15 Most Beautiful Flower Pokemon Of All Time (Ranked)

I know you are familiar with Pokemon. I mean, it is one of the best series of all time. The anime has great adventures and a plethora of characters.

In case, If you don’t know about Pokemon, then let me tell you that these are creatures with abilities that don’t look like animals.

There are different types of Pokemon namely Water Type, Fire Type, Earth Type, and so on. One of the most popular ones is the flower-type Pokemon.

The Flower-type Pokemon are usually beautiful, cute looking, and of course, powerful as well.

So, today, we’ll be ranking the 15 most beautiful flower pokemon of all time. Stick around because this is a fun topic and you’ll get to know about a lot of interesting flower-type Pokemon.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

#15 Venusaur

#15 Venusaur

First Impression: Venusaur looks like a dangerous and angry Pokemon in its first appearance.

For starters, Venusaur is the third stage of Bulbasaur. They usually have greenish-colored skin, but it kind of looks blue sometimes.

He has a big flower on his back which is quite poisonous, which absorbs sunlight and uses it to attack.

Venusaur is typically a casual Pokemon who don’t bother fighting for no reason. But they are pretty protective like they won’t let you hurt other Pokemons or their species.

These flower pokemon are also not easy to catch since they are strong and have a great defense.

One of the unique features that Venusaur has is that they can change their nature and can make places green again.

A normal Venusaur can weigh up to 100 kgs, but sometimes they are about 150 kilograms.

They can be taller than an average person with an approximate height of around 6-7 ft.

#14 Gossifleur

#14 Gossifleur

First Impression: In the beginning, Gossifleur appeared small, and quite cute because of their smile.

Gossifleur has a yellow flower on its head that covers the whole of its head.

With red hair and a cream-colored face, They are peace-loving Pokemon who prefer to live near a clear river or a beautiful land.

Gossifleur produces pollen that is often used as a medicine to cure children. Even though they don’t have wings, they can still fly by using their wings.

This flower pokemon travels by the flow of the air and can travel long distances. When they move around, They sing a melody that is so soothing to the ears, that most people like it when Gossifleur sings.

They weigh around 2 kgs, so they can be considered very light Pokemon, and their height is approximately 0.2 or 0.4 meters.

#13 Flabébé

#13 Flabébé

First Impression: In their first appearance, Flabebe looks just like a plant.

Flabébé is one of the lightest and shortest Pokemon in anime history.

Flabébé is commonly white and green colored. A bunch of pollen is gathered at their head, and it looks like a crown.

They are always believed to hold a stigma with themselves which they never let go of and hence the name, Fairy Flower.

There is also a white-colored Flabébé which is quite hard to find. Their pollen can be used for healing and these type of Flabebe are so light that they often get carried away by the wind.

They weigh around 0.1 kgs and reach just 0.1 meters in height. There are no male Flabébé in existence which leaves us with just one female species.

#12 Lurantis

#12 Lurantis

First Impression: Even though Lurantis is a flower pokemon, It looks like an insect.

In appearance, Lurantis is pinkish, and they have both flower and insect-type traits.

Lurantis is a beautiful Pokemon, and it does need a lot of care to maintain its beauty.

If they get a good trainer who truly cares for them, These flower pokemon can sustain their beauty and can attract anyone with their charm.

However, if they don’t, They’re not going to look good.

Lurantis doesn’t trust anyone easily until the person is genuine and hardworking. This pokemon can gather sunlight and use that as an attack.

One of its signature moves is to use a Solar Blade which they can also use as a beam. These are great for both short and long-distance fights and are so powerful that they can pierce through metal sheets.

We can say Lurantis is a beautiful as well as a powerful flower Pokemon.

If you are wondering then Lurantis is just 0.9 meters tall and weighs 18.5 kgs.

#11 Eldegoss

#11 Eldegoss

First Impression: We all mistook Elder Goss for a giant fluffy cotton ball.

Eldegoss is a cute-looking flower Pokemon that is green in color and has brown eyes. Their head is covered with cotton, and we can also see some seeds in them.

Did I mention that the cotton in their head protects them from enemy attacks?

According to the creators, The cotton these flower pokemon carry is rich in nutrients which is suitable for both Pokemon and their trainers.

Did I mention that their seeds also make the soil rich in nutrients?

In addition to all that, Eldegoss cotton is used to make high-quality clothes.

This type of cotton is liked by big brands and is super expensive. The flower pokemon usually has a calm and collective nature and remain happy most of the time.

Usually, Eldegoss weighs around 2.5 kgs and comes close to being 0.5 m tall.

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#10 Tsareena

#10 Tsareena

First Impression: To be honest, Tsareena looks like a mixture of some kind of plant and human.

Let me get this straight. Tsareena is a female Pokemon. There are no male species in this flower type.

They are covered in green, and white, and their facial features are pretty similar to any ordinary girl.

She also has a purple crown on her head, making her look like a princess.

Keep everything aside, They are beautiful Pokemon, but that comes with a price. The price of attitude we have to bear.

Tsareena keeps attacking those weaker than her, and she even laughs at them. They also disobey their trainers’ commands if they force them to do something.

Believe me, You can’t even touch Tsareena without her permission, or you’ll be punished.

Even though she has flaws, her fragrance is so good that it can distract anyone. She often uses this quirk on her opponents to gain an upper hand.

Typically, Tsareena is about 1.2 meters tall and weighs around 22 kgs.

#9 Roselia

#9 Roselia

First Impression: In its first appearance, Roselia looks like a rose flower. Hence, The name.

Roselia is an eye-catching Pokemon. Its beauty can’t be ignored. The overall color is green, but her hands are shaped like a rose, and they are red and blue touches all over.

Roselia can be male or female. They have a unique aroma that can calm anyone, but her thorns, present in its head, are poisonous.

A healthy and well-cared Roselia aroma can be even more effective and deadly. They often used their fragrance to make their opponent fall asleep which can be considered their signature special move called the Grass Whistle.

These flower pokemon are quite protective of themselves, They won’t let anyone touch their rose and attack with their sharp thorns.

Earlier, Roselia thrones were sent to the opponents for a dual match. They like to live in grassy areas to get good nutritious spring water.

Usually, these pokemon are 0.3 meters tall and weigh around 2 kgs.

#8 Comfey

#8 Comfey

First Impression: Anyone who sees, Comfey for the first time can claim that the pokemon looks like a flower ring.

Comfey is a cute-looking pokemon. Its body is usually covered with flowers because it doesn’t feel comfortable until they are covered with them.

The flowers that they use to protect its body can be used in different ways. For instance, They can use it as an attack or distract the enemy so they can run away.

As you can see, Comfey doesn’t like to fight. Yeah, they aren’t so strong either.

Sometimes they give their flowers to those they want or feel safe around. They use a particular type of oil produced from their body, and when that oil is mixed with its flowers, they have a soothing scent that Comfey likes, and people also enjoy this scent.

This same scent is used as medicine in pokemon hospitals.

Typically, They are around 0.1 meters tall, and they weigh about 0.3 kgs.

#7 Cherrim

#7 Cherrim

First Impression: Well, Cherrim’s appearance depends on the weather.

Cherrim is a small cute, looking pokemon that doesn’t have a fixed appearance, and it changes its form as the weather changes.

When there is no sunlight or in the dark, their whole body is covered with two purple petals. But in the summertime or when strong sunlight hits them, they bloom and show their face.

Cherrim is seen smiling most of the time, and when they bloom, they absorb a lot of sunlight like every other flower.

They are like flowers that bloom when it’s daytime or summertime, and it closes their petals at night when there is no sunlight.

This also reflects their behavior as Cherrim is so quiet at night, but can be active and energetic in the daytime.

Cherrim also attracts bug pokemon. They don’t do that on purpose though. Instead, bug Pokemon themself get attracted to the scent produced by their petals.

Another fact about Cherrim is they are the only known Pokemon that can use flower shields.

Cherrim usually weighs 9.3 kgs, and their height is around 0.5 meters.

#6 Roserade

#6 Roserade

First Impression: Roserade evolved from Roselia, so they look pretty similar.

To be honest, Roserade looks like a piece of art. It’s so beautiful, and no one can take their eyes off them.

Their color and features are the same as Roselia’s as Roserade evolved from Roselia but there’s a difference.

Their hairs have white petals, while the Roselia has a thorn-like structure on its head. Besides this, there are different facial features, and the rest is the same.

Roserade has blue and red-colored flower hands. Their scent is attractive, but the more beautiful or strong smell means the deadly poison they have.

This flower pokemon attacks its enemy with whips that are usually hidden and have poisonous thorns.

They have poison in both arms, but there is a difference. The right arm has a more potent and deadly poison that works fast and moves more quickly, while the left arm has a poison that slowly kills you.

So, Roserade poison can be life-threatening. It is deadly for both Pokemon and humans.

This flower pokemon is 0.9 meters tall and weighs a decent 14.5 kgs.

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#5 Bellossom

#5 Bellossom

First Impression: Bellossom looks like a pokemon dancer.

Bellossom is a cute and petite pokemon who looks like a dancing doll. They are green and yellow, and they have two flowers on their head.

When we look at them, we can see that they don’t have any legs. Instead, They use their petals as their legs.

Another thing to note about Bellossom is when they rub the parcels present in their head together, producing a sound that is attractive and soothing.

Bellossom is not meant for fighting. They are more like showcase pokemon who just look good.

These can be seen dancing, and chanting around most of the time, and they especially like to dance after heavy rain.

The flower pokemon usually live in the wild, and sometimes, they can be found in grassy areas.

Bellossom is traditionally 0.4 meters tall and weighs around 5.8 kgs.

#4 Floette

#4 Floette

First Impression: Just as its name describes, Floette looks like a cute little flower.

Floette is a small Pokemon who likes to live quietly, and they don’t mean any harm to anyone.

They have an upper green and lower white body, and they always hold a flower with five leaves.

The flowers they contain can be of different colors like yellow, red, orange, white, and blue. There is one more Floette that is called Eternal Flower Floette.

This Floette is different from a regular one because this species managed to befriend AZ. The flower this Floette keeps to them has six leaves from which half of them are smaller than the rest.

Oh…Man! Three are pretty extensive too. Not to mention this flower has powerful energy, which can be destructive.

Eternal Flower Floette is the only Pokemon that knows Light of Ruin.

These pokemon are 0.2 meters tall and weigh around 0.9 kgs.

#3 Shaymin

#3 Shaymin

First Impression: Fans can easily misread this flower pokemon to a hedgehog.

Shaymin is one of the most unique and adorable Pokemon you’ll ever see.

You might not believe that they already have a second form without even evolving. They can be a land flower or a flying flower type pokemon.

The Gracia flower helps Shaymin transform into a flying pokemon, but this can only happen in the daytime.

Shaymin looks like a hedgehog in its landform, but it seems like a cute little deer in its sky form.

Their personalities also change as they change their form. They are shy and get scared quickly when they are in their landform, but they are courageous and playful in their latter.

Shaymin’s form also changes as time changes, like in day time they can transform into sky form, but they can’t do that at night.

This cute little creature weighs around 2.1 kgs, and its height is 0.2 meters in its landform. They weigh approximately 5.2 kgs and are 0.4 meters tall in their sky form.

#2 Florges

#2 Florges

First Impression: The first appearance of Florges is quite eye-catching. I mean, They look like fairies.

Florges are the evolved form of Floette, and they look very beautiful. Like all beautiful things, They are female pokemon.

They have an upper white and lover green body, and their head is covered with a bouquet made of flowers which can be of different colors like blue, red, orange, yellow, and white.

Florges has a long life span. They can live for more than 100 years. These flower pokemon prefer to live in beautiful flower gardens and help grow flowers and plants.

It’s more like they can control the growth of flowers. As naturally, Florges were asked to make beautiful flower gardens for the castles back in the time. They love to stay in quiet places surrounded by flowers and even protect their flowers when they are attacked.

These flower pokemon are 1.1 meters tall and 10 kgs in weight.

#1 Lilligant

#1 Lilligant

First Impression: Lilligant looks like any normal human being with a belly, but they have plant-like features.

Lilligant is a rare pokemon, and it is found among celebrity trainers. They are said to be one of the most popular Pokemon to exist.

These have a flower in their head that is very hard to bloom. Even A-class Gardeners struggle to make it color, and some don’t even see any success.

But when this flower blooms, it is known as the most beautiful flower. Not just this, but the scent that came from this flower is very relaxing.

Besides all this, a particular type of oil is produced from the Lilligant flower, which can not be purchased easily because it is pretty expensive.

There is also a different type of Lilligant found in Hisui, and it is called Hisuian Lilligant.

This variant of Lilligant is very different from a normal Lilligant, and they are worshipped in a few places. They are also one of the ten Pokemon that Arceus himself blessed.

Generally, Lilligant is 1.1 meters in height and 16.3 kgs in weight.

That brings us to the end of our countdown of all the beautiful flower pokemon.

Which cute pokemon did you like, Did we miss anything?

Let us know it all on our Instagram handle here, and until next time, We pokemon fans gotta catch them all.