Attack on Titan’s Anime Writer Publishes Exciting New Crime Manga

AOT has made waves with its intriguing plot recently, and fans want more of it than ever after the final season. Fortunately for us anime fans, The writer of Attack On Titan anime has come up with a new manga, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

A delightful death-game manga is sure to blossom in a while! Issue #1 of Danzai Lock, aka Six Wards of Punishment is out now. The newly-unveiled manga can be read on the Comic Days platform from this day forth (i.e., 20th September). Fans can expect a new update every Tuesday too.

About Danzai Lock

Danzai Lock Manga

In a world wherein laws and regulations are laid down by any means necessary, the murderers are sentenced to death. They are detained in a region called “Prison District 6,” which functions because of a particular economic system. Numerous prisoners are being transported to this district. Yushin, who happens to be a teacher of religion (i.e., a monk), encounters a swordsman named Kunoji when the group reaches the city. In death row territory, the line between crime and justice diminishes.

The experienced screenplay and storyboard developer Yasuko Kobayashi is the writer who came up with this concept. She’s joined by Saki Nonoyama, the artist collaborating with Yasuko-san.

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Beginning in the late 1990s, Mrs. Kobayashi is known for her involvement in various anime projects where she operates as a writer. Take a look at some of her signature credits down below.

  • Attack on Titan (2013-2019)
  • Claymore (2007)
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012-present)
  • Kakegurui (2017) and Kakegurui xx (2019)
  • Dororo (2019)
  • Shakugan no Sana (2005-2006), Shakugan no Sana Second (2007-2008), Shakugan no Shana Final (2011-2012)
  • Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames (2014-2015)
  • Gokusen (2004)
  • Dinozaurs (2000)

Mrs. Kobayashi has contributed to several popular anime films, and a few of her best works are listed below.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! (1999)
  • 4 Attack on Titan films (2014-2020)
  • Trigun: Badlands Rumble (2010)
  • Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventures (2001)

She also wrote the plot for the television drama adaptation of Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan (based on Hirohiko Araki’s one-shots)

As a veteran of the anime industry, she has been writing great scripts for more than 25 years. Her maiden work is Jigoku Sensei Nube, a series that was released in 1996. Kobayashi-san presided over the Witchblade anime and even created a manga titled Witchblade Takeru when the show was released.

Saki Nonoyama has worked on Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Ultraman Koushiki Anthology, Emma, and Terra Formars Gaiden: Onizuka Keiji. A prolific sketcher and colorist, she will continue doing a swell job at drawing the manga, which you can observe here at comic-days.

Well, Are you familiar with Comic Days?

It is a platform launched by Kodansha Japan (more than three years ago) that allows readers to view their favorite works online. A nominal subscription fee is quite an attractive solution to all the concerns manga lovers face regularly. Also, it is not region-locked. If you’re acquainted with the language, do check out the website.

That’ll be all for now. Let us know what you think of the story in the comments below.