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All 8 Types Of Bunny Pokemon (Explained)

Do you know how many Pokémon are there throughout each generation? If you know, do you remember all of their names?

The answer is you cannot. It is impossible. But you can remember a specific type of Pokémon, be it a bird, mouse, horse, penguin, fish, dog, or rabbit type, besides many other types.

While you cannot remember all of them, some of these types have only a handful of Pokémon, just like the eight Rabbit/Bunny Pokémon.

Before that, let’s make one thing clear. Sometimes the type of Pokémon isn’t what meets the eye. There are many factors to determine the type or species of a Pokémon.

Dragonite is a dragon. You can tell from its name and its appearance. However, Horsea and its evolutions (Seadra → Kingdra) are dragon Pokémon despite these Pokémon looking like a seahorse. The same goes for Charizard. While it seems like a dragon, it isn’t. In Japanese, it is known as Lizardon (リザードン), showing its evolution from Charmander, a Lizard Pokémon.

That’s why all the Bunny Pokémon listed may not be officially classified as a Bunny Pokémon, but we all know they should be considered one.

Oh, and before we dive in, keep in mind that Bunny and Rabbit are the same. Bunny is just a connotation to express the cuteness of baby rabbits.

What Pokémon Is a Bunny?

There are a total of 8 Bunny/Rabbit Pokémon. And here is the list of those Bunny Pokémon that includes their Pokédex Rank, Evolution Stages, and characteristics.

#8 Azumarill

#8 Azumarill

Pokédex Rank: #184
Evolution Stages: Azurill (#298) → Marill (#183) → Azumarill (#184)

Azumarill is a Generation 2 Pokémon. It was only a Water-type Pokémon until Generation 6, after which it became Water/Fairy-type Pokémon.

Azumarill is considered a Bunny Pokémon just because of those rabbit-like long ears. The base form Azurill is a mouse-type pokemon.

This Pokemon has an egg-shaped body, with the lower half of its body being the only white part, and the rest of it is blue. It has a zigzag-shaped tail with a blue ball at the end.

Azumarill is the final form of Azurill. The long ears help Azumarill hear anything from far away, even underwater. Azumarill is known for its impressive defensive abilities and high HP.

Azumarill loves being in the water and doesn’t mind staying in the water for a long time.

#7 Buneary

#7 Buneary

Pokédex Rank: #427
Evolution Stages: Buneary (#427) → Lopunny (#428)

Buneary is a Generation 4 Pokémon. It is a Normal-type Pokémon.

Buneary looks like a rabbit. A Buneary can be seen with its one rolled-up ear. But when both of its ears are perked up, it’s either a sign of danger, or it needs immediate medical attention.

A Buneary can also use those ears to jump high up in the air and even throw heavy punches. Buneary’s belly is covered with yellow fluff, which is also present on the tip of its ears.

Buneary can be found both in the forests or on a snowy mountain. Speed is a Buneary’s strong forte.

This Bunny Pokémon is the base form of Lopunny.

#6 Lopunny

#6 Lopunny

Pokédex Rank: #428
Evolution Stages: Buneary (#427) → Lopunny (#428)

Lopunny is a Generation 4 Pokémon. Lopunny is the final evolved form of Buneary and a Normal-Type Pokémon.

Unlike Buneary, Lopunny’s wrists are covered by the yellow fluff, which is also present on its long ear. Even Lopunny’s eyebrows are covered with yellow fleece.

Lopunny can deliver destructive kicks with its legs, and it can use its long ears and spring away if it senses danger. Just like a rabbit, it hops away when it senses any danger.

Lopunny’s bunny sense is better than Spiderman’s spidey sense.

Lopunny can mega evolve into Mega Lopunny using Lopunnite, a Mega Stone. In its mega evolved form, Lopunny is aggressive with its heightened frightening instincts sharper than ever. Mega Lopunny is a Normal/Fighting-Type Pokémon.

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#5 Bunnelby

#5 Bunnelby

Pokédex Rank: #659
Evolution Stages: Bunnelby (#659) → Diggersby (#660)

Bunnelby is a Generation 6 Pokémon. It is the base form of Diggersby. Bunnelby is a Normal-Type Pokémon.

Bunnelby is identified by its two bunny teeth sticking out. Not only that, its huge ears have three intersections that look like three fingers.

When it comes to digging, no Pokémon loves it more than Bunnelby. It can dig up a 33-meter-deep shelter within a night, and those ears are strong enough to chop down tree roots.

Just like most bunny Pokémon, Bunnelby is quite sensitive to danger. Especially to its natural predator Corviknight. The moment it sees one, Bunnelby goes into a tunnel. (bunnel – tunnel, see what I did there?)

Bunnelby is not a fighter. It loves a peaceful life instead.

#4 Diggersby

#4 Diggersby

Pokédex Rank: #660
Evolution Stages: Bunnelby (#659) → Diggersby (#660)

Diggersby is a Generation 6 Pokémon. Diggersby is the final evolved form of Bunnelby and a Normal/Ground-Type Pokémon.

This bunny pokemon has a huge build, unlike Bunnelby. The limbs of Diggersby are small compared to its long ears, which have a similar three-pawed structure to Bunnelby.

The main difference is that Diggersby can lift weights over a ton. A TON. This gives you an idea of the strength it possesses. To Diggersby, tunnel construction and bedrock digging is nothing but child play.

Diggersby retains those two bunny teeth. But the one thing that stands out in Diggersby is the yellow and the brown fur surrounding its waist.

And Diggersby looks like those stereotypical construction workers in anime. There’s a reason why.

#3 Scorbunny

#3 Scorbunny

Pokédex Rank: #813
Evolution Stages: Scorbunny (#813) → Raboot (#814) → Cinderace (#815)

Scorbunny is a Generation 8 Pokémon. Scorbunny evolves into Raboot, and Raboot evolves into a Cinderace, its final evolved form.

As a Fire-Type Pokémon, It has long legs and long feet with two bunny ears. While the paws are orange in colour, its ears have a mixture of orange, yellow, and white.

A Scorbunny has a bandage-like band across its nose, which is also present on the sole of its feet.

When it comes to personality, Scorbunny is filled with energy. A good run builds fire throughout its body, making Scorbunny ready to fight. This Bunny Pokemon can store fire in its chest.

The band in Scorbunny’s feet can get so hot that it can burn an opponent with the kick and can even melt ice. And obviously, Scorbunny’s legs are strong enough to jump around.

#2 Raboot

#2 Raboot

Pokédex Rank: #814
Evolution Stages: Scorbunny (#813) → Raboot (#814) → Cinderace (#815)

Raboot is a Generation 8 Pokémon. It is the evolved form of Scorbunny and the previous form of Cinderace. So, Raboot is a Fire-Type Pokémon.

Raboot’s appearance is like a humanoid rabbit wearing a red and black sweatshirt with a turtleneck covering its mouth.

Similar to Scorbunny, Raboot also has yellow bandage-like bands on its forehead and soles of its feet.

It can generate heat through those yellow bands on its forehead and feet soles to attack. Raboot has longer legs than Scorbunny and uses them for kicking attacks.

Raboot has two pocket-like spaces in its sweatshirt-looking fur. One can mistake Raboot for a human teenager from afar.

#1 Cinderace

#1 Cinderace

Pokédex Rank: #815
Evolution Stages: Scorbunny (#813) → Raboot (#814) → Cinderace (#815)

Cinderace is a Generation 8 Pokémon. It is the final evolved form of Scorbunny and the evolved form of Raboot. Cinderace is a Fire-Type Pokémon.

While Raboot has a sweatshirt-looking fur, Cinderace dons a tank top, a belt, and knee-length pants, all of them made of fur. The tank top and the belt is navy blue, while the pants have a colour combination of orange and yellow.

Each foot of Cinderace has three fur dots on the sole for fire-type attacks. Cinderace is a capable all-rounder with exceptional in attack and defence.

It can jump higher than any of its previous evolutions and deliver an explosive kick. A fireball kick from Cinderace can get the opponent toasted. If you want to boost Cinderace’s power, cheer for it. It works like a charm.

There’s another form, Gigantamax Cinderace, where its ears become twice their body size. In this form, Cinderace rides a Pyro Ball and can even create fireballs that have a mind of their own.

Gigantamax Cinderace has the strongest leg strength among all Pokémon. Born to be a fighter.

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Is Cinderace a Bunny or Rabbit?

Cinderace is a Rabbit-like Pokémon.

Let’s make one thing clear. Bunny and Rabbits aren’t different. Baby rabbits are referred to as Bunnies, a term that can also be used for grown rabbits.

Bunny is a connotation for a baby rabbit to make it sound cuter, which it does.

Is Scorbunny a Girl?

Scorbunny can be a girl and a boy. According to Bulbapedia, Scorbunny has a gender ratio of 87.5% male to 12.5% female. So, it is rare for a Scorbunny to be a girl.

Is Pikachu a Bunny?

Pikachu is a Mouse Pokémon. However, there has been a continuous debate on the internet about Pikachu being either a squirrel or even a pika. Whatever the case may be, one thing is sure, Pikachu is a rodent Pokémon.

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Is Eevee a Bunny?

No, Eevee is not a Bunny. If we are talking only about Eevee, it has the dominant traits of a fox. To be precise, a fennec fox.

Then again, it is unknown what exactly Eevee is based on. Considering its evolutions with different stones, which take different forms, Eevee has traits of a fox, dog, cat, and even rabbit to a certain extent.

Is There a Chicken Pokémon?

Yes, there are Chicken Pokémon. Some of the Chicken Pokémon are Torchic, Combusken, and Blaziken.

What Is the Panda Pokémon?

Pancham and Pangoro are the Panda Pokémon.

What Pokémon Is Bat?

There are 9 Bat Pokémon in total, and this is the complete list.

Name of the Bat PokémonPokédex Rank

Is Plusle a Rabbit?

Plusle is not a rabbit-like Pokémon. Instead, it is referred to as a mouse-like Pokémon. However, some also believe it to be either a chipmunk or even a rabbit. Though, Rabbit is the least likely one.

With that, I end this listicle about the 8 types of Bunny Pokémon. If there is any suggestion or feedback regarding the article, feel free to reach us on our Instagram handle.

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