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Goku vs. Saitama, Who Wins This Battle (Fight Decoded)

While Saitama got bald while becoming a hero, Goku can grow hair by powering up. That is enough to piss off Saitama.


This fight between Goku and Saitama has been doing rounds in communities across the internet for years now. And as you might know already, different opinions kept on clashing, turning it into a loop of debate.

Let me answer it straight away.

Saitama has the upper hand on Goku by a long margin. If you’re here to know that, there you have it. I don’t want to waste your time.

But if you want to hear why Saitama is stronger than Goku, be my guest. I am more than glad to present to you the reasons why Goku cannot defeat Saitama.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive right into it.

#5 Fighters Introduction

Neither Son Goku nor Saitama needs an introduction as Dragon Ball and One Punch Man enjoy worldwide popularity.

Still, I will try to give a proper introduction to these two absolute beasts of a protagonist.

Dragon Ball’s Son Goku

#5 Fighters Introduction - Son Goku

Son Goku is the protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise. Goku first appeared as an 11-year-old Saiyan with a tail whom Master Roshi trained in Dragon Ball (1986) besides Krillin.

Following a couple of sequels and facing numerous tough opponents, Goku is now in his late 40s in Dragon Ball Super (2015). He has achieved the power acknowledged even by the Gods of Destruction. We’ll talk more about it later in the power section, so keep reading.

But when it comes to his wife Chi-Chi, these powers are of no use. Like any other man on this earth, he is a scaredy cat in front of his wife.


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One Punch Man’s Saitama

#5 Fighters Introduction - Saitama

Saitama is the protagonist of One Punch Man. He is introduced as a part-timer who has trained so hard to become a hero that he has gone bald. Saitama is a hero for fun who is overpowered and quickly gets bored of playing a hero.

That’s why he is in search of an opponent who can bring back his long-lost thrill during a fight. Saitama needs only one punch to obliterate his opponent, no matter who the opponent is.

Saitama is often seen in supermarkets, especially on the day of an ongoing sale. This hero is so serious about sale days that he might even kill you if you hamper his shopping days.

#4 Powers

Anyone reading this article isn’t new to Goku or Saitama’s powers, but let’s summarize their power once again to get a clear idea.

Son Goku

From being an 11-year-old Saiyan kid who didn’t know how to use his power, Goku has become the pinnacle of the Saiyan strength (not including Broly in this, he’s in a different league) with his multiple forms and the latest one being feared even by the Gods of Destruction.

Super Saiyan (1, 2, 3 & 4), Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan God, and the Autonomous Ultra Instinct are the current status of Goku’s transformations.

Ultra Instinct is a technique more than a transformation, and Whis has mentioned the same too.

Goku doesn’t have millions of techniques. Instead, he has a handful of them that he has mastered and uses them in his different Saiyan forms to boost these techniques’ power.

#4 Powers - Son Goku

These are the techniques Goku uses in battle.


Kamehameha is Goku’s signature move. He learned it from Master Roshi. It is a ball of energy that he releases to counter his enemy’s attacks. As he continued to power up, the Kamehameha got stronger and more effective.


Goku learns this technique from King Kai. Kaio-Ken proportionally increases Goku’s strength, but the more the multiplier, the more strain it has on Goku’s body. It can even break Goku’s body.

But after achieving the Super Saiyan Blue form, he can use this technique with a bit more ease.

Spirit Bomb

If Kamehameha is Goku’s signature technique, Spirit Bomb is known as the finisher of every major fight where either his friends or the earth was at stake.

As the name suggests, this ball of energy gathers ki from every source of life into a ball of energy. And Goku uses it to obliterate the enemy for good.

Spirit Bomb is another technique he learned from King Kai.

Instant Transmission

With Instant Transmission, Goku can travel any given distance within a few seconds. He does this by sensing the ki of the target, be it a person or planet.

Goku learned this technique from Pybara, a Yardrat elder. Goku learned this technique on Planet Yardrat after his fearsome battle with Frieza.

The most important thing about learning this technique is Spirit Control.

Evil Containment Wave

Evil Containment Wave is a sealing technique Goku learned from Master Roshi to seal Goku Black and Future Zamasu. Though this is a life-threatening technique, Goku can use this due to his immense power levels.

However, he needs to bind the enemy in green energy and guide them into the container before putting a seal on that container.

Autonomous Ultra Instinct

The Autonomous Ultra Instinct enables Goku to move his body on its own. During this technique, Goku’s body can take action faster than the brain can send the signals to the body.

In simple words, the body acts as a conscious entity.

Goku unlocked this during the Tournament of Power and has polished it since then. Goku’s Ultra Instinct is still way weaker than Whis or Grand Priest. Goku kept on training hard but failed to attain the peak of Ultra Instinct as he had hoped for.

The Ultra Instinct is a feared power even among the Gods of Destructions, so if Goku masters it like the Grand Priest, which is still far away, he will be a force to reckon with throughout the multiverse.

These are the most commonly used power by Goku. Other attacks like “Rock, Scissors ‘N’ Paper” from Dragon Ball are not used anymore. And Dragon Fist is an attack exclusive to Dragon Ball GT, which is an anime original series with no relation to manga.

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Talking about Saitama’s powers is meaningless as he is deemed to be the God on earth. Every cell in his body is godly, nothing can explain his powers otherwise.

In terms of perception, will, agility, strength, reflexes, resistance to psychic powers & temperature, Saitama is the strongest one. At least in the One Punch Man universe.

#4 Powers - Saitama

Let’s talk about the types of punches Saitama uses, as the title is One Punch Man after all.

  • Normal Punches
  • Consecutive Normal Punches
  • Serious Punch

And these punches are exactly what they sound like. Saitama is an overpowered character, and that shows doesn’t it?

#3 IQ Level


#3 IQ Level - Son Goku

Unlike Saitama, Goku has always faced stronger opponents than him. Due to this reason, Goku always used his brain to outwit his opponent both on and off the battlefield. He has to protect the earth as well as his dear ones.

And with each enemy, the difficulty level kept increasing and so did Goku’s ability to think. That’s why, when it comes to quick thinking, adapting, and improvising on the battlefield, Goku always excels.

With each enemy stronger & smarter than the previous one, Goku always finds a way to outwit them and stop them from executing their evils. That is why Goku’s IQ has continuously increased over the years, and it will only keep on rising like his physical strength.


#3 IQ Level - Saitama

Unlike Goku, Saitama is the overpowered one who defeats the enemy in a single punch. And if it is a more formidable enemy like Boros, he uses a serious punch, but that’s it.

While Goku had to use his brain to find ways to defeat his enemy and combine those ideas with his techniques to overpower the enemy, Saitama didn’t need to use his brain ever as his strength was enough to overwhelm any enemy.

He can exhaust the enemy by receiving all the attacks and still not get a scratch on him. Though his costume might get ruined, Saitama will stand and get hit until he decides to deliver the final blow.

So, in terms of IQ, Saitama isn’t any good. Even his score of 21 out of 50 on written tests of the Hero Certification Exam proves that.

Though the exam score on his physical strength means little to nothing, the written test proves his Intelligence quotient.

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#2 Support

While support isn’t a choice in a one-on-one battle, let’s just take a look at whom Goku and Saitama can go for support.

Who Can Goku Lean On?

#2 Support - Son Goku

Goku is friends with the supreme ruler of all multiverse, the Omni King.

And the Omni King can erase anything in existence, a mere being like Saitama is a grain of sand to him.

If you have watched Dragon Ball Super, you know that he plays around with planets, and during that time, countless planets get destroyed. Planets are mere playthings for the supreme one.

So, Goku can undoubtedly lean on the Omni King. Why go looking for someone else when the supreme ruler of all is your friend? If Goku doesn’t go to the Omni King, I might start doubting his IQ.

Who Helps Saitama In Trouble?

#2 Support - Saitama

The question should be, does Saitama even need help?

I mean, look at him. Almighty Saitama, the strongest, fastest, fittest, and whatever-est character of his universe. Even the strongest warrior from outer space didn’t stand a chance against him.

If anything, he is the one helping everyone during times of crisis.

And if any day, Saitama needs help, that means the earth is doomed.

#1 Son Goku vs. Saitama

Goku vs. Saitama, Who Wins In Their Base Form?

Goku vs. Saitama, Who Wins In Their Base Form?

First of all, while Goku has different forms and can power up, Saitama doesn’t have any form, he is like that all the time, no power up, nothing. All Saitama does is control his power output while hitting someone.

So, Saitama wins the fight against Goku in base form. He might even accidentally kill Goku if he doesn’t control his power. But we all know that Goku is kind of an immortal, as the afterlife is a training place for him.

But, no matter what, Goku should never even think about facing Saitama in his base form.

Goku vs. Saitama, Who Wins In Their Most Powerful Form?

Goku vs. Saitama, Who Wins In Their Most Powerful Form?

As we know, Saitama doesn’t have a form, let’s take a look at Goku at his strongest. While Ultra Instinct isn’t a form, it is Goku at his strongest.

Goku is still far away from the level of Ultra Instinct Whis yields, let alone the level of Grand Priest who is said to be the prime being to master the art of Ultra Instinct.

If Goku does master Ultra Instinct, he can easily dodge every punch from Saitama and might just become strong enough to fight equally with that godly being.

However, as things are right now, not even Goku’s Ultra Instinct form can help him beat Saitama, as he has time restrictions on Ultra Instinct which doesn’t help at all.

But is there any way Goku can beat Saitama in his current strongest form?

Can Goku beat Saitama?

Can Goku beat Saitama?

This is a tricky one to answer. But yes, Goku can beat Saitama if he plays dirty. Goku can easily destroy the planet, and Saitama will run out of oxygen, unlike Goku who can just use Instant Transmission to go to another planet.

But we know he will never do that.

In the state Goku is in right now, he can hardly keep up with Saitama’s durability and speed. Saitama can go berserk with his powers as well.

What Goku can do best in this state is to dodge every hit by Saitama until his Ultra Instinct lasts, or Goku can keep on using Instant Transmission to take intervals.

Sounds disappointing for someone like Goku, right?

I know. But that’s the only way he can keep himself alive while having a serious fight with Saitama. At least for now.

Averagebeing’s Verdict:

These two characters belong to completely different universes where one has fought with outer-world species from a very young age, and another one trained extremely hard for three years to become an overpowered hero. So, Goku vs. Saitama doesn’t make sense unless they belong to the same universe.

But, I don’t see how Goku can beat Saitama at this point. If Goku somehow becomes anything like Grand Priest, he might have a chance.

Here, the tough pill to swallow is that Goku is still miles away from giving Saitama a good beating, let alone defeating him.


Goku has developed as a character, both physically and mentally, while constantly fighting opponents way stronger than him. So his growth curve keeps on rising, while on the other hand Saitama is so overpowered that he is either shopping, playing games, or eating at family restaurants.

And understandably so.

Goku takes damage and gets drained out by performing Ultra Instinct or any other technique that puts a burden on his body.

Don’t forget that he got revived several times using dragon balls. That means death is often a customer at Goku’s convenience store.

But Saitama doesn’t get scratched even by the strongest of alien warriors. Boros sent Saitama flying to the moon, but he jumps back to earth as if he was on a nice lunar trip.

The only thing that gets roughened up is Saitama’s costume, a simple piece of clothing.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, Saitama and Goku are not beastly enough to kill someone just for fun. We need to remember that Goku and Saitama are looking for a stronger opponent.

Though Goku aims to become stronger by fighting those opponents, Saitama simply wants the thrill of fighting a strong opponent.

From what I see, if they were real-life characters, Goku and Saitama would enjoy this match-up.

Goku would have enjoyed it even more as Saitama is a punching bag that doesn’t wear out for an eternity.

I feel bad for Saitama because he has to hold back his serious punch while having this match-up. Otherwise, he might end up having innocent blood on his hand.

And with that, I end this debate on who is the strongest among Goku and Saitama. I know that the Goku fans might get upset, and I get it. You are a fan for a reason.

But sometimes, you need to face reality. Right now, Goku needs more training to perfect the Ultra Instinct, and he might get powerful enough to hold his ground against Saitama, or he might become strong enough to defeat him.

But, let’s talk about it when Goku perfects the Ultra Instinct.

An article will be published when that happens. So keep an eye on averagebeing.com and send your suggestions, feedback, or recommendation on our Instagram handle.

Well, This is it for today. See you on another topic but in the meanwhile, Keep visiting averagebeing.com for more awesome anime content.


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