One Piece Chapter 1060: Luffy’s Dream, Jewelry Bonney’s Return & More

ONEPIECE1060 takes over Twitter, and potential spoilers are dead ahead! #Zoro trends after spoilers are confirmed.

One Piece fans, tread lightly and be wary of the treacherous waters around us! Weekly Shonen Jump #42 is scheduled to be released next Tuesday in Japan, containing the new One Piece chapter. Although the date isn’t specific, excited fans have already flooded the internet with theories surrounding it.

Some fans speculate that Carrot won’t be part of the Straw Hat crew. Carrot played a key role after joining Sanji’s rescue squad on Whole Cake Island and has frequently allied with the Straw-Hat group. The rabbit mink and Inuarashi Musketeer Squad member is now the leader of her people following the Raid on Onigashima.

Most spoilers dictate that the action is terrific in this chapter and will enthrall die-hard fans for days to come. Many also claim that former Admiral Kuzan, aka Aokiji, is set to appear in this issue, with his bounty set at 3.3 Billion. Aokiji’s rescue of Smoker from the clutches of Donquixote Donflamingo is still one of the most hyped moments in the anime.

A fan also spoke about Enel’s possible return, who was defeated by Luffy earlier in the series.

Confirmed Spoilers From OP1060

As of now, official sources for spoilers on Twitter indicate that Luffy is telling his friends about his dream. We do not know what the dream is about, as Oda skips that part but the reactions emanating from his buddies after they hear his words are highlighted.

The Kingdom of Lulusia gets destroyed. Sabo is in the vicinity of the said kingdom while calling Dragon. Dark clouds and lightning surfaces over Lulusia, and most assume that he dies with the destruction of the entire island. A person sits on the empty throne, and Sabo catches a glimpse of him before the demolition commences.

This is a direct continuation of what transpired two chapters ago in the Kingdom of Kambakka. Koala, Dragon, Kuma, and others were at that scene. At the end of the chapter, the Straw Hat gang encounters Jewelry Bonney, whose bounty has grown to 320,000,000 Berries.

Fans have also started a new hashtag that trends on social media. #Zoro signifies his eternal bond with Luffy and loyalty towards the man who hopes to be the next king of all pirates. Roronoa Zoro, the accomplished swordsman, is one of the calmest and level-headed members of the group.

All the others, including Sanji, flare up at Zoro’s comments when he reminisces about Ace wanting to find his way, with him being called a Green Kaido, Green Mom, Oni, and Crappy Moss-Head by the impatient Straw-Hat crew. The pirates allied with Luffy want to jump in and save Vivi. Still, Zoro tells Luffy to believe in her abilities and not underestimate her potential until “the opportunity presents itself .” Take a look at this leaked panel here.

Zoro To Luffy One Piece

We can say with some credence that One Piece 1060 may eventually get a delayed release as Super Typhoon Muifa is currently wreaking havoc on the southern part of Japan. However, no confirmation has arrived till now.

The previous issue, Chapter 1059, saw Luffy bidding goodbye to Yamato, who is left in charge of Momo and a few others.

The beaming protagonist also bid adieu to Marco after thanking him for saving his life during the Paramount War. Marco says Ace would be delighted to see how far Luffy has come since the beginning of his journey and that the next era belongs to them. Luffy starts beaming after being reminded of his adoptive brother.

Also, we see Boa Hancock facing off against the infamous Blackbeard and his minions when the latter targets her to steal her abilities. Boa manages to turn his “idiots” to stone.

Silvers Rayleigh intervenes and offers to mediate if Hancock reverses the petrification. Shakuyaku of Amazon Lily thanks Rayleigh for saving Boa’s life. The one known for his role in the Rocky Port incident is Captain Koby gets kidnapped by Blackbeard’s lackeys.

Here are a few more alleged leaks from OROJAPAN.

Recently, One Piece Film: Red which focussed on the daughter of Shanks (Luffy’s mentor), was released in August of 2022. The film quickly became the highest-grossing movie of this year in Japan. It is also the highest-grossing One Piece movie to date. One Piece Film: Red will be showcased via Indian theatres this October and may break the record set by Jujutsu Kaisen 0 that was unveiled a few months ago. An official tweet via PVR’s account on Twitter confirmed this news last month.

What do you think will transpire at the end? Will the next issue be released shortly, or will the readers have to wait for a while? Do you have any clues or theories concerning spoilers that you would care to share? Let us know how you feel below, and don’t hesitate to join our newsletter!