DR Movie’s Simpsons Death Note Parody Is Truly Amazing

This Halloween, the anime version of Lisa Simpson encounters a mysterious notebook!

Treehouse of Horror is an anthology of sorts that features special episodes during the season of Halloween. This began in the year 1990 and has continued ever since. Throughout its existence, pop culture references such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, King Kong, The Raven (by Edgar Allan Poe), and many other franchises have been a part of these specials.

Lisa Marie Simpson is the middle child of the Simpson family. Well-read and articulate, this girl has a vibrant lifestyle and always tries to stand up for the right causes. The daughter of Homer and Marge is a vegetarian Buddhist who supports the cause of environmentalists and feminists.

This time, she comes across something more sinister. As Lisa (preserving the quintessential anime art style) laments about the sad state of humanity, we see a society where many things look strange (such as the Gender Reveal Napalm and the Caged Cutlet – Extra-Cute Veal truck). As she is pondering over humanity’s extinction in the near future, an object drops as black clouds desecrate the once-blue skies.

The book’s title is “Death Tome” (a good pun, no doubt). It has a set of rules that the one who ends up using it must follow in order to take out the trash.

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As Lisa is clearly the moralist in her family, it would be interesting to see how she deals with the notebook and who she goes after. Maybe she would ensure that meat eating is prohibited for all eternity by assassinating those who run cruel organizations profiting off of the pain and suffering of innocent animals.

You can watch a short clip (this segment is animated by DR Movie, which is a South Korea-based studio that worked on the anime as well).

One thing is for certain. This won’t resemble the fiasco on Netflix that was unleashed in 2017 and disgusted the anime community.

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About Death Note

A series that constantly muddles the line between good and evil, Death Note was created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The animated series became popular primarily because of the mind games that Light Yagami and L Lawliet played on each other. The manga questions what true justice is and shows whether vigilantism is necessary to eradicate it from society. The anime was produced by Madhouse and remained one of the most popular choices of otaku to this day.

About The Simpsons

A famous American sitcom that Matt Groening conceptualized. The animated series mostly depicts the fictional town of Springfield, where the Simpson family dwells. The show began in 1989 and has continued for over three decades, with 733 episodes. It has been heavily praised in the West for containing unique and hilarious stories that make you giggle instead of boring you to tears.

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What are your views on this? Do you think Lisa may try to handle any exasperating character who is part of her family? Is this the perfect way to pay homage to the renowned anime at a special time of the year? Let us know what you felt after watching the short clip, and visit averagebeing.com for more updates on anything that gets animated (and superheroes, of course!). Sayonara!