Can Goku Solo One Piece? 30 One Piece Characters Goku Can Beat

“Yo! I am Goku!” These words filled our childhood with many memories, and probably the most iconic memory for many would be: “Kamehameha-ing,” your friend. One Piece is no different. It has bought us many iconic characters, memories, action sequences, and more. The popularity of these two anime made it possible for a collaboration episode between both titled- “History’s Strongest Collaboration vs. Glutton of the Sea.” 

Maintaining a global presence for more than two decades is difficult, but these two animes have made this feat look like a cakewalk. Goku from Dragon Ball has been one of the absurdly strongest characters in the “anime-verse,” meaning he can solo many of the One Piece characters.

So, let the battles between the Saiyan and One Piece’s characters begin our countdown of all the characters Goku can defeat in One Piece.

#30 Pacifista

#30 Pacifista - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Pacifista is a cyborg designed to be a Human Weapon, developed by Dr. Vegapunk. They are made from a metal stronger than regular steel and are a formidable opponent to face. Before the time skip, these Human Weapons did irrevocable damage to the Straw Hats Pirates, and they had a hard time keeping up with them in terms of power. Zoro’s sword made only a scratch to its metal, and Sanji’s fire did not even hamper its speed. 

Pacifista launches laser-like beams from its mouth, which are as powerful as Kizaru’s devil fruit and can pierce through Zoan users. But who are we kidding? Goku’s one kick would split the Human Weapon into two halves. Better, his Ki Blast would break it into pieces as tiny as sand grains.

#29 Alvida

#29 Alvida - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Alvida, the Iron Mace, is the first obstacle and enemy faced by Luffy on his quest to find the One Piece. Then a weak, plump Alvida was quickly outfought by Luffy. Alvida has come a long way from that poor and unforgettable fight. Since her debacle, she has lost a significant amount of her weight, giving her an hourglass figure. She also became more resourceful, cool-headed, prudent, and sly.

But are these enough to take down Goku? We all know the answer. Defeating Alvida is a cakewalk for him. The “Sube Sube no Mi” user is no match for Goku, even in his base form. Alvida’s devil fruit’s ability to make any physical attacks slide off her will not keep her out of harm’s way. Goku’s punches would put her out of action, making her power useless during the fight. And even her Iron Mace would be of no use against Goku, which he can shatter the weapon with his bare hands.

#28 Arlong

#28 Arlong - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Arlong, also known as the Saw, is a former member of Sun Pirates and the former captain of Arlong Pirates. Luffy and his crew defeated him and helped Nami. Arlong is mighty a being. He can lift a house with bare hands and shatter even metal into pieces with his jaws. No one is a match for him while underwater.

The best case scenario for Arlong to take on Goku is in an underwater setting. Unlike devil fruit users, Goku can swim and even fight underwater. Goku is immune to water pressure. However, Goku cannot keep holding his breath. He will need to get to the surface and breathe, which may be disadvantageous for Goku and a chance for Arlong to launch a counterattack. The advantage Arlong has underwater would be lost entirely if the fight were to take place on land. On land Kid Goku, who fought master Roshi would be enough to bring Arlong down.

#27 “Cat Burglar” Nami

#27 Cat Burglar Nami - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Now, before you say Nami is the weakest among the crew, hear me out. Nami’s temperature control and manipulation is a top-notch ability. Though out-powered, she defeated Miss Doublefinger, took down one of the CP-9 members, came face-to-face with Big Mom, and halted her momentum, not once but twice. Her weakness is in close combat. What she lacks in physical ability, she makes up with her cunningness and wits.

Her shrewdness might help her against her fight with Goku, but in physical fights, Nami is as good as dead meat. She could use Clima-Tact to make her disappear and launch climate attacks on Goku. But, it is not as easy as it sounds. Goku’s agility will make it near impossible for Nami to attack him.

#26 Gecko Moria

#26 Gecko Moria - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Like several of the characters on this list, Gecko Moria was one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. He is the captain of Thriller Bark Pirates. Gecko Moria ate the “Kage Kage no Mi” devil fruit, which allowed him to steal the shadows of his opponents and use them as his soldiers. 

Unfortunately, Moria may be less effective in single combat due to his inclination to rely mainly on the army of shadows he stole. He would frequently flee from or dismiss an opponent if he thought the encounter was pointless. This would put Moria at a disadvantage against his matchup with Goku.

Moria’s only way of winning is to use the “Kage Giri” and cut Goku’s shadow and make his own. However, to do that, Moria has to get close to Goku, which would be impossible knowing Goku’s speed, and Goku would take advantage of this situation to knock Moria out.

#25 Boa Hancock

#25 Boa Hancock - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Boa Hancock, The Pirate Empress, is the only female Warlord of the Seas. She is also the current empress of Amazon Lily and is known to be the most beautiful female in the pirate world and the strongest among the entire Kuja Tribe. Boa is a Paramecia wielder who ate the “Mero Mero no Mi” devil fruit, which gives her the ability to turn any man who lusts for her into stone, though one would be blind to ignore her beauty. She took down several Pacifista with ease, with the help of her devil fruit abilities.  

Most of her advantage revolves around men lusting for her. This advantage is shattered when it comes to a battle with Goku. As we all know, Goku is not someone who would lust for someone in the middle of a fight. Boa is highly skilled in physical confrontations, deceptions, and subterfuge, making her a worthy opponent. Still, without her devil fruit ability to turn a person into stone, she is a feeble opponent.

#24 Urouge

#24 Urouge - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Urouge, the Mad Monk, is one of the captains and pirates referred to as the “Worst Generation.” He is the captain of the Fallen Monk Pirates. 

In terms of a Goku-specific unofficial skill, Urouge and Goku are actually remarkably similar. It is commonly known that Goku gains a significant psychological boost from taking damage and being able to carry on fighting, even if there is no precise power boost that he receives for the damage he deals. 

Urouge is different from him in that his muscular mass increases physically when he takes injury. If this weren’t the case, Urouge would be nearly unbeatable against Goku, but Urouge has been revealed to be sensitive to harm from lasers and other energy-based assaults. This makes it a game-over match for Urouge, one Ki Blast from Goku, and he’s whipped out from the Grand Line.

#23 Magellan

#23 Magellan - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Magellan is not a weak character. If he were, he would not be positioned as Warden of Impel Down, which harbors the world’s deadliest prisoners. Magellan is a “Doku Doku no Mi” devil fruit user with the ability to create, manipulate and control poison. He can make something as mild as an irritant into something deadly that can paralyze and kill. 

Magellan is resilient and powerful in a physical confrontation. Imagine holding down Ace, a legendary pirate, with a single hand. He can fight with Goku and survive. However, his only chance of winning is through his poison. Goku is not immune to poison, and the poison can prove fatal to him. Goku can use his energy shield to block all positions and help him win in this matchup.

#22 Caesar Clown

#22 Caesar Clown - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Caesar Clown is an evil genius and scientist. Caesar is a Logia user of “Gasu Gasu no Mi” devil fruit. Now a genius specializing in chemical gasses can squeeze out every ounce of power the devil fruit has to offer, making him that much deadlier. That said, he is somewhat of a coward and a little less versed in close combats. 

The fight between Goku and Caesar is a tough one. Caesar can practically dodge any attacks thrown at him by converting them into gas. He could use his devil fruit ability to create a perfect vacuum in a room, a flammable sword, or even poison Goku, as he is not immune to poison.

Goku should be wary of these attacks, and as long as he stays off the attack path of Caesar, this is Goku’s win. And not to forget, Goku blasts are powerful enough to vapourize in Caesar’s gasses or even possibly go deep into molecular form, finishing the fight even before it starts.

#21 Eustass Kid

#21 Eustass Kid - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Eustass Kid is one of the captains of the “Worst Generation,” he sails with his crew called, The Kid Pirates. Eustass is extremely resilient, so much so that even “Seastone Cuffs” did not weaken him. Eustass is a “Jiki Jiki no Mi” devil fruit user, which allows him to use magnetic force and manipulate and control it. His powers are more or less the same as Magneto from X-Men.  

While Eustass Kid’s skill is remarkable against non-pirates and some lower-tier pirates who are devil fruit users, it is not particularly impressive when he faces up against some of the more formidable pirates.

The fact that this kind of power is several leagues below that of someone like Goku becomes abundantly clear when we position him at the opposite corner of the ring from Goku. We have a pretty apparent winner in this fight because Goku could easily avoid all of his blows and even deflect them with a simple block.

#20 Sugar

#20 Sugar - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Who lets a cute little kid onto this list? Do not let her looks fool you. Despite her kid-like looks, she is much older. Sugar is one of the special officers on Donquixote Pirates, who ate the “Hobi Hobi no Mi” fruit. With the help of the fruit, she can transform anyone into a toy and completely wipe out their existence from the earth as if they were never born. 

Trebol, her bodyguard, accompanies her wherever she goes. Sugar alone would be unable to keep up with Goku, so she stands no chance in close combat without her bodyguard. She could, however, try and turn Goku into a toy. That is easier said than done. She can never get close to Goku unless she sneaks up on him, which is impossible to do in a battle. We have a clear winner in this face-off – Goku, no shocker.

#19 Perona

#19 Perona - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Next on the list is a Gothic spine-chilling young woman called Perona. The “Ghost Princess” Perona was a commander of Suprise Zombies & Wild Zombies and also one of the members of Mysterious Four. She ate the “Horo Horo no Mi,” which gives her the power to summon ghosts that can put a person it passes through a state of depression and negativity. 

However, there is a significant weakness to the devil fruit. Whenever she links her consciousness to her Hollows, the user’s physical body must be left behind, allowing an opponent to attack it while it is defenseless. Goku is fast enough to dodge any ghosts that try to pass through him, and if he manages to find where Perona is hidden, it’s game over for her. Goku can even get a few cockroaches to the battlefield to knock her out cold.

#18 Orochi

#18 Orochi - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Orochi is probably one of the hated characters during the Wano Arc. He is a ruthless and tyrannical dictator who is very cunning and sly in his doings. Orochi consumed the Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit “Hebi Hebi no Mi,” Model: Yamata no Orochi, which allowed him to change into a fully eight-headed snake or a human-eight-headed snake hybrid at command. 

Primarily used to scare others. His senseless tactics with this devil fruit ability would not work against the mighty Goku. Orochi gets a boost to his physical ability due to being a Mythical Zoan user.

However, he was never seen using these enhanced physical abilities. Simply put, he is weak and cowardly to go face-to-face with someone in a battle. He relies vastly on his cunning mind to devise a plan to take his opponent down without lifting his finger. Goku would wipe the stage with Orochi and knock him out for the better good. Only chance Orochi has to plan months before the fight. Still, it would not be enough to take down Goku.

#17 Sir Crocodile

#17 Sir Crocodile - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Sir Crocodile, or The Desert King, is a seasoned businessman who was the president of Baroque Works and a former Warlord. He is also the first antagonist to defeat Luffy in the series, not once but twice. Not only that, Crocodile came out unfazed after a short battle with the legendary Marine Admiral, Akainu. Crocodile is a Logia user of the “Suna Suna no Mi” devil fruit, which gives him the power to turn himself into grains of sand. 

Crocodile is incredibly intelligent and sly in his way of fighting. He is quick-witted and has a tremendous amount of physical strength. 

So, choose your pick in this battle carefully. But we both know you are still going with Goku. Who would not? Crocodile is strong. He could possibly cripple Goku’s actions and dodge Goku’s attacks, but that still would not be enough to help Crocodile win. The sheer speed of Goku would make it impossible for Crocodile to come close to Goku.

Also, Goku’s Ki-attacks/Ki-Blasts would melt Crocodile’s sand grains or scatter them, or Goku simply can wet his fist and attack Crocodile. There is probably one thing that could give Crocodile an “upper hand”; he could ask Goku for a handshake before the fight and immobilize him.  

#16 Enel

#16 Enel - Can Goku Solo One Piece

There are many god-like characters in One Piece. Enel literally is a God/Ruler of Skypiea. He is the third ruler of Skypiea and ruled over it for a significant amount of time. Enel exhibits good manipulating abilities and possesses a wealth of knowledge and awareness of objects that many Sky Islanders would otherwise lack.

Without using his Devil Fruit abilities, Enel is skilled in close-quarters combat. Enel is a “Goro Goro no Mi” devil fruit user, meaning he can control, transform, and create anything related to lightning. He can shoot lightning bolts as powerful as 200,000,000 Volts.

Enel has a lot of tricks up on his sleeves. He can use his “Mantra” to read Goku’s mind and use his speed to dodge or charge his bolt. But, Mantra probably would not work. Goku’s strong-willed mind can keep his thoughts at bay, confusing Enel. Goku is faster than light, so Enel is slower than him. However, Enel can fight at close quarters, but to get a fair chance at the fight, that would not be enough, as one Ki Blast from Goku can send Enel to the moon.

#15 Saint Charlos

#15 Saint Charlos - Can Goku Solo One Piece

This character is a surprising one to make it onto the list. Saint Charlos is one of the most hated characters in the One Piece universe. 

What makes him worse is how violent and juvenile his behavior can be. He has a condescending attitude toward people who are not as wealthy or powerful as he is. In the eyes of his contemporaries, he was notorious for inflicting severe punishment on his slaves to drive them to the point of extreme agony and expose a grotesquely sadistic side. Now, who would not like to see the obnoxious Saint Charlos getting his butt kicked?

#14 Monkey.D Garp

#14 Monkey.D Garp - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Garp’s reputation precedes him. He is one of the most formidable and strongest marines. He also is a notable figure during the “Pirate King” era and is highly regarded by his peers as a Hero of the Marines. He even refused to be promoted to the rank of Admiral because he would then have to work directly under the Celestial Dragons. All these achievements, without even being a devil fruit user. 

Garp has gotten old and probably would not be as strong as he was in his prime, but he’s still got it. Garp knocked down Marco, a Mythical Zoan user and one of the strongest crew in Whitebeard’s Pirates, and he can even launch cannonballs with his bare hands faster than an actual cannon. He could very well keep up with Goku and take the blows due to his pain tolerance, but sadly he would not last long against the Saiyan. If Goku was asleep and Garp hit him, Goku would be hurt. And that’s saying something.  

#13 Dracule Mihawk

#13 Dracule Mihawk - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Dracule Mihawk, or “Hawk Eyes,” is regarded as the strongest swordsman in the entire Blue Sea. Mihawk single-handedly took down most of Don Krieg’s fleet, which comprised almost 5,000 men. Mihawk is also hailed as a contender to one of the Yonko’s. 

There is no denying that Dracule Mihawk is not a pushover. In the entirety of the anime, he is actually the best swordsman. But swords only get you so far in the Dragon Ball universe, where the people take conflicts majorly through martial arts. That said, his swordsmanship would get him nowhere in his fight with Goku.

Dracule would most likely be entirely destroyed by Goku in close-quarters fighting, assuming he could even approach him before being wiped off. Mihawk is at a complete disadvantage while fighting against Goku since he relies vastly on his sword skills.

#12 Vinsmoke Sanji

#12 Vinsmoke Sanji - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Sanji “Black Leg” is a chain smoker and a culinary expert. Sanji is more than that; he a fierce crewmate of the Straw Hearts Pirates. Sanji’s years of arduous training under Zeff since childhood, even before his latent genetic enhancements awoke, have given him extraordinary superhuman strength, resiliency, speed, and agility. This has allowed him to use a variety of handstands for a kick-based martial art that makes him incredibly versatile in combat.

Goku is significantly faster. He has a more fantastic range of attacks with his Kamehameha and power pole attacks, is more skilled, and can fly with the nimbus. Sanji falls way behind in reaching the strength and might of Goku.

However, Sanji has better senses. They both have comparable stamina, although Gokus probably has more because of his formidable defense. Unfortunately, for Sanji, his strong kicks would not bring Goku down. His Diable Jambe would not even scorch Goku. Sanji can, however, cook scrumptious meals to win over Goku and avoid fighting with him altogether.

#11 Buggy The Clown

#11 Buggy The Clown - Can Goku Solo One Piece

What’s his name again? Boggy? “No, Boogie, No Behie… isn’t right… it’s Buffon!” It’s Buggy The Clown! The ex-crew of the Gol.D Roger himself, he is the current Captain Buggy Pirates and co-founder of the Buggy-Alvida alliance, also one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. 

Buggy is a Paramecia-user of “Bara Bara no Mi” fruit user, which allows him to split his body into pieces at will and control them telekinetically so that he can attack his enemies while keeping a distance. Also, he yields Wolverine-like claws with his knives between his fingers. 

Now, Goku Vs. Buggy. The answer is a no-brainer. Goku wins the battle. Goku is powerful enough to deflect a bullet without letting it pierce through him. Buggy’s knives would be useless against Goku’s iron-clad body. Buggy’s usual tactic of keeping a safe distance between the enemy and himself will not be effective in the fight with Goku. Goku can instantly cover that distance and show up right next to buggy and KO him. 

#10 God Usopp

#10 God Usopp - Can Goku Solo One Piece

I mean, who are we kidding? God Usopp Vs. some extraterrestrial Saiyan? It is a one-way face-off between these two. We do not get deep into statistics, powers, range of attacks, or anything.

On the one hand, we have a guy with 8000 peers under him, who defeated a formidable antagonist with a cockroach, knocked out an enemy, and traumatized her with his face after eating Tatababasco. On the other hand, we have Goku. I am leaving this match-up for you to decide. Pick a winner. I have already picked mine.

#9 Borsalino

#9 Borsalino - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Borsalino, most commonly known by his alias Kizaru, is the second-most powerful man in the Marines according to ranks, as he is second to the current Fleet Admiral. He went head-on against Rayleigh and Whitebeard, which is testimony to his impeccable prowess. 

In the One Piece universe, Kizaru is quite strong and renowned all over the pirate world, yet he has no chance against Goku. His greatest strength is the ability to travel at the speed of light and fire light beams from his limbs from eating a devil fruit, “Pika Pika no Mi.”

Even though this initially appears incredibly terrifying, we must keep in mind that Goku is capable of doing all of those things using both his Kamehameha and Ultra Instinct phases, and bear in mind that Goku can travel way faster than the speed of light, making Kizaru attacks even more powerless. Goku will also easily outlast Borsalino’s stamina because Ultra Instinct is primarily defensive until you shift farther into the ability.

#8 Sengoku

#8 Sengoku - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Now, he might be enjoying his retired life. But you cannot talk about One Piece without bringing up the legendary Sengoku. The former Fleet Admiral is known for his tactical and strategic genius, renowned for his brilliance by both Marines and pirates. Sengoku is a remarkable master strategist with extensive combat experience.

Sengoku is a Mythical Zoan devil fruit user, one of the rarest devil fruits in the pirate world. He ate the “Hito Hito no Mi,” Model: Daibutsu fruit, which granted him the giant Buddha. In his Buddha form, he gains a tremendous increase in his already impressive physical prowess.

During the Marineford War, Sengoku brought down the Marineford execution platform with just one indirectly connected strike. Sengoku is said to have no weakness other than a standard devil fruit weakness. Goku and Sengoku’s fight would be interesting to witness. Alas, no matter how strong Sengoku is, Goku is stronger, faster, and much younger to keep up with the battle and will ultimately take down Sengoku. 

#7 Roronoa Zoro

#7 Roronoa Zoro - Can Goku Solo One Piece

If you look at it, the most plausible fight on the list would probably be this one. Because of Zoro’s poor sense of direction, he might end up on Planet Vegeta. Gags apart, Zoro is second only to Luffy in power. He wields Sandai, Wado Ichimonji, and Enma, the three strongest swords among others in the pirate world. And he also is a Haki user, which further enhances his physical and fighting capabilities.

Without the help of devil fruit, relying only on his physical ability and dedication, he has come a long way. His strength and power are enough to lift the Thousand Sunny with his bare hands, and in incredible speed to even cut an opponent in half in a blink of a high, are just out the world powers.

However, this would still not be enough to rake on Goku. Zoro’s advantage is through his three swords. That means relying on close combat, which would not be wise considering Goku’s might in Martial Arts. Goku is strong enough to shatter Zoro’s sword, leaving Zoro completely vulnerable, or a simple Ki Blast from afar would also leave Zoro on his knees.

#6 Charlotte Katakuri

#6 Charlotte Katakuri - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Charlotte Katakuri and Luffy’s battle is one to remember, marked as one of the iconic battles in the entire series. Katakuri is the second son and, overall, the third kid of Big Mom. He grew up as the most powerful one of her three Sweet Commanders. 

Even though Katakuri can use all types of Haki, his observance of Haki really sets him apart. Although he has mastered Observation Haki to the point where he can see a little bit into the future, Goku moves too quickly for the human eye to keep up. As a result, Katakuri would be unable to respond quickly enough to block many of Goku’s blows.

#5 Donquixote Doflamingo

#5 Donquixote Doflamingo - Can Goku Solo One Piece

The King of Dressrosa, Donquixote Doflamingo, is one of the iconic antagonists in the series. He is incredibly strong, so much that the shockwave from his kick split the building in Dressrosa into two halves. He is an “Ito Ito no Mi” devil fruit user, which allows him to create and control string, and with the help of his devil fruit, he can turn his opponents into mere puppets. 

The strings are almost invisible and extremely sharp, which can even slash metal into pieces, and you can imagine what it would do to human flesh. Doflamingo was able to awaken his Devil Fruit, which grants him the power to transform inanimate objects like structures into strings. Even with Armament Haki, Doflamingo would not be able to cut Goku with the string, and if he tried to hold him back, Goku could avoid and block all the attacks of Doflamingo with the help of Ultra Instinct. 

Even Doflamingo, to a certain extent, can keep up with Goku with the help of his Haki. Counter and dodging between the two could go on for a while. Goku would still win by breaking the string with his superhuman strength.

#4 Sakazuki

#4 Sakazuki - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Sakazuki, also known by his alias Akainu, is one of the series’ most powerful characters and the current Fleet Admiral of the Marines. He is one of the harsh, brutal, and extremist Marines, and for that, he is feared by the pirates. His physical abilities are in a different league. He fought Whitenbeard head-on in close combat. Akainu ate “Magu Magu no Mi“devil fruit, allowing him to control, create, and transform himself into magma. 

Akainu can launch magma punches at his opponent and completely affiliate them, and the intangibility that all Logia fruits confer on their users allows most attacks to bypass Akainu’s body. So, if the opponent is not a Haki user, he cannot land punches on Akainu. Goku’s punches would pass through him. However, Akainu’s powers are no match for his Ki Blasts. Akainu’s magma body should be vaporized into particles by Goku’s Kamehameha since it is powerful enough to melt the moon.

#3 Charlotte Linlin

#3 Charlotte Linlin - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Charlotte Linlin, or as we all know her as Big Mom, was a former Yonko or Emperor of the sea and the only female Yonko. She has 85 children, who make up most of her crew. She is always accompanied by three of her sidekicks: Napoleon, Prometheus, and Hera.

Big Mom has superhuman strength and is a massive human, making her a destructive tank in the form of a pirate. Charlotte acquired the powers of “Soru Soru no Mi” after the death of its previous owner. The devil fruit allows her to manipulate souls and also cut short their life span.

To knock out Big Mom, Goku has to first go through her Homies. Napoleon is a hat that can turn itself into a sword. That would not be of much use against Goku since he can dodge all the sword attacks using his Ultra Instinct. Prometheus is a sun-like Homie and probably the most powerful among the three. The fire attacks from Prometheus cannot attack Goku, and he can use Kamehameha to obliterate it. Hera is a thundercloud and, like the other two Homies, will not fare well against Goku. Once all three Homies are down, Big Mom is no match to Goku and his god-like powers.

#2 Kaido

#2 Kaido - Can Goku Solo One Piece

Kaido is one of the Yonko and hailed as the “Strongest Creature” in the entire pirate world. It is only fair to face the “Strongest Creature” with Goku. Kaido is said to have only been injured twice in his lifetime, which shows his supreme powers. He is a Mythical Zoan user of “Uo Uo no Mi,” Model: Seiryu, who attained the ability to transform into an Azure Dragon. 

Kaido is a bulky and muscular giant whose fists alone can scare many of the pirates away. Kaido’s mastery of Haki would allow him to stand his ground against Goku, but probably not for long. Goku can solely end the fight with the fan-favorite attack Kamehameha or Hakai to annihilate Kaido. Goku can even dance around with Kaido, fight longer with Kaido and give fans a good watch.

#1 Monkey D. Luffy

#1 Monkey D. Luffy - Can Goku Solo One Piece

You probably were waiting for this match-up, the ultimate showdown between Goku & Luffy. Luffy has come a long way from being protected by Shanks to taking down Yonko and is labeled as the unofficial “Fifth Emperor of the Sea.” He is the captain of the Straw Hats pirates and is on his way to becoming the Pirate King. Luffy ate the “Gomo Gomu no Mi” devil fruit, which gives his body rubber properties that can enable his body to stretch his body infinitely. 

There’s no denying that Luffy is strong, but is he strong enough to go head-on with Goku?

Luffy in Gear 5, along with his Haki, can probably give an excellent fight to Goku Saiyan Saga. But Luffy probably cannot land irrevocable injuries on Goku, as Goku is much faster than him. Goku in Kaioken mode would absolutely wipe the floor with Luffy, though Goku does need to go as far as transforming into Kaioken form, which would be too extreme for a “simple” battle. Just kidding. However, if Goku decides to take this form, his body in this mode takes a toll, and the energy drain is much faster. Nonetheless, Goku does not even need that long to end the battle.

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