Spy x Family Episode 15: What To Expect & Where To Watch (New Images Released)

The title of Spy x Family episode 15 is “New Family Member.” This seems fitting since the dog, who can visualize the future, will now enter the Forger household. In the PV shown five days ago, Loid pats the white dog on his head. Whatever happens, we know that Yor’s love for Anya-chan is eternal.

Anya-chan has a flabbergasted expression plastered across her face. Then there is another one of hers with hopeful eyes. A determined Yor and tough Loid are also included in other snaps. We also see the leader of the terrorist group of students who appears startled while inside the car.

In the previous episode, Loid was disguised as the minister from Westalia, who had come to pursue a diplomatic mission in Ostania. This drew attention toward the male spy, an expert at hiding in plain sight.

As Loid lured the dog armed with the bomb, he entered an isolated alley and took a shot at the dog as the beast jumped ferociously at him. He also apologized to the dog because the latter got unnecessarily involved in a war started by humans.

Anya is the reason why Loid survived the supposed blast that the kid was able to see via the white dog’s technique. Luckily, her warning worked, and the man escaped the sight unharmed and is well on his way to apprehend the principal perpetrator Keith Kepler who hopes to destroy the peace once and for all.

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Fans reacted to the new snaps unveiled recently. They commented on Yor’s coolness and beauty and also praised Loid’s stoic poses. Some reported curiosity at the growth of the family and the reason behind Anya’s strange yet funny look.

You can go check out the images in the Twitter thread below.

Spy x Family manga series has more than 26 million copies currently in circulation. The manga is serialized on Shonen Jump +, and Tatsuya Endo is doing a fabulous job as a writer and artist.

By simultaneously keeping the tone humorous yet philosophical, he can bring in folks of varying interests and make them ponder the harsh realities of conflict. This was visible even in Episode 14 when Loid’s superior Sylvia Sherwood threatened the emboldened students about the cost of war and what it feels like to lose those closest to one’s own heart.

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Where To Watch Spy x Family Episode 15 Around the Globe

  • Pacific: 8:30 AM
  • Eastern Daylight: 11:30 AM
  • British: 4:30 AM
  • European: 5:30 AM
  • India: 9 AM
  • Philippines: 11:30 PM
  • Australia Central Daylight: 2 AM
  • Japan Standard: 11 PM

The anime is streaming on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia, and it shall reach the platform of Netflix soon.

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So are you excited about what comes next? How will the new member fit into the picture, and what kind of threats with the unlikely family have to deal with next? Let us know your guesses, and visit us again for more anime news!