Attack on Titan Author Hajime Isayama Pleads Fans to Go Easy On Him For The Controversial Ending

Attack on Titan is among the best anime of all time in the world and has a vast global fan base. Hajime Isayama did the manga’s writings and illustrations, ending the series in 2021 with 34 volumes.

The plot, characters, background, and everything engulfed the anime fans. It became a global hit only just finishing the first season.
But the fans are not satisfied seeing how the series ended with a bitter ending.

Some scholars even found the ending controversial as it has elements of Japan’s Neo Nationalism. As writer Vernieda Vergara in her essay, Women Write About Comics, pointed out that Isayama lived through the Great Recession. But the political part aside, we will focus on the plot and fans’ aspects.

Why Did Isayama Write the Special Letter?

The manga publisher of Attack on Titan, Kodansha, announced that AOT Mangaka Hajime Isayama would attend NYC’s Anime Convention this year.

This place showcases the best Japanese pop culture in America’s biggest city. The news of Isayama’s presence was confirmed by a Twitter post of Kodansha USA. Anime NYC will run for a limited time from 18th to 20th November 2022.

Isayama will conduct an autograph signing on November 18. On November 19, he will discuss Attack on Titan and its plot on the convention’s main stage.

Manga readers are aware of the ending, which was quite controversial. Isayama even may face questions regarding his political preference. It also looks like the mangaka knows all the AOT-ending-related controversies and conspiracy theories.

Before appearing at the Anime NYC convention, he has written a special message to fans. He has acknowledged that he is a big fan of “Hollywood movies, TV shows, and American culture.”

As the creator of AOT, he is ready to hear people’s opinions. But at the same time, he has asked fans “be kind to him.”

'Attack on Titan' creator pleads with fans for the ending

In his letter, he wrote, “To the fans of the Attack on Titan manga & anime, Attack on Titan was heavily influenced by Hollywood movies, TV shows, and American culture, so I am excited to meet fans from the place where I’ve always dreamed of going.

I am aware that the ending of Attack on Titan was quite controversial. I am open to receiving people’s honest opinions. However, I would appreciate it if you’d be kind to me. I am both hopeful and anxious about coming to Anime NYC, but I am certainly looking forward to it.”

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Was AOT Ending Controversial?

Mappa has decided to split the final ark of the manga into two parts. One has already been aired, and another is waiting to be released next year.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read the manga, then skip this part.

Eren and his comrades will band two different groups after Eren turns himself into full Nazi mode. After activating the Founding Titan’s full potential with his half-brother Zeke’s help, Eren decided to annihilate all the human civilization to save Paradise Island. One group chose to join with Eren to make him succeed.

But Mikasa and Armin decided to go against their old friend. With Hanji and Levi leading the group, all remaining titan shifters banded together one last time. Some epic battle scenes will be spectacular to watch when the anime adaptation is aired.

Every plot aspect became predictable for many fans as Eren’s fate seemed very similar to the Lelouch of Code Geass series. In the end, 20% of the world remained saved from Rumbling thanks to Hanji’s tactical genius.

But something pushed fans off, as the fate of Paradise Island was tragic. After defeating Eren, Paradise was a happy and peaceful place. In the final few panels of the manga, the readers get to see how Paradise got destroyed because of the crimes of Eren Yeager.

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How Did Attack on Titan Ending Serve Eren’s True Purpose?

In the end, fans got angry because Eren’s sacrifice to save Paradise Island seemed wasted. There is no moral ending in the story.
In a sense, protagonist Eren Yeager was driven by only two goals. The primary one is to kill every Titan he can find to avenge his mother’s death. The second is to return to the ruins of his house to use a specific key given by his father. That key and the findings under their basement set the plot of the final ark.

The first one seemed very similar to typical shonen anime. But in the end, Eren established what he wanted in one way or another. The final few drawings of the Manga pages also confirmed the death of all the Titans by destroying Paradise Island.

There is also another thing the whole story was built in a dystopian background, and it also gives a thin possibility of a happy ending. In the end, Eren achieved both of his goals.

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MAPPA will produce Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3, which will release in 2023, but no official announcement has yet been made. The voice-acting cast will remain the same.

The plot has divided fans into two parts. There are fan-made endings or fan illustrations of the manga. Some even did not like Mikasa’s move on Eren easily. She ended up marrying Jean Kirstein.

So, What will be your decision on Eren’s ultimate fate? Please let us know in the comments.

Source: Kodansha