MHA Invisible Girl's Uncensored Cover Page Is Just Too Controversial

My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi’s Invisible Girl poster sparks controversy.

MHA is all set to start airing its sixth season with the release of the first episode this week. The manga of this popular anime sees the Paranormal Liberation Front going toe-to-toe against the heroes, which is also a thing to keep an eye on. Still, despite all this, My Hero Academia has managed to garner major controversy.

Thus, breaking the internet thanks to the creator Kohei Horikoshi, with not-so-right reasons, or as some fans call it, “Horikoshi drew this to bless his young readers!”

My Hero Academia released its new chapter with a cover page comprising Tohru Hagakure, aka Invisible Girl, which was drawn by its creator Kohei Horikoshi. But that’s not all! The new cover page illustration is a colored version of Invisible Girl, while she’s been drawn completely nacked. As a matter of fact, MHA fans across the web have lost their minds!

Why, you may ask? The Invisible Girl from class 1-A is, in fact, a minor! Yes, she’s only 15! The new poster has Invisible Girl sitting in her costume, which happens to be just her gloves and boots—leaving her completely visible without any clothes on.

The Twitter account Shonen Leaks was the first to post an enhanced colored version of this poster, and now the tweet has crossed 50k likes and over 4000 retweets and has sure gone viral!

This new poster release has put the entire MHA community in splits where some fans are criticizing this, and another half of the fans are giving their valid responses on why other manga creators have pulled off something like this in the past. That too, several times, and no one has batted an eye before!

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Here are some of the responses, and truth be told, they are hilarious!

Toru Hagakure, initially designed to be a male character, was changed by the creator as the concept behind an Invisible hero to be a female seemed quite interesting to cater to the vast community of My Hero Academia fans.

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With her new cover page, Invisible Girl has sure managed to amass a new fan-following thanks to Horikoshi’s unconventional ways of promoting the final arc of the anime and manga series.

What do you think of the new controversial poster? Are you against it, or do you have a valid argument to support the creator? Tell us in the comments!