MHA Chapter 368 Shows Deku Performing Luffy’s Gears?

MHA 368 has been released in Japanese, and it bears similarities with Monkey D. Luffy!

My Hero Academia is a shonen manga created and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi that is centered on the adventures of budding new superheroes, with a specific focus on Izuku Midoriya. While Izuku is born without a quirk, he is blessed with a heroic spirit that changes his life as he comes face-to-face with his number 1 idol and hero, All Might.

The title of this chapter is Roaring One for All, which is reminiscent of Roaring Muscles (Ch 2). The color page greets the reader at the beginning of your journey.

Spoiler Alert: MHA 368

After the arrival of Deku, he uses rage mode once he sees Bakugos broken body. In this issue, All For One states that Shigarakis has vanished as they both fused. As All For One has survived for an indefinite period, his experience helps him stay in control of the new host. Mirio buts in and says All For One’s childish reaction came while he is in Tomuras body. Thus, Mirio believes that the fusion isn’t complete, and because of instability prevailing, it might be possible to extract Shigaraki.

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Nana (the One For All user who passed her power down to Toshinori Yagi) looks at Kotaro latched onto All For One’s arm, confirming her suspicion that Shigaraki is still locked within this evolved body. With a single jump, All For One causes a quake which is a testament to his power. He declares that the time for talks is over and that he will soon steal One For All.

Hatsume doesn’t get distracted and keeps focussing on her work despite the quake. All For One lands a smash on Izuku, but Midoriya remains unfazed by this attack even though the surrounding ground suffers severe damage. Izuku says he won’t allow All For One’s nefarious schemes to pass. He then creates a new combo attack titled Black Chain, which involves Fa jin and Black Whip.

Once Izuku uses the Chain against his opponent, All For One quickly regains composure and states that a more robust version of that attack won’t work on him again (as Deku had already used it on All For One). The second user of One For All perks up behind Deku and tells him that a quick ending is necessary if he plans to use his quirk. He says the world will end if Deku doesn’t end the fight within 5 minutes.

MHA 368

As Izukus resolve gets stronger, he strikes a pose holding his right hand and utters: The Seconds Transmission. All For One gets hit hard by a force that comes seemingly out of nowhere. Mirio notes that All For One is launched upwards before the sound of the impact hits. The villain appears perplexed as he tries to wrap his head around how he got attacked. He then realizes that it was significantly stronger than what Deku used against him before and is stumped.

Deku shows up next to All For One and strikes three consecutive moves that keep growing in power with every movement. This quirk allows him to change the speed of the target it lands on, which is incredibly fast. Deku then applies Overdrive speed and unloads the final blow.

The 2nd One For All user states that Izuku Midoriya can successfully employ 120% of the quirk within him. Yoichi pops up and says, Brother, let’s call it a day, and we see a Detroit Smash ending it all.

MHA 368 Deku Performing Luffy's Gears

If we observe closely, Whenever Deku attacks, There’s a text with a number accompanied by a word. Things like Speed 2, Speed 3, Speed 4, Speed 5, and Second, Third, Top, and Overdrive are similar to what we see in Luffy’s gears from One Piece.

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Season 6 of the anime series will be broadcast soon, so to hype it up, Volumes 1 to 26 can be read for free at the Jump+ website to celebrate that event. It shall be unveiled in 3 parts, and the first part is out already (it contains chapters ranging from 1 to 89). Go have a look if you aren’t acquainted with the story here.

Also, The English translation is coming out in less than a week. You can find it on VIZ. For now, you have to wait before you can hope to Go Beyond. Let us know what you think about this chapter and what may unfold in the near future.