Anya Is Everywhere Comes True With Spy x Family & Chainsaw Man Collaboration

Spy x Family & Chainsaw Man collaboration leads to a heartwarming advertisement!

This October is a cause for celebration in the house of every anime lover scattered around the world. More than 40 shows are set to air, and many have already begun.

In the latest action that features a collab between two of the most popular manga (and anime), we see the mind-reader Anya playing the role of the Spy Devil with absolute finesse.

We also get a look at Loid essaying the part of the Study Devil (as Loid’s obsession with Anya getting good grades is well-understood if one follows the events that transpire in the show).

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Yor is the Cooking Devil based on the running gag in the series as the mother miserably fails at cooking even though she tries her best to leave a good impression on Anya. The final panel of the ad shows Anya admiring Pochita’s cuteness while her jealous Bond looks on from the background with a crestfallen expression on his face.

You can check out the entire advertisement right here.

  • Spy x Family & Chainsaw Man Advertisement
  • Spy x Family & Chainsaw Man Advertisement
  • Spy x Family & Chainsaw Man Advertisement
  • Spy x Family & Chainsaw Man Advertisement

Spy x Family

In a world where two nations (Ostania and Westalis) have had a torrential past ravaged by relentless warfare, a notorious spy, aka Twilight, establishes a fake family. He finds a wife, Yor Forger, the assassin Thorn Princess and an esper Anya Forger, who fulfill the roles of his wife and daughter, respectively.

In the latest episode 15, a new member joins the Forger family. Anya chooses his name Bond because of his unique ability to predict the future, and we can be sure that this mighty white dog will play a part in the upcoming adventures of our kawaii Anya-chan. Wit Studio and CloverWorks attend to the animation.

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Chainsaw Man

As a hybrid, Denji fused with the Chainsaw Devil, aka Pochita, after a severe attack that left him torn to shreds. After recuperating, he skewered all his opponents, including the powerful Zombie Devil. The blonde-haired MC encounters Makima, who arrives at the scene a while later, and his life changes forever.

Denji joins a sanctioned crew of Devil Hunters so that he can get a decent meal. The anime is produced by Studio MAPPA, which has made a name for itself by using cutting-edge CGI and great art in its works, including the final season of the hit Attack on Titan.

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So what do you feel about this collaboration? Does it create a warm and fuzzy feeling inside your heart? Let your thoughts exit your mind and enter the comments section. And don’t hesitate to visit for quick updates. Goodbye!