Chainsaw Man’s Pochita Cosplay Wins Hearts Across The Anime Community

It has just been mere days since the first episode of Chainsaw Man’s anime adaption aired worldwide, and the community has already gotten head over heels for the same. The original manga series created by Tatsuki Fujimoto garnered a massive fan following by the end of its first era. Thanks to the much-anticipated anime series finally coming out, it only looks like Chainsaw Man would move to an elite status in terms of popularity.

Pouring out their love for the anime, fans have started sharing cosplay images of them transforming into Chainsaw Man’s characters. One such cosplay has taken the internet by storm as popular cosplayer Gabby Nu shared a picture of her pet dog as Pochita the Chainsaw Devil, and her fans are everything but calm.

Take a look at this adorable cosplay.

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Or just try to get your eyes off this Pochita-pumpkin that combines the spirit of Halloween with Chainsaw Man.

But that’s definitely not it. Some amazing cosplayers, from FanimeCon to Anime Expo and Crunchyroll Expo, let their creativity out by showing up as popular characters like Power and Denji. We want you to just sit back and feast your eyes on these pictures 😉

  • Chainsaw Man Cosplay Image 1
  • Chainsaw Man Cosplay Image 2
  • Chainsaw Man Cosplay Image 3
  • Chainsaw Man Cosplay Image 4
  • Chainsaw Man Cosplay Image 5

Chainsaw Man’s anime adaptation, directed by Ryu Nakayama for studio MAPPA, screenplay by Hiroshi Seko, written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, revolves around a young man named Denji. He just wants to live a simple life but has to pay off his deceased father’s debt with Yakuza’s influence and thus has to kill devils under a contract.

After meeting his fate and being killed by a Devil, Denji gets his dead body merged with Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil, and is granted the Chainsaw Devil’s powers. With his newly-found powers, Denji becomes a Devil Hunter and gets on a mission to kill off devils working for Public Safety Bureau.

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Voice Actors

  • Kikunosuke Toya as Denji
  • Tomori Kusunoki as Makima
  • Shogo Sakata as Aki Hayakawa
  • Fairouz Ai as Power
  • Shiori Izawa as Pochita
  • Mariya Ise as Himeno
  • Karin Takahashi as Kobeni Higashiyama
  • Taku Yashiro as Hirokazu Arai
  • Kenjiro Tsuda as Kishibe
  • Maaya Uchida as Angel Devil
  • Natsuki Hanae as Shark Fiend
  • Yuya Uchida as Violence Fiend
  • Saori Goto as Spider Devil
  • Yo Taichi as Akane Sawatari
  • Daiki Hamano as Katana Man

Owing to its spectacular storyline and uncensored blood and gore, Chainsaw Man is one of the most well-received Manga of all time. The anime adaptation is produced and animated by Mappa, a studio that brought us outstanding anime titles like Attack On Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen is all set to raise the bar again as the series will be running for 12 episodes for its first season, adding a new theme on every episode ends.

The anime series has won several awards beating out popular contenders like Spy × Family and Blood on the tracks to claim the Best Shōnen Manga from the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award and the Harvey Award for Best Manga twice.

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The first episode of Chainsaw Man streamed on October 11, 2022, on Crunchyroll, while the ongoing Manga can be read on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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