20 Superheroes Who Have Living Parents (Ranked)

Who would we be if we were raised by someone else?

There are instances in comics where our best heroes are raised by villains and turn out to be the absolute worst. Once raised by Darkseid, Superman turned out to be a terrifying character. Hence, it is important that the people raising these super-powered beings are doing it the right way. 

Let us look at some of our favorite superheroes and the people who raised them.

#20 Orion

#20 Orion - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Alive but stayed away

We kick this list off with a New God – Orion. Orion is the adopted son of the High Father, King of New Genesis. Orion’s real parentage lies somewhere else, however. The New Gods had been at war for many years, and many lives were lost. As a truce, both rulers of their respective nations decided to trade their sons. Orion is the son of Darkseid and was given to the High Father in this trade. 

New Genesis treated Orion with much care. The traits of Darkseid would show often, but Orion was trained in a way that could be used to his advantage. Orion harbored much anger towards his biological father, leading him to become one of New Genesis’ greatest champions.

#19 Flash (Barry Allen)

#19 Flash (Barry Allen) - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Alive but stayed away

Barry Allen is the fastest man alive and one of the core members of the Justice League. The New 52 is the current version of his story. In this, Barry’s mother, Nora Allen, is murdered when he was a child, but the real culprit is not known. Barry’s father, Henry Allen, is falsely accused and sent to prison.

Barry Allen becomes a police investigator to help solve this crime and, along the way, becomes the Flash. He is raised by a very close friend of the Allen’s, Darryl Frye (Chief of Police). Henry Allen passes on much wisdom to his son, and Darryl Frye does much to help Barry to become the best version of himself.

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#18 Nightcrawler

#18 Nightcrawler - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Parent(s) Status: Alive but stayed away

Nightcrawler may be familiar to most from his stint in the original X-Men movies. He is a frequent appearing member in the comics and has been instrumental in X men’s missions. 

His parentage is not touched upon in the movies. However, the comics reveal that his mother is Mystique, the shape-shifting mutant. Even though Mystique is his biological mother, she did not raise him. He was abandoned at a very young age and spent most of his childhood in a circus to hide his appearance. Nightcrawler was later recruited to the Xavier Institute, and it is here that Professor X trained and nurtured him. The professor taught him the ways of the X men and developed him into a great leader who eventually led the Uncanny X men.

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#17 Aqualad

#17 Aqualad - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Alive but Stayed Away

Kaldur is the second person to take on the name Aqua lad. Kaldur’s origin story has taken different shapes over time, but the most common is that he is born to a Xebel woman and Black Manta.

Kaldur initially worked with his evil father and arrived in Atlantis as a spy. However, upon realizing the true nature of his ways, Kaldur defected to the Atlanteans. Arthur Curry took Kaldur under his wing and helped him become a better hero. He even uses the code-name ‘Aquaman’ at one point, depicting the two as partners.

#16 Cable

#16 Cable - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Parent(s) Status: Single parent

Cable is the son of Scott Summers and Madelyn Pryor (a clone of Jean Grey). The birth of Cable was orchestrated by Mr. Sinister, who found out that a child born to Scott and Jean would be able to defeat Apokolips. This child was infected by a Techo-organic virus by Apokalips, and the Aksani tribe from 2000 years into the future arrived and told the Summers that they could cure the child who would soon become their savior.

Nathan Summers was raised by Scott and Madelynne for a while, and they did a good job giving him the basic foundations, but when he was suddenly sent to the future, he was raised by an older version of Rachel Summers’ half-sister. He grew up to become a disciplined warrior and one of the most powerful mutants alive.

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#15 Batwing (Luke Fox)

#15 Batwing (Luke Fox) - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Single Parent

Luke Fox is the son of Lucius Fox – CEO of Wayne Enterprises and a genius inventor. Lucius has always been a close confidant of the Bat, and his son seems to have picked the same helping hand as his father. 

Lucius has consistently been shown to be a righteous individual and was one of the closest friends of Thomas Wayne. This relationship continued with Bruce Wayne, and he was someone that Bruce could always trust. Though it is difficult to gain the trust of Batman. Lucius fox gave his son his intellect, genius, and moral values. This turned Luke into a highly valued member of the Bat-family.

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#14 Black Panther

#14 Black Panther - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Parent(s) Status: Single Parent

The King of Wakanda needs no introduction. T’Challa comes from a long line of Wakandan rulers and Black Panthers. His father, T’Chaka, was one but also lost his life along the line and made way for T’Challa to become the new Black Panther. T’Challa’s father was a great man, and many of the values held by the Wakanadan King were passed down from him.

T’Challa’s biological mother, N’yami, died during his birth, but his late father soon married Ramonda, an explorer who saved T’Challa when he wandered from the kingdom. The MCU, however, depicts Ramonda as his biological mother. Ramonda formed a motherly bond with T’Challa and was the primary source of his values as there were no other parent figures around him.

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#13 Cyborg

#13 Cyborg - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Single Parent

Victor Stone, a.k.a. Cyborg, is one of the founding members of the Justice League. Before Victor gets his powers, he is shown to be at odds with his father, Silas Stone, a lead scientist at Star Labs. Silas uses a Mother box to save his son after he gets caught in an explosion caused by a father box that Silas was experimenting on.

Victor’s mother died early on, and his father had been very distant growing up. Victor did his best to get his father’s attention by being a star athlete and a brilliant student, but Silas was too caught up in his research. However, Silas realized his wrongs after his transformation and strived to create a better bond with his son. This led to the two becoming much closer, and Victor would go to his father for help or advice. 

#12 Franklin Richards & Valeria Richards

#12 Franklin Richards & Valeria Richards - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Parent(s) Status: Both Alive

Franklin and Valeria Richards are the children of Reed and Sue Richards. Unlike their parents, the two were born with powers that put them far ahead of any other character in the Marvel Universe.

Reed’s personality has varied over the years. There are instances where he is shown to be jealous and egotistical, whereas Sue Storm is on the other spectrum of this. However, their ideas have aligned over the years, and this can be seen in their children. 

#11 Thor Odinson

#11 Thor Odinson - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Parent(s) Status: Both Alive

The God of Thunder is a hero plucked from Norse mythology and carefully placed in the Marvel Universe. We have to say, he fits perfectly.

Thor is known for always standing for good and fighting against injustice wherever he saw it. The King and Queen of Asgard have done their best to steer Thor in the right direction, and you can see it in his actions.

Thor’s goodness can be accredited to his mother, Frigga. Technically, Frigga is his stepmother, and his biological mother is Gaea. Odin maintained the Stoic depiction of a father, while Frigga taught Thor the real meanings of good and evil. 

#10 Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

#10 Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Both Alive

There are so many retcons of this character that it can be hard to track. Batgirl, a.k.a. Barbara Gordon, is the daughter of Police commissioner James Gordon and his Ex-wife, Barbara Eileen Gordon. Barbara has served with the Bat-family in many capacities and worked closely with her father.

James W. “Jim” Gordon has been a close confidant of Batman and believes in the vigilante’s work. He managed to imbibe that sense of justice within his daughter, who grew to be a strong young woman. Jim is a brilliant detective, and many of his traits and values were passed down to his daughter.

#9 Kid Flash (Bart Allen)

#9 Kid Flash (Bart Allen) - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Both Alive

Bart Allen is a speedster born in the 30th century and a frequent member of the Teen Titans. Bart is the product of a union between two rival families – the Allen’s and the Thawnes. Bart is born as the son of Barry Allen – Don Allen, and the descendant of the Thawne family- Meloni Thawne. 

Both his parents raised Bart with the values of the Flash family and helped turn the young speedster into one who would be worthy of taking on the Flash name. When Professor Zoom attacks the family, Bart returns in time and is mentored by his grandparents.

#8 Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

#8 Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Parent(s) Status: Both Alive

The protégé to Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, is a young hero and a core member of the Champions. Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American and is an Inhuman who has her powers awakened when a Terragen mist clouds settle over her home tome of New Jersey. 

Kamala Khan was born to Yusuf Khan and Muneedba Khan, two Pakistani Muslims who settled in America. Keeping in tune with the traditional depiction of an Asian family, Kamala’s parents are protective and impose strict curfews on their superhero daughter. However, this worry comes from a place of love. 

Yusuf and Muneeba have done their best to teach their daughter of the rights and wrongs of life, and it has undoubtedly helped her become a great young hero.

#7 Superboy (Con El)

#7 Superboy (Con El) - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Both Alive

Con-El or Conner Kent is a core member of the Teen Titans and a clone of Superman. This makes it obvious that Superman is one of half of him, but what makes this Superboy interesting is that he also has the DNA of Lex Luthor. Conner has mainly kept the ideals of his Superman half but has also traveled to greyer areas just like his other father, Luthor.

Superman was initially very distant from Superboy, but he eventually warms up and mentors him to become a better hero. Conner is ultimately adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who raise him with the same values, love, and care they gave Clark. The guidance from all these individuals plays a major part in ensuring that Superboy stays on the right path, even though his evil parts sometimes stray him away.

#6 Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

#6 Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Both Alive

Jaime Reyes is the third person to take on the mantle of Blue Beetle after Ted Kord. Jaime gets his powers when he is bonded to an advanced piece of technology called the ‘Scarab.’ It allows him to instantly transform into a suit of blue armors and has an array of weapons.

Jaime was born to Alberto and Bianca Reyes and grew up a very normal child in El Paso, Texas. 

Alberto ran a garage, and Bianca was a Paramedic. They both led ordinary lives, and his mother always wanted to help people. They both influenced Jaime’s early years and passed on a helpful mindset to their son. 

#5 Wonder Woman

#5 Wonder Woman - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Both Alive

The origins of the Amazonian princess have changed over the years. Following the main continuity, Wonder Woman is born to the Queen of the Amazons – Hippolyta and is fathered by the King of the Old Gods – Zeus. The Amazons themselves are formidable individuals, but the status of ‘demigod’ make her one of the strongest heroes we have ever seen.

Wonder Woman is raised on Paradise Island by her mother and the other Amazons. Her father, Zeus, is absent for most of her life and only interferes when she needs him. However, it is Hippolyta that plays a significant role in Diana’s upbringing, giving her the love, care, and training to become the mighty hero she is.

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#4 Damian Wayne

#4 Damian Wayne - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Both Alive

Damian Wayne is the son of Batman and also holds the mantle of Robin. Tali al Ghul tricks Batman into having a child with her, and Damian is the product of that disturbing story. During his early childhood, Damian was raised by his mother along with the League of Shadows. 

Once Batman found out about his son, he took over and let Damian take the name of Robin. With Bruce and Alfred’s guidance, He quells his anger and steers himself to his father’s ideals. Through his father’s teachings, Damian understands good and evil better and relinquishes his association with the League of Shadows.

#3 Jon Kent 

#3 Jon Kent - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Both Alive

Jon Kent is the son of Superman and Lois Lane. Superman is the personification of all that is good, and Lois goes out of her way to ensure that the truth always sees the light of day. There is no better power couple.

Superman is all about hope. Jon is still young, but for the most part, he has been able to absorb the ways of his father. Superman has done well in teaching his son how to be a symbol of hope and how he can use his power for the greater good. Lois is one of the best detectives in the Dc universe, and Jon has gotten her smarts. Jon continues to grow in a healthy environment, and it would be interesting to see what kind of hero he would be.

#2 Miles Morales

#2 Miles Morales - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Parent(s) Status: Both Alive

Miles Morales is the successor to the Spider-Man name and has been brought to the limelight in the animated movie – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. Miles is a Puerto Rican African-American, born to Jefferson Davis and Rio Morales. Jefferson is a cop in the New York Police Department, and Rio is a nurse. Both have a solid moral compass and believe in helping others to the best of their ability.

Jefferson and Rio have been great role models and have taught Miles to constantly strive to do good. Even before he dons the name of Spider-Man, Miles is continuously advised on how he should be helpful to those who need it. After becoming the new Spider-Man, Miles uses these lessons to be one of the best versions of Spider-Man, rivaling even Peter Parker.

#1 Superman

#1 Superman - Superheroes with living parents

Publisher: DC Comics
Parent(s) Status: Both Alive

The Man of Steel is the most famous superhero of them all. He is depicted to be all good, a symbol of hope, and incorruptible. No one achieves this on their own. Clark grew up under the care of his Earth parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. The Kents went out of their way to take this Alien baby into their home and do everything in their power to ensure he grew up to be a great man. 

That he certainly did. 

Sure, they aren’t exactly his birth parents, but no one in any comic book universe excelled in parenting duties better than Jonathan and Martha Kent. If not for them, Superman could have turned out to be one of the most dangerous beings in the universe, but instead turned into the ultimate force for good.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Raven
  • Starfire
  • Time Drake
  • The Wasp
  • Batwoman (Cassandra Cain)

This brings us to the end of our list. Some of these heroes simply exist because their parents did them right and steered them in the right direction. It just goes to show how important that is.

Which superhero’s parent do you think did the best job?

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Later, fellow comic nerds.