One Piece Chapter 1064: Big Mom Death, Old Luffy & More

Those working in tandem with Oda and at Jump have managed to keep up the pace for the sake of the readers. One Piece will be on a break next week, which has become a common occurrence these days. We must be patient and remember that Oda needs to put in a lot of effort at an advanced age to keep his fans happy by publishing quality content.

Spoiler Alert: Trespassers will be spoiled.

One Piece Chapter 1064 Cover Page

One Piece Chapter 1064 Cover Page

The latest chapter’s title goes “Kuzan and Augur of Blackbeard Pirates.” This proves that Kuzan, as an ex-admiral and full-fledged badass Aokiji, doesn’t just have an alliance with Teach, but the two are crewmates. Both Kuzan and Van Augur played significant roles when Pudding was kidnapped.

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Law employs Ope Ope’s Amputate powers to try and disconnect Blackbeard’s limbs. He fails as Marshall D. Teach counters with the help of Yami Yami No Mi’s ability.

One Piece Chapter 1064 Big Mom Death

Blackbeard later gears up to use Dark Vortex against the enemy, and we see no more of that fight in this issue. Inside the ship run by Teach, Pudding discovers that Mama is “dead,” which signifies the demise of Charlotte Linlin or Big Mom.

Pudding’s third eye opens. However, we must remember that Big Mom is one of the strongest antagonists in the series, and there is no official confirmation from the writer about her or Kaido’s passing.

The crew led by Law and Blackbeard are also involved in a fierce battle. We can see several unique moves from various pirates. Akainu also learns about the fight between Teach and Trafalgar Law on Winner Island; he also expresses his frustration about his job.

One Piece Chapter 1063: The Female Trafalgar Law

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The Blackbeard Pirates are unhappy and worried about their safety as the men and ladies who follow Law are proficient while defending at sea. In contrast, the Devil Fruit users linked with Teach have that obvious weakness.

On Egg Head Island, Bonney becomes heavily emotional. This, in turn, results in Luffy, Chopper, Jinbei, and Bonney herself being affected, i.e., their respective ages change.

One Piece Chapter 1064 Old Luffy And His Crew

Luffy and Chopper grow old and decrepit, whereas Bonney and Jinbei turn kiddish. Bonney informs them that Kuma had to endure being imprisoned as long as he was alive. This is primarily because of racism, as Kuma was not a human being.

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In yet another area, Zoro and Brook are basking in the sun but don’t exit the ship. The other members of that group wear special outfits on the island. Shaka, aka Punk 01, is engaged in a conversation with the Revolutionary Army. While speaking with Dragon, Shaka expresses his belief that Vegapunk’s death is approaching.

Vegapunk 02, aka Lilith, states that Vegaforce 01 uses an engine fitted on its back like a jetpack to defy gravity. However, it can only be put in effect while on Egg Head Island due to the unique atmosphere. As in the laboratory, LAB PHASE is situated above the clouds on top of Egg Head Island. The other researchers and laborers dwell on land within FAVIRIO PHASE. Franky gets taken aback once he lays his eyes on the clouds.

Are you perplexed about the latest chapter and what comes next? Do you think the fight between Trafalgar and Marshall will continue for months, or do you expect it to end sooner? Let us know your opinions in the comments section.