Bleach TYBW: Ichigo’s VA Says He Hasn’t Used His Full Power Yet

After years of a long wait, Bleach TYBW is upon us. We will see the Almighty user Yhwach wield his might against the Soul Society as he hopes to destroy the realm presided over by Genryusai Yamamoto completely.

The manga has been serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump and has more than 130 million copies in circulation. Penned and illustrated by Tite Kubo, it follows the life of Substitute Shinigami and reformed delinquent Kurosaki Ichigo as he takes on dangerous creatures such as Hollows and gains new allies in a different realm known as Soul Society.

The final arc, the TYBW saga, started airing on TV Tokyo and its affiliates alongside Disney Plus and Ani-One Asia Premium. The popular streaming network Crunchyroll removed all previous seasons of Bleach on their platform before the TYBW arc began airing on October 10th this year.

Masakazu Morita is the main attraction alongside the final product that animators have worked to release for the audience’s sake and their love for Bleach. Morita-sensei was recently interviewed about his latest exploits after he returned to voice the beloved ginger-haired MC in the Thousand Year Blood War Arc.

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He said that during the first episode, he used only 30 percent of his ability as a proficient voice actor for the “Getsuga Tenshou,” which Ichigo uses against the Hollows invading Karakura Town. Once he gets serious, the tone is bound to change and get better.

Disney Plus confirmed that, for now, there are no updates available concerning Bleach being streamed in Latin America. Regions like Mexico (where Yasutora Sado hails from), Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia have thousands of anime lovers who are lying in wait for Bleach TYBW to air.

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We can only hope that Disney Plus won’t keep disappointing them and a solution will be presented as soon as possible. Many European otakus have also complained about this, saying that the simulcast hasn’t kicked off in their cities.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is back at the top of MAL after rabid fans with multiple fake accounts conducted a review bombing. Attack on Titan also endured a similar incident. There is a chance that Chainsaw Man may also travel to the top of the summit in the coming weeks as more episodes are released.

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Do you think Morita-sensei will keep getting better with every passing episode? What made him back in the first? Let us know your thoughts via the comments section, and visit for more updates!

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