She-Hulk’s Skaar: How Does He Fit In The MCU (Explained)

The season-finale of She-Hulk saw a character appearance from the comics that fans were certainly not expecting to say, at least. The character was introduced in 2007, with him being a crucial part of one of the most popular Hulk lore from the comic book panels. His arrival in the MCU could mean that the cinematic universe will explore new storylines as things move forward, also getting praise from the audience given that the series had a rough start.

Just so you know, this article contains spoilers for the season finale of She-Hulk.

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Wil Deusne as Skaar, son of the Incredible Hulk, makes an appearance in the final episode leaving everyone jaw-dropped as they were digesting Courtney Cox’s return as Daredevil a few episodes earlier.

She-Hulk's Skaar
Source: Marvel Comics

For the non-comic-book readers, Skaar appeared in the ‘What If?’ version of the storyline in ‘Planet Hulk #1’ issue (2007), after which he became a crucial character in the World War Hulk event that took place a year later.

The character was created by Greg Pak and John Romita, Jr. Hulk during his time on the planet, Sakaar had his son Skaar with Caiera the Oldstrong, the descendant of the Shadow People of Sakaar. After his mother’s death, Skaar emerges from a cacoon as a small child.

In the later comic book renditions (World War Hulk #5), Skaar appears as a rage monster defeating a barbarian war-lord who wants to rule Sakaar.

Naturally, Skaar, brought up by the Shadow people of Sakaar, hates his father for abandoning him. Though he appears as a friendly character in the She-Hulk series, fans were quick to speculate about a potential World War Hulk story making its way to the MCU.

But as of now, due to the presence of Emil Blonsky, a story where Hulk recruits Skaar to be part of Project Green Spring, a gamma-mutate targeting operation can see the light of day. There is a possibility that Skaar will be in Captain America: New World Order but everything on the web right now is just speculation. Honestly, This feels like a bad way to introduce the new character, but NBCUniversal rights are a thing to consider too.

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The final episode is airing on Disney+, with fans and critics calling it Marvel’s most memorable finale yet. Don’t worry, we wouldn’t want to spoil the intrigue of the She-Hulk’s season finale.

Are you up for the second season, though? Do tell us how She-Hulk was for you as a Marvel fan. We’d love to hear from you!