.

One time, Incognito said that he loves the sight of pain in others while fighting Alucard.

Apart from being unreasonably evil, Incognito is a power-hungry psychopath with tremendous dark magic abilities.

Incognito is so cunning that he once telekinetically changed the direction of a Jackal’s bullet towards Alucard giving him a taste of his own shot.

Everything from his bald look to his cunning nature gives you chills down the spine.

#17 Hajime Sugoroku

#17 Hajime Sugoroku

Featured In: Nanbaka

Reason For Going Bald: He definitely shaved it.

Introduction: Hajime Sugoroku is one of the main protagonists of the Nanbaka anime series and is considered the strongest guard in “Nanba Prison.”

He is a well-built man with bald hair and an intriguing cross-shaped scar below his left eye.

As a guard of block thirteen, He wears a red armband on his left arm and a pinned ID on his chest.

Unlike many guards, Hajime is an ill-tempered, uptight person but what makes him dangerous is that he’s willing to do anything for his job even killing others.

This guy is so into doing work that when he got a three-day suspension for violent actions, Hajime volunteered to do paperwork outside of his department.

For a workaholic, He sure is breaking rules all the time as we can see him smoking in non-smoking zones.

#16 Jet Black

#16 Jet Black

Featured In: Cowboy Bebop

Reason For Going Bald: Receding hairline.

Introduction: A former policeman turned into a bounty hunter is one of the oldest members of the crew.

He believes that government officials aren’t doing their part in bringing down criminals, So he quit the force and became a bounty hunter to bring criminals to justice.

Jet Black is a broad man with balding issues as he only has the sides and back of his hair.

With a scar on his face, Jet Black has a synthetic arm that actually heightens his physical strength.

As a senior member of the crew, He may come off rude but Jet Black is genuinely good at heart who thinks of his comrades as family.

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#15 Gluttony

#15 Gluttony

Featured In: Fullmetal Alchemist

Reason For Going Bald: He is born bald

Introduction: The 160-year-old childish Homunculus is the embodiment of Father’s Gluttony in Fullmetal Alchemist.

He is a failed experiment by Father to open the Gate of Truth.

Often seen eating, This bald anime character actually asks his companion Lust for permission beforehand.

Heck, He even asks permission from the person whom he’s about to eat.

Even though he has incredible regenerative abilities, Gluttony had died more than any other Homunculus in the series.

Due to his lack of self-control and innocence, He is always seen babysat by other siblings in the anime.

#14 Hanzo

#14 Hanzo

Featured In: Hunter X Hunter

Reason For Going Bald: Considering his age, He shaved his hair.

Introduction: The 294th applicant from the 287th Hunter exams is a Cloud-style jonin who works as a bodyguard for Prince Marayam Hui Guo Rou.

The young bald ninja wears a black outfit combined with shoulder pads and a red scarf.

His only reason to become a Hunter is to find the Hermit’s Scroll.

With the hidden blades from his arms, Hanzo is a powerful fighter who easily bested Gon in the Hunter exams.

Apart from his fighting skills, Hanzo is a master torturer who uses deadly means to extract information out of his foes.

Though he is a good guy, His confidence in his skills seems to be a bit more than he actually is.

#13 Dutch

#13 Dutch

Featured In: Black Lagoon

Reason For Going Bald: Hair loss

Introduction: The leader of the Lagoon Trading Company is an African American ex-military soldier who served in the Vietnam war.

Like all army soldiers, Dutch is muscular but what makes him special is his eyeglasses.

Believe me, No one has ever seen him without those.

The level-headed man is aptly suitable for negotiating contracts for the company and he always gets to the end of the mission.

He feels so responsible that during the battle of Neo-Nazi, He made Revy rethink his actions for taking out his anger on the bystanders.

As a mentor of the Rock, Dutch is more than just a part of the Lagoon Company. He commands several others and has the respect of the entire crew.

#12 Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai

#12 Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai

Featured In: Bleach

Reason For Going Bald: Even in his prime, Shigekuni had bald patches. Now at this age, He is completely bald.

Introduction: The Founder of the Gote aka Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai is the oldest captain of Gotei 13’s 1st division.

Yamamoto is clearly an elderly man with wrinkles all over his face. The bald head, white beard, and cheekbones popping out make him look like a sick person.

If you are wondering about the obviously long scar on his forehead, It was left after a battle against his own lieutenant, Chōjirō Sasakibe which earned him the pet name “Eijisai.”

As we all expect from a senior captain, Yamamoto follows the rules and regulations of Soul Society to its core.

As a captain of Gotei 13, He is one of the most respected people in the anime. Even Sajin Komamura views him in higher regard after Yamamoto saved his life.

He may not seem like a short-tempered captain but is quick to take out his anger when someone doesn’t go by the book.

Thanks to his years of service in the Gotei, Yamamoto isn’t caught off guard or surprised by any issues. He only acts when absolutely needed and is always ready to lay his life on the line for others.

#11 Krillin

#11 Krillin

Featured In: Dragon Ball Franchise

Reason For Going Bald: He isn’t naturally bald but he shaves his hair and often waxes it.

Introduction: Trained under Master Roshi, Krillin is one of the best martial artists in the Dragon Ball Universe.

His ever-shining bald head forces us to notice the moxibustion burns which left him with six dots on his forehead.

Not only that, Krillin surprisingly has no nose. Creator Akira Toriyama said that he had a physical idiosyncrasy that allows him to breathe through his skin.

As a strict disciple of Master Roshi, Krillin shaves his head in order to remove any distractions from his training.

Though most fans remember the short, comic version of Krillin, In Buu Saga, He once grew black hair while marrying Android 18. I guess the force of women is too much even for someone in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Enough talk about his appearance, Krillin is one of the few full-blooded humans in DBZ. He may be weak compared to the Saiyans but Krillin is far from a helpless comrade on the battlefield.

For someone who started his journey as a selfish rival of Goku, He grew into a kind-hearted, caring person and is now best friends with Son Goku.

#10 Umibozu

#10 Umibozu

Featured In: Gintama

Reason For Going Bald: Due to old age, He was left with bald patches but even those were stripped off by daughter Kagura in a fight.

Introduction: As the strongest Alien sweeper, Kankou was given the nickname Umibozu because of his prowess and skills.

As a Living Legend, He defeated a lot of monsters in his career and is considered equal to the King of Yato.

Umibozu has difficulties expressing his love towards his son and will go to any lengths to protect his family.

Often seen as a reserved person, Umibozu cares about his daughter Kagura and is willing to take care of anything that stands in her way.

Umibozu says that he doesn’t know anything about quarrels between father and son. The only way for him to show his love and hatred is through battle.

In the anime, We see his wandering the universe which is to find a cure for his ill wife.

Only two people namely Housen and Kamui could rival Umibozu in terms of strength and all three are elite warriors of Yato.

Bonus: Umibozu’s hair follicles are at least 93 years old.

#9 Agil

#9 Agil

Featured In: Sword Art Online

Reason For Going Bald: Both his real-life and game personalities have a bald head. He probably might have shaved it to leave room for the facial hair.

Introduction: Agil aka Andrew Gilbert Mills is a supporting character in Sword Art Online. He owns Dicey Cafe along with his wife.

The muscular Afro-America rocks a goatee with two silver earrings on his left ear.

Many believe that he only cares about money but the truth is Agil uses the money to level up lesser ranked players.

Despite his obvious chad looks, Agil is a nice guy, who happens to always look out for others in times of need.

Come to think of it, You should know his love life. Before being trapped into the game, He used to run a Cafe and there was a customer named Trish.

Due to regular visits and common interests, These two get married and during his stay in the game for over 2 years, Trish worked hard to make sure the cafe is up and running.

Bonus: His nickname Agil is derived from taking the first letter in his first name Andrew and three letters from his middle name Gilbert.

#8 Ikkaku Madarame

#8 Ikkaku Madarame

Featured In: Bleach

Reason For Going Bald: This dude openly said that he shaves his head.

Introduction: The taunting angry man you see is the Lieutenant of 11th Division in the Gotei 13.

If you happen to see a fit bald guy with red markings on the edge of his eyes then it’s gotta be Ikkaku.

The cocky ultra violet Ikkaku is self-aware of his bald head and often threatens anyone who comments on his hair. But this only increases eyeballs towards him.

Even in life-threatening situations, He also appears to drag out fights by suppressing his skills to enjoy which only he understands.

One more interesting thing about Ikkaku is that he considers one on one battles honorable and believes that one loses a fight only if they get killed.

Surprisingly, Ikkaku is made fun of by his bald head and was given the nickname “Cue Ball” by Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi.

No wonder people from the 8th and 11th divisions mistake his head for a freaking moon.

Apart from that, he is a loyal soldier who happily sacrifices himself under the command of his captain.

#7 Makarov Dreyar

#7 Makarov Dreyar

Featured In: Fairy Tail

Reason For Going Bald: Old age took his hair away.

Introduction: Makarov is one of the Ten Wizard Saints and the master of Fairy Tail Guild.

Also called Gramps, He is an extremely short, elderly person with a big white mustache. In addition to that, he has changed his attire from time to time.

As the successor of Precht, Makarov wants his master to call him a kid. Despite his experience, He is still a kid at heart.

Even in his old age, Makarov has an unusual side where he puts on a hat and does ridiculous poses.

In his youth, Makarov was an inpatient man who doesn’t hesitate to jump into fights but as time passes he became a wise person.

He is a perfect example for the saying “Do not judge a book by its cover.”

Makarov’s go-to magic ability is the Gaint form which allows him to grow bounds and leaps in terms of physique and strength.

He’s often seen in disagreement with the Magic council as they impose strict rules in the guild.

As the master of the Guild, Makarov acts as a guardian to all its members and even encourages them to be on the right path.

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#6 Netero

#6 Netero

Featured In: Hunter X Hunter

Reason For Going Bald: Same here, Old age.

Introduction: The head of the exam commission and the 12th chairman of the Hunter Association is none other than Isaac Netero.

He is a fit, muscular guy for his age and doesn’t really have a completely bald head. Instead, He has a ponytail and elongated earlobes.

Also known as the powerful nen user on earth, Netero is someone you shouldn’t mess with.

Despite his elderly looks, He is surprisingly on par with Meruem, The Chimera Ant King.

Having dedicated his entire life to martial arts, People call him an abnormal one. With a tendency to act as he pleased, Netero can come up with the most impossible of tasks for the Hunters.

The energetic, lustful old man is everyone’s last hope when faced with dreadful threats.

Now we are entering the top 5 bald anime characters and I bet they keep getting better and better.

#5 Master Roshi

#5 Master Roshi

Featured In: Dragon Ball Franchise

Reason For Going Bald: Come on he is literally thousands of years old. No need to explain it further.

Introduction: Trained by the Legendary Masters Mutaito, and Korin, Roshi was the first mortal to climb Korin tower.

Often seen in beach clothes paired with orange sunglasses, Roshi is the master of both Goku and Krillin.

Master Roshi loves his pupils so much that he signed himself into the Jackie Chun tournament just to make sure his students don’t win.

The first person to develop an attack called Kamehameha is someone we all should know about and Master Roshi definitely deserves a place in the top 5 powerful bald anime characters.

Even in his old age, Roshi is a wild pervert who almost always looks for beautiful women.

Like any normal being, Roshi loves home-delivered pizza, watching TV, and most importantly browsing the web for adult sites.

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#4 Alex Louis Armstrong

#4 Alex Louis Armstrong

Featured In: Fullmetal Alchemist

Reason For Going Bald: Apart from the single blonde strip and mustache, We can’t spot any hair in this guy.

Introduction: Alex Louis Armstrong aka Strong Arm Alchemist is an officer in the Amestrian State Military and an ally to Edward Elric, and Colonel Roy Mustang.

The blue-eyed military man is far from a normal human. He is 212 cms tall with a tremendous stature.

With years of hardcore physical training, His uniform barely covers his muscles.

Despite the tough-guy look, Armstrong is an incredibly caring person who jumps between sorrow and joy.

With a body like his, We can expect him to show off as many times as he wants and he actually does that on a number of occasions.

After the failure in Ishval War, His elder sister Olivier Mira Armstrong began to abuse him which he accepts wholeheartedly.

Like all Armstrongs, Alex has inhuman strength along with the combat alchemy passed down to by his predecessors.

He may look and act like a fool but when it comes to saving people, He’s the best.

#3 Piccolo

#3 Piccolo

Featured In: Dragon Ball Franchise

Reason For Going Bald: He is just a bald alien.

Introduction: Piccolo Jr aka Kamiccolo is one of Earth’s mightiest heroes in Dragon Ball.

Wearing a dark purple gi coat combined with a badass turban, and a white cape, Piccolo is a genuine fighter.

The Namekian has four fingers with black painted nails and is often seen training hard or meditating.

As an alien, Piccolo has two antennas on his forehead that can also be used as an antenna beam which amounts to a mysterious light ray.

If you don’t know it, Piccolo is a reincarnation of his evil father King Piccolo who was killed by Goku.

Jr Piccolo is a brilliant tactician who can analyze and turn the tide of the battle within seconds. The blunt alien warrior can also be cocky at times when confronted in a fight.

Though Goku is his enemy, Piccolo learnt to conquer his hunger for vengeance and work alongside other Saiyans to defend the earth.

To put it simply, Piccolo is a stubborn, angry man who doesn’t show any mercy yet saves people when they count on him.

#2 Aang

#2 Aang

Featured In: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Reason For Going Bald: Come on, He isn’t naturally bald. Instead, Aang shaves his head due to Air Nomad traditions.

Introduction: As a successor of Avatar Roku and predecessor of Avatar Korra, Aang was the Avatar of his age.

The blue sign which lights up when he’s in Avatar form is a lot for the kid to handle but he cannot neglect his duties.

Aang is the only person to be able to use all four water bending techniques along with the energy bending one.

Under the guardianship of monk Gyatso, Aang was raised in the Southern Air Temple.

Before the Hundred Year War, Aang was frozen in an iceberg and stayed young for several years but in the meanwhile, Fire Nation has completely dominated the world and destroyed the Air Nomad.

The kind, energetic, carefree kid had to put an end to the long going war and that was his destiny all along.

I’m sure you know what happens next but he is one of the best bald anime characters out there.

#1 Saitama

#1 Saitama

Featured In: One Punch Man

Reason For Going Bald: Saitama says that his intense training regimen made him lose his hair.

Introduction: If there’s anyone who we can actually compare with the Rock then it’s gotta be Saitama.

Similar to Dwyane Johnson, Onepunch Man lost his hair due to extreme training. If real-world and anime ever cross over then they would be buddies.

As the main protagonist of the One Punch Man series, Saitama is the strongest being in his universe.

Tired of defeating people with a single punch, Saitama enrolls himself into the Hero Association looking for stronger opponents.

Known to people as the “Caped Baldy”, One Punch Man is in the B-Class with a Rank 7.

Under normal circumstances, Saitama is shown no signs of anger and his facial features combined with the body posture clearly shows this.

But if he was irritated or been bugged, He flips himself into a rage mode which only lasts for a single blow as he almost always obliterates his foes with a single punch.

If there’s anyone who deserves the best bald anime character title then it’s Saitama which also brings an end to our list of all the best bald anime characters.

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