One Piece Chapter 1063: The Female Trafalgar Law

It seems that even geniuses get old. We are aware of how hard mangaka work on a daily basis to ensure that we get the best content. Hence faults may occur.

Eiichiro Oda, the man and legend behind One Piece apologized for a few mistakes he noted in the previous chapter and promised to fix them promptly. The errors recorded are as follows.

  • Kuma’s Seraphim hair shade should be white like the rest of the group.
  • Atlas (who resembles a lightweight boxer) is Punk 05, not 06.

These slips will be avoided once the volume is fully compiled.

Spoiler Alert: Proceed with caution if you don’t wish to end up shipwrecked.

In the previous chapter, Cipher Pol “Aigis” Zero, or CPO, headed out to find and destroy Vegapunk. There is a high chance that CPO will change their target to Nico Robin, who might get kidnapped by these agents since the World Government is aware of the presence of Straw Hats on Egghead Island.

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The cover page includes a frozen setup, with Cracker and Brulee weeping profusely. We get to know that Pudding has been taken. The perpetrator is more likely to be the ex-admiral Aokiji since he is the only Ice user we know of.

Luffy, Jinbe, Chopper, and Bonney switch to a unique Vegapunk suit to survive on the abovementioned island. This clothing will help the wearer increase their strength, agility and turn them into better fighters if faced with combat. Jinbe continues with his usual Hawaiian get-up.

These four come across Kuma, who happens to be a uniformed police robot. Vegapunk developed this mechanical marvel to deal with attackers on the island. The bot has cool round sunglasses, which give it a beachy vibe. Luffy and Kuma fight until Bonney steps in and stops the battle. We end up knowing more about Bonney’s youth and how Kuma raised Bonney from a tender age. Hence the latter doesn’t wish to harm her father.

The scene shifts, and we come to another panel right before an impending battle is about to kick off.

The pirates affiliated with Blackbeard ambush Law in the middle of the ocean. Jesus Burgess, Doc Q riding on top of the horse Stronger, and Va Augur are present alongside the dangerous Blackbeard. They are all powerful foes blessed with abilities unlocked because of Devil Fruits.

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Law escapes to an island, but Van Augur harnesses the power of teleportation to ensure that Burgess can catch up to him with ease. After lifting a whole mountain, Jesus launches an attack against Law. The latter uses his primary technique, creates a room, and chops the mountain in two chunks.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Trafalgar Law Turns A Woman

Doc Q reaches the scene aided by Stronger, with Blackbeard adjacent to them. Doc Q tries his best to infect Law and turns him into a woman for a second or two
but Law employs Conqueror’s Haki which cancels out that move to return to his
normal state. He then speaks about the strength of his Haki and how he can invalidate other Devil Fruit-backed abilities, which is the knowledge he gained following the war against Big Mom and Kaido.

“But I’ve learned from my battle with the four Emperors…I should be able to break it. You can’t use your devil fruit powers against excessive Haki!” – Trafalgar Law.

Marshall D. Teach prepares to face off against Trafalgar Law. Blackbeard is a thief and plans to seize the Road Poneglyph. Law is raring to go against the enemy, knowing that the winner will decide everything.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Blackbeard

“I will take all your Road Poneglyphs!” – Blackbeard.

One can speculate that Teach will win against Law and take his Road Poneglyphs away. But we must also remember that Law can use Conqueror Haki.

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