MHA 369: Izuku Midoriya Is At His Best (Major Spoilers Inside)

The 6th season of My Hero Academia began on October 1st this year. Tomo Okubo prepared the storyboard and directed the first episode, with Yosuke Kuroda penning the screenplay. This season will delve deeper into the friction involving the Todoroki family as Dabi will undoubtedly send a shiver down his father’s spine (his blue flames probably aren’t cold though).

Spoiler Alert: MHA Chapter 369

A flashback shows All For One choking the life out of the 2nd One for All user who is bleeding profusely. All For One further rebukes him by stating that his quirk is only good at handling tiny objects as he crushes a bullet-headed towards him without touching the projectile weapon.

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Branding the 2nd One For All user as a worthless insect who wasn’t even a hindrance on his path, All For One is surprised how Deku has mastered the same quirk on such a level that strong attacks can be performed via its help.

The villain also doesn’t understand his visions of Yoichi (his brother and the first One For All user) and the 2nd that keeps cropping up behind Izuku Midoriya. Deku uses Gear-Shift (not transmission).

We can say that the quirk is stronger now because of Deku’s mastery of One For All, which can shake the very foundations of the world they dwell in. Izuku strikes All For One with a QUINTUPLE DETROIT SMASH! and can land five distinct blows simultaneously.

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The flying Deku is speeding like a bullet, but All For One has begun to locate his weaknesses. Sensing that his Fa Jin has declined, he gets ready to face the next move, but that’s when Deku enters First Gear and activates Danger Sense. This quirk lets the protagonist know that All For One is preparing to hit him.

Thus, he employs Smokescreen, which operates as a perfect distraction, then skips using Float and also pulls All For One with Black Whip, which simultaneously charges Fa Jin inside the next series of Quintuple Detroit Smash.

The 2nd One For All user reminds All For One that he shouldn’t fear the quirks but the will, which is the driving force behind them. Izuku is hit with the memory of Banjo and declares that he will finish All For One to prevent him from hurting more innocents.

His punch opens a gaping hole in All For One’s chest. Yoichi locates his nefarious brother within the fused mass and comprehends that Mirio’s words were indeed the truth.

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Shigaraki is yet to be swallowed whole by All For One because of the elongated fight involving Midoriya. The 2nd says to Deku that he must keep going forward and reminds him of Shimura, and All For One laments about the unfair battle as he is unable to show off his newfound strength.

The antagonist screams, and we see nine strange lights resembling the One For All users behind Deku. Aizawa thinks that he hasn’t given up, and All For One wraps up his monologue by proclaiming to Yoichi that if the cumulative efforts of all those fighting are going to define the result of the final battle, he still has an Ace up his sleeve.

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