Fans Answer Who Amongst The Big 3 In Anime Is The Worst Fandom

Big Three Fanbase on the wall, Who is the most toxic of them all?

It is well-established that manga has conquered the world. Souls, irrespective of nationality and religion, have fallen in love with an art form that has grown over the decades. Many works have influenced the current and previous generations. Amongst them, three would undoubtedly come to mind once we focus on the field carefully.

Those are One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto. They have attained varying degrees of popularity, with One Piece having reigned at the top for years and Bleach being dealt the short end of the stick.

Fans often have inflammatory arguments on social media platforms, whereas the authors usually maintain cordial relationships even when they are rivals. Kishimoto and Togashi are both good friends, and one can notice a lot of similarities between Kurapika and Sasuke.

Otaku can operate as a hive mind. In the event of harsh or even fair criticism, their defensive instincts can kick in and create an unstable situation. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the ones who worship the big three the most.

#1 One Piece

#1 One Piece

The One Piece fandom stretches back by over 20 years. Now you must know that it is the most famous manga in Japan. They even have two statues dedicated to Whitebeard and Ace.

Most fans of the series are docile; they primarily assert that One Piece is a great work of fiction which is really difficult to argue against because, in terms of sales, the manga and the anime have always triumphed over the other two.

Toei Animation also works on One Piece at a more gradual pace making the episodes look extra impressive, which shows the level of love folks in Japan have for it. Here is what most observers think of that.

#2 Naruto

#2 Naruto

Naruto is the story of an ostracized ninja named Uzumaki Naruto. The man who has been shunned by the village his whole life wishes to become the Hokage. It has had a profound impact on the psyche of young men all over the world.

The art is sublime, and the story remains moving as it progresses. Fans can be edgy if insults get tossed around, especially at a special few characters like Itachi, Madara, Sasuke, and more, as some fanboys and girls deem them sacred. But there are times when things get out of hand, and those who love the source material get fixated on whether Sakura is useless or not. Check out how the audience feels about them.

#3 Bleach

#3 Bleach

Kurosaki Ichigo is a hard-headed Substitute Shinigami who got his powers from Kuchiki Rukia. It includes the kingdom of Soul Society, where the Soul Reapers and those in the afterlife live, as well as Hueco Mundo, which is the territory of the terrifying Hollows.

The two groups are natural enemies. Most fans of the Bleach series would know about the insults they’ve had to face over the years because the anime production had to shut down. After all, it had caught up with the manga.

Nowadays, though, with the advent of the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, we’ve noticed some disturbances. As more newcomers become intrigued by the series, the keyboard warriors may turn to the dark side and hollowfy.

Well, This is what the internet thinks about the big three and their fan bases.

So what are your thoughts? Which series, in your opinion, has the maximum amount of loyal fans with immense negativity? Go ahead, and fill the comments section with everything that hits you. Take care and goodbye for now!