Top 15 Hawkeye Feats That’ll Surprise You

Hawkeye was one of the only two avengers who really don’t have a superpower but don’t let that fool you as Clint Barton aka Hawkeye had pulled off some insane feats with his archery skills.

Today we are going to find out exactly what the bow and arrow superhero can bring to the table amongst the other superbeings in the team.

Here are the top 15 Greatest Hawkeye Feats that will surprise you for sure.

15# The No-Look Shot

Hawkeye's no look shot is his common feat
Source : The Avengers

We all knew Clint Barton can hit a target with his bow and arrow but what many of us don’t know is the no-look shot he does.

This technique was developed and mastered by Hawkeye himself and we got a glimpse of it in the 2017’s Avengers where he pulled off one of his greatest feats in the film as he fought Loki and his forces.

Clint stands tall on the edge of a high building and when having a chat with Tony about the Chitauri on his tail, Hawkeye sent a flying enemy down without having a look at all. In Marvel Comics, He just senses the target and shoots them without a hassle which was shown precisely in the team-up film.

It was revealed that Hawkeye does this because he got bored of always hitting the target and wanted to actually miss the mark. Though that didn’t work out well for him, the fans were pleased by this trick as it not only looks badass but also surprises us when he actually hits the mark.   

Clint Barton has pulled off such shots several times in the comics. One perfect example would be from Thunderbolts Vol. 2 #28, where he kills a monster without looking at it.

14# Hawkeye’s Reflex Feats

Hawkeye's greatest reflex feat
Source : Marvel Comics

Clint Barton is not only the master of archery but also skilled in acrobatics. The master of bow and arrow is known to hit his targets with 100 % accuracy but there’s more to it.

He’s seen jumping, flipping on a battlefield to not only evade attacks but also to counter them, It means Hawkeye can effectively strike targets at any position he’s in.

For the majority of the archers out there it’s quite difficult to do such things. There were many instances when Hawkeye pull off some insane acrobatic shots to counter his foes.

In Avengers Volume 1 #9, Clint Barton was seen training in gymnastics while hitting several bullseyes at once. In Hawkeye: Blindspot #2, Hawkeye performed a backflip from the back of an enemy to evade two others and parallelly takes down three of them while upside down in mid-air. 

These feats ultimately provide an unfair advantage to Hawkeye and can possibly turn the tide in his favor.

13# 5 Arrows at Once

Hawkeye releasing 3 to 5 arrows at once
Source : Captain America Civil War

We all knew Hawkeye was the most vulnerable member in the team (besides Black Widow) but when trapped by enemies, He has some special skills to make his way out.

One such instance would be from Avengers (2010) #30 where Hawkeye fights Mister Negative and his thugs in an alley. The bow and arrow superhero was surrounded by five of his thugs and was in great danger. Hawkeye then knocked five similar arrows from his arsenal and released them at those thugs.

These arrows directly hit the heads of each thug neutralizing them in the process. Though Mister Negative and his thugs cornered Clint, He was able to get out of the situation with just one release of his bow.

The ability to hit a target with a bow and arrow is impressive but using multiple arrows at once demonstrates one of the most under-rated feats of Hawkeye from his skill book.

12# 1 vs 17 Showdown !

1 vs 17 Showdown
Source : Marvel Comics

If taking down 5 thugs wasn’t enough to convince you, What about 17 professional marksmen and 4 highly skilled ninjas?

In Avengers Vol 3 #14, The underdog was cornered by 17 marksmen as they aim their guns at Hawkeye. Honestly, It was an impossible situation to pull off for a mere human unless you had vibranium armor or just run incredibly quickly.

The bow and arrow artist surprised everyone with his archery and hand-to-hand combat skills as he managed to get out of the situation without killing a single opponent.

In Avengers Vol 1 #234, Clint Barton faced a similar situation but with an elite squad of 4 ninjas. A ninja puts a lot of hard work and time into becoming one. They aren’t any normal thugs or marksmen who can be dealt with easily.

These feats exactly show the brilliance of Clint Barton A.K.A Hawkeye disarms all four ninjas and pins them against the wall non-lethally.

11# King Of Trick Shots

Hawkeye Trickshots
Source : Avengers Age of Ultron

Who doesn’t love trick shots?

Especially, To capture one of them and show it to your friends. Now imagine someone as skilled as the Hawkeye trying a few of these. Wouldn’t it be awesome to watch?

Generally, A lot of trick shots he does wouldn’t come to our notice in the first place as he does them in his day-to-day life for fun.

The source material Marvel comics hold all of them in one place. In Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 #22, Hawkeye was seen to turn on a machinery’s button by making his arrow hit multiple areas.

The exact scenario goes as follows

“Hawkeye pulls off an insane trick shot where his arrow bounced back on many surfaces of various shapes, sizes, and densities to finally hit a machinery button “

To hit such a shot with pinpoint accuracy ricocheting of varying structures, No one else could have pulled that off if it wasn’t Hawkeye.

10# Deck Card Action

Hawkeye's greatest trick shot feat
Source : Marvel Comics

Hawkeye’s not only skilled in shooting an arrow but also with throwing one.

In Hawkeye Vol 4 #1, Clint came across a wanted criminal in a bar and was forced to take him down silently. To make things more interesting, he wasn’t carrying the arsenal or any of his tools at that point of time.

All he had was a couple of playing cards in his reach. The master of bow and arrow throws a deck card at the criminal fracturing his neck which happened in a blink of an eye.

All the people in the bar thought he passed out due to excess drinks and Clint took care of the rest.

9# Turns Anything Into A Weapon

Even without his regular gear, Clint always finds a way to be productive.

Hawkeye can make archery gear out of everyday objects and helps out his teammates in crucial times. He can literally build a deadly weapon in a matter of moments and take down someone with ease.

One fine example where Hawkeye performed one of his coolest feats was knocking out a disturbed man with a spoon. Yes, You heard it right. He fainted a man with a freaking tablespoon!

Clint decided to take a break after finishing a long mission and found himself in a pleasant bar. He noticed someone mistreating a woman and decided to do help her because that’s what heroes do. Clint was also aware of his long break from his regular stuff. So, He didn’t want to make a scene.

The superhero borrowed a hairband from one of the waitresses and used his tablespoon to knock out the disturbing man. Thus, Saving the day for the innocent citizen.

In West Coast Avengers Volume 2 #34, Hawkeye put down a room full of opponents with some look-alike archery tools he made out of the objects from the previous room. This not only shows his right-minded morale but also the ability to turn daily objects into a weapon.

8# The Mighty Arm

Hawkeye's greatest single hand feat
Source : Marvel Comics

Every single superhero you know uses both their arms while operating a bow and arrow but that doesn’t seem right in Hawkeye’s case. He just has a knack for doing things in his own way.

In Hawkeye Volume 3 #8, Both Black Widow and Hawkeye were cornered by an extremely skilled gunman who already shot one of Clint’s arms and made it useless. As their last resort, Hawkeye did something unbelievable. He knocked the arrow with his teeth and hit the explosive gauntlet which Natasha tossed near the gunman’s head killing him.

This doesn’t always mean he’ll fight single-handedly but what it really means is that when the time comes he can be effective with just one arm. With his hand paralyzed, pulling off such feats was one of Hawkeye’s greatest accomplishments in Marvel Comics. 

Fun Fact: By the way, Hawkeye’s bow has a 250-pound draw weight. That’s more than three times the average draw-weight of the strongest real-world archery.

7# The Blunt End

Well, I think we had enough of the shooting stuff but do you know Hawkeye can hit a target with the blunt end of an arrow?

Avengers Assemble Volume 2 #1 provides us just that. In this issue, Clint literally knocked down a target with the blunt end of an arrow instead of the front. To put it out more precisely, Hawkeye shot three arrows in such a way that the arrows strike each other in a mid-way and hit the target with its blunt end.

This is in fact considered the most difficult skill to master because you not only need to hit the target but also should also be careful enough to not cause any serious damage to the suspect. This comes in handy if the mission was to take in the target for a few rounds of interrogation.

6# Crushed The U.S Agent

Hawkeye vs U.S Agent
Source : Marvel Comics

After the massive success of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney Plus fans are jumping in to know more about the character.

Wyatt Russell’s portrayal of John Walker was second to none and he definitely had a thing going. With such top-tier combat skills and super serum, The U.S Agent was unstoppable in the show. In Marvel comics, John Walker went rouge to face off many superheroes in the name of grudge matches.

When he took down Steve Rogers his next objective was to capture Clint Barton. The U.S Agent attempted to fight Hawkeye, Clint surprisingly came out victorious in the match.

In Thunderbolts Volume 1 #23, Hawkeye defeated the U.S Agent when Walker threw his shield at him which resulted in an opening. Clint Barton took advantage of the situation and shot an explosive arrow right in the face of John Walker. This once again proves that Hawkeye is not a superhero to mess with.  

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5# Defeated The Collector

Hawkeye vs Collector
Source : Marvel Comics

Who would have thought that a mere human with weapons such as a bow and arrow can handle the Collector?

In Avengers #174, The superhero team went against one of the elders of the universe who was on the verge of destroying planet earth. It was an epic showdown but the Collector managed to neutralize every single hero from the Avengers. It was at this moment that Hawkeye knew he had to do something to save humanity.

Even when trapped under tons of metal, He managed to pull off a perfect shot charged with high voltage electricity which took down the enemy by surprise. This arrow completely knocked the Collector and helped the Avengers to finally save the day.  

He knew he’s just a human archer and the odds don’t favor him but in order to save everyone, Hawkeye has to give everything he’s got. This shows the greatness of humanity and hope.

4# Immobilized Ironman

Hawkeye vs Ironman
Source : Marvel Comics

When it comes to constant evolution and upgrading suits no one can beat Tony Stark but the ego-headed billionaire messed up with Clint Barton in the initial days.

We all knew Hawkeye has a devil-may-care attitude but when Tony Stark confronted him, The very first appearance turned out into a big mess. In the Tales of Suspense #57, The superheroes got into a fight with each other which really wasn’t the way to go on your first meet.

Ironman drew the fight punch but from then on Hawkeye definitely didn’t hold back. Clint rampaged on the golden armor which was Tony’s Model 01 Version III by a series of different arrows and made the armor useless. The arrows he shot contain a rusting fluid with some serious firepower in them. In the end, Tony couldn’t move a bit in that armor.

3# Knocked out Captain America

Hawkeye vs Cap
Source : Marvel Comics

When it comes to the core members of the MCU, It’s always has been the iconic trinity. These superheroes were given utmost importance in storylines and character arcs, Not to mention their popularity among fans but Clint Barton even defeated the god’s righteous man.

In Hawkeye: Blindspot #2, Captain America and Hawkeye were forced to fight each other. Cap was given orders to capture Barton and was fighting to bring him in. On the other hand, Hawkeye wants to neutralize Steve. This is a similar fight to the one we saw above where Hawkeye crushed the U.S Agent but here Clint was trying not to hurt his former teammate.

The face-off goes in a similar fashion at mid-close range combat and Hawkeye uses a special taser arrow to knock out Captain America.

Besides Thanos, Hawkeye is the only one who got the better of the infamous trinity. He went against two of the three trinity members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and came out on top. These crazy feats of Hawkeye are to be kept in mind and Don’t get me wrong, Clint Barton has the utmost respect for Captain America but sometimes you can’t help it.

2# Marvel’s Dark Knight

Hawkeye is marvel's batman
Source : Marvel Comics

When it comes to analyzing and handling different opponents in the Marvel Universe, Clint Barton is the go-to name for it.

He is well aware of the fact that he doesn’t actually have any superpowers which makes him vulnerable and easily targeted in every battle he fights. To be honest, If hulk goes berserk against Hawkeye he doesn’t stand a chance.

This is the reason why he developed a special arrow to counter each member of the Avengers and his most common enemies. In Avengers/Thunderbolts #6, Hawkeye uses a couple of arrows to completely incapacitate Moonstone and Vision. If there’s anyone in the whole comic world who thoroughly prepares for the worst-case scenarios then it ought to be Batman.

Surprisingly, Hawkeye is the only popular superhero who actually served in both Marvel and DC universes.

In the Marvel/DC Comic Cross-over event, Avengers/JLA, Hawkeye once served both Marvel’s Avengers and DC’s Justice League of America which itself is a feat in the comic world.

In the Marvel Universe, Someone who always does the prep work and is actually vulnerable in the battle is Clint Barton. Thus, Hawkeye’s considered to be Marvel’s Dark Knight.

1# The Sacrifice

Hawkeye's greatest sacrifice feat
Source : Avengers Endgame

Every hero fights for the greater good and is always willing to lay their lives on the line for it. Clint Barton was no different from this concept of turning the tide by risking everything he’s got.

In Avengers #502, A Huge Kree army invaded earth and the archer found himself in the horrors of battle. By then, Both sides lost numerous casualties with the Avengers on the losing end. As a final act of despair, Hawkeye used himself as an arrow and shot himself with a Kree rocket pack into the alien battleship.

This leads to the destruction of the main battleship of the evil alien army of Kree but at a cost of his life.

Even in the MCU, When Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton went in search of the soul stone to Vormir, Hawkeye was always ready to sacrifice himself for his friends. Though Nat ended up exchanging her life for the soul stone, If she hadn’t stopped Clint, It would’ve been him on the other side.

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With a god-like aim, martial arts, and years of tactical experience, He can be that perfect agent your team can count on. He may be a human with no superpowers but the luck factor he brings in is immense. Yes, Clint Barton is the Lucky Charm your team needs as the Avengers had won all the battles when Hawkeye’s in the team.

Hawkeye was considered the World’s Greatest Marksman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the above feats just prove it right. Refer to this link for an in-depth Hawkeye thread.

Do comment your opinion on Hawkeye’s greatest feats, Let us know if we miss anything.

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