How Anime Saved A Person (An Untold Truth)

Anxiety, and depression, have long been stigmatized in our society. However, things have taken a turn for good, and mental illness is no longer an issue to be dealt with in private or alone.

Each of us has different coping methods; some take a stroll or exercise, while others play video games or go hiking to rejuvenate their mood or emotion, and some lose themselves to anime.

Numerous anime shows have deftly tackled depression and how people cope with trauma, albeit it can be challenging to handle these subjects delicately. For viewers who can connect, shows that portray despair realistically might seem priceless.

When you are going through turmoil, someone else going through the same phase as you become more relatable and easy to empathize and connect with. The personality depth of anime characters is simply incredible, thus creating more relatable characters.

Anime has taught us; that emotions are for men too, to never lose our true selves, death can be sudden and unexpected, and the importance of hard work; they have taught us countless life lessons to better ourselves.

Izuku Midoriya never gave up! Uzumaki Naruto never gave up! Monkey D. Luffy never gave up! Guts never gave up! Tanjiro Kamado never gave up! Edward Elric never gave up! Mamoru Takamura never gave up! You should never give up! And this is the tale of Max, who never gave up.

Disclaimer: Escapism, to a certain extent is recommended. Relying solely on anime to cope is not healthy in the long run.

How Anime Saved A Person (An Untold Truth) - averagebeing tales
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Name: Max
Lives In: Germany

As someone who was born into a wealthy family, I was always the silent kid in the room who's afraid of sharing anything. My world turned upside down when my father disappeared, leaving us with a mountain of debt. This was when I was 12 years old.

No one outside of my family knew we were in this dire situation. All my friends and relatives thought we were all set for life, which wasn't the case. Add to that, My only love, Sara, lost her life in an accident a few years later. It's not what you're thinking. That's my mom.

As a result, I became mentally unstable, not knowing what to do, and even had suicidal tendencies at one point.

Sure, I went to a ton of therapy sessions, but nothing ever helped me. Answering the same questions, again and again, broke my heart.

I can relate to a few characters thanks to anime and thought of climbing that wall of pain. These characters are so relatable that they showed me a path on where to start and what to do in life.

I know most people would have given up, and I would have too, but I beg you to give some time. Time heals everything. It brings you closure. Also, Do not ever take people for granted, especially those you love.

Key Takeaways

#1 Death Can Be Unexpected & Sudden

Max lost both his parents early on, and such tragedy can push anyone into an abyss. And getting out of it takes a load of perseverance and will, both of which are usually elusive.

The tear-jerking end credits of Violet Evergarden, “A loved one will always watch over you,” resonates on many scales. No matter how far they might be, and no matter how long it has been since you have lost them, they are always by your side. Violet Evergarden embodies the loss of a loved one splendidly; this shows you how something as simple as anime can portray grief that echoes with many.

#2 A Leap of Faith

“These characters are so relatable that they showed me a path on where to start and what to do in life.” So says Max.

When you have someone or something to look up to, it becomes easier to connect with them. A Place Further Than The Universe showed us a little courage is all you need to face life head-on. The anime shows how the journey helps individuals to learn from their mistakes and failures in life and keep moving forward.

#3 After Hurrican Comes A Rainbow

Anime like these help us to take a whole new perspective on life. Edward Elric showed us the lengths we can go for our family; Naruto makes you appreciate bonds; Goku showed us the value of patience and hard work; Gintoki showed us the beauty of small things.

Just like Max said, time heals everything. And you can never catch the beauty of life if you give up now. So, keep pushing forward because after a hurricane comes a rainbow.

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