Chainsaw Man Episode 1: The Perfect Gory Start

Finally, Chainsaw Man anime has made its way onto the small screens, and fans are pumped to see it. Unfortunately for Bilibili users, The first episode of Chainsaw Man was removed due to copyright issues.

Bilibili is a website that mainly divides revenue from video sharing. With its headquarters in Shanghai, China, the organization has been controversial for some time now. However, it still is ranked as one of the most popular platforms alongside Sina Weibo.

Spoiler Alert: CSM Episode 1

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Recap

The setting starts with a shot with no one but a dilapidated compound in sight. We hear a man breathing heavily. A few moments later, Denji takes out the Tomato Devil with Pochita, the cute Chainsaw working as his primary weapon.

The man from Yakuza, to whom Denji’s father owed money, decided to give him 70,000 yen in return for the job. After including all the month’s expenses, Denji and his Devil dog have less than 2000 yen to spare. So Denji decides to buy a piece of bread that serves as food for the duo.

After his father’s suicide, the blonde-haired boy saved Pochita’s life and went on to become a Devil Hunter for the Yakuza to pay off the heavy debt. He often dwells on the possibility of having sexual intercourse with a woman before his death due to the high-risk job.

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Recap

Later, he has a hard time falling asleep due to terrible hunger pangs. The guy from Yakuza wakes him up and takes him inside a shady building. There, the Zombie Devil reveals himself as the one controlling scores of Yakuza minions who are being controlled and devilified (that’s a word I invented) by the enemy. Denji and Pochita both get stabbed. As the MC tries to rush towards the exit, he is brought down and ruthlessly chopped up by the zombies. A nearly-extinguished Pochita revives the boy by turning into his “heart.” In exchange, the kawaii Devil pup asks Denji to show him “his dream.”

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The Zombie Devil looks towards the MC and is taken aback as he stands straight. Denji notices a curious object poking out of his chest, which is identical to Pochita’s tail. He pulls it out, and voila!

The Chainsaw Man has entered the scene. Chopping up all the mindless drones, he inflicts a painful (and bloody) death on the Zombie Devil. Makima and two others arrive as representatives of the official agency known for handling matters that include dangerous Devils who can pose a serious threat to society. Makima hugs the last Chainsaw Man standing and promises to feed Denji “bread with butter and jam, coffee, and maybe dessert?” which makes Denji feel glad as she cradles him.

In the opening of Episode 1, animated by MAPPA, there is a major hint which will spoil a significant twist in the manga reader if they observe closely. There is a big chance that Chainsaw Man might head to the No.1 spot on MAL, just like Bleach did.

Chainsaw Man is a manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto. It is a new-gen shonen horror that has since gotten Two Harveys in a row! Achievement unlocked. It is regarded as a path-breaking work in the field of horror manga. So the removal of this show from Bilibili was quite unexpected. Some speculate that it’ll only reach the platform after the passing of 3 months.

Did you like the episode? Which is your favorite sequence, and how do you feel about the tone and animation? For updates on the anime kingdom, visit us again!