20 Best Anime Characters With Masks (Ranked)

In anime, several characters are used to wearing masks, and those masks are like a part of their body. Some of the characters are even known because of their masks, weird, right?

But yeah, anime characters with masks are primarily cold and influential individuals. It’s not like a character wears a mask for fashion. Every character wears one has a reason behind it.

Sometimes they wear it to hide something beneath the cover or because it’s given to them by someone and it’s important to them. In some cases, the character even wears masks to hide their identity. Overall, every mask-wearing character has their own reason for wearing a mask. 

And today, we are here with 20 Best Anime Characters With Masks (Ranked). Sounds fun, right? Without wasting any time, let’s jump into our list.

#20 The Anbu Black Ops

#20 The Anbu Black Ops - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Naruto
Mask Type: Mask that represents certain animals

We all know about Anbu Black Ops. They are the people who do all the work while being in the shadows. In hidden leaf village, the leaders give tasks to this force that are not easily achievable. Each member of Anbu Black Ops is deadly and ruthless; they’ll get their job done no matter what. They all wear masks to hide their identity, but their masks are not the same. Every member has a cover that resembles an animal, be it a tiger, bear, or fox. But the color of the mask is always the same.

It is primarily white with the red and black pattern of these masks and has holes for the eyes. Anbu Black Ops is the group that has only the best ninjas, and some of our favorite characters, like Itachi and Kakashi, have been part of this force.

#19 Sakonji Urokodaki

#19 Sakonji Urokodaki - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Demon Slayer
Mask Type: Tengu Mask

Former Water Hashira and the one who taught water breathing style to Tanjiro and Giyu. That’s right; I’m talking about Sakonji Urokodaki. When Nezuko turned into a demon, Sakonji was the one who started taking care of both siblings. Not just this, he even started training Tanjiro so he could protect himself and his younger sister. Sakonji’s face was never shown, and he always wore a traditional Tengu Mask. Tengu was a Japanese Demi-God, and he is the symbol of good luck.

People still believe that Sakonji has a kind face. Many people hate him because of his nature. He is pretty strict and pushes his students a lot while training, but in reality, Sakonji cares for his students a lot.

#18 Femto

#18 Femto - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Berserk
Mask Type: Hawk bird-shaped mask

Femto or Griffith, you can call him anything but one thing that will never change is his evilness. Femto is one of the nastiest characters of all time, and it is not any different individual but a Griffith who was born again as God’s Fifth Hand and was known as Femto. This guy has done a lot of unimaginable deeds, like raping a girl and giving her a lifetime of mental trauma, betraying his people and sacrificing them, and making his best comrade suffer the most.

Femto is pure evil. There is no doubt about that. As for his mask in his original form, that is Griffith. He doesn’t wear any show, but when Femto was born on eclipse, he had Purple Hawk Mask on his face that covered his head, eyes, and some portion near the nose, but the mouth part was visible; it was more like a helmet.

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#17 Haku

#17 Haku - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Naruto
Mask Type: Hunter Nin Mask

No one can accept that Haku is not a girl but a boy to this date. This was the first ever trap I was caught in. Keeping everything aside, Haku is one of the most loyal characters we have ever seen. Even though he had a rough childhood, Haku followed Zabuza’s orders and killed many people throughout his life. Even while being by his side, we all still love him. Haku was probably the first character who died in the entire Naruto Series, but people loved him, and they still do.

This 15-year-old boy was unique and is still alive in everyone’s memory. Talking about Haku’s mask was a White Nin Hunter Mask that he usually wears during battles or while on a mission. This mask had a red wavy pattern near the mouth area and curved holes for the eyes. It also has the symbol of the Land of Water. This was the place where Haku came from.

#16 Ririka Momobami

#16 Ririka Momobami - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Kakegurui
Mask Type: Theatrical Mask

Ririka Momibami the identical twin of Kirari Momobami is also the vice president of the student council and the person who never takes her mask off. However, Ririka has two different personalities, and both characters depend on her mask. Her mask is a straightforward comedic mask commonly used in theatre acting. While wearing this mask, she is a confident and cold individual who can come out with the best solution to a particular concern.

On the other hand, when she is not wearing her mask, she is a shy and socially awkward girl who cannot talk to people and express her thoughts. Ririka is a simple yet beautiful girl. Unlike her sister, she doesn’t apply any nail polish or lipstick, and her hair is always down, not tied like Kirari’s. As she is the older identical twin, Ririka sometimes takes Kirari’s place as president when she is out or busy with other work.

#15 William Vangeance

#15 William Vangeance - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Black Clover
Mask Type: Golden Dawn Inspired Mask

Captain of Golden Dawn squad and one of the mighty squad captains, William Vangeance. Many people believe that he has the potential to become the next Magic Emperor, and that’s not just because he is powerful. William cares for his people and has the leadership to make everyone move forward together. His mask is very unique and special. The right side of the mask is made of a giant gold piece, while the left side is made of tiny blue pieces.

It also has white and blue feathers at the back. Williams wears this mask because the upper portion of his face has a big scar because of a curse. He hides his original face behind that mask so people don’t get scared of him or hate him. Even with this scar, William is a fantastic person.

#14 Zabuza Momochi

#14 Zabuza Momochi - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Naruto
Mask Type: Bandage Mask

Zabuza Momochi is one of the members of Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, or you might know him by his other name, which is Demon of the Hidden Mist. Zabuza was a wanted and deadly man who was feared by many. He had loyal followers like Haku, who stayed by his side till death. Zabuza didn’t wear a proper mask; instead, he used to cover his lower face with bandages, and that looked precisely like a mask.

Under this mask, he had sharp zig zag teeth, which was common in all the other seven sworders of the mist. Zabuza was not evil from the start. According to his followers, he used to be kind, someone people could look up to, but later, he became cruel and cold and cared only about his goal of killing the Mizukage. Still, we couldn’t hate Zabuza when he died and got sad over his death instead.

#13 Killer

#13 Killer - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: One Piece
Mask Type: Blue Strips Helmet

One of the twelve East Blue pirates known as the Worst Generation and a well-known assassin, Massacre Soldier, aka Killer. Earlier his bounty was 162,000,000 belly, but after the time skip, it increased to 200,000,000 bellies. The Killer always wears a helmet that hides his face and head. This helmet is white with blue stripes with some holes. He was the personal assassin for Kurozumi Orochi but was later dismissed when Killer failed in a mission.

He can also use two types of Haki. The first is Kenbunshoku Haki, and the other one is Busoshoku Haki. Besides this, Killer has potent physical abilities that are often useful in combat, and even without any devil fruit, he can defeat many known people.

#12 Gojo Satoru

#12 Gojo Satoru - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
Mask Type: Eye Mask

Gojo Satoru is one of the best new-generation characters, and girls are just crazy for him. This guy is always goofy and calm but the strongest among all the other sorcerers. Gojo wears a black eye mask that hides his Eyes. Earlier, he used to wear white bandages that covered his eyes. We all have to agree that Gojo is just amazing. I mean, he is the strongest, and no one has ever been able to defeat him. His facial features make him attractive, and without an eye mask, this guy can easily steal your girl.

Beneath that black mask lies blue eyes called Six Eyes, which is also why Gojo Satoru is one of the strongest characters in Jujutsu Kaisen.

#11 Licht Bach

#11 Licht Bach - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Plunderer
Mask Type: Traditional Japanese Noh Mask

Licht Bach is the main protagonist of Plunderer and one of the seven Legendary Red Barons. This guy is a pervert. Sometimes he reminds me of Isseki. Lich often embarrasses people when he meets them for the first time, and he is used to getting denied by a girl, and yeah, girls hate him as well. But keeping everything aside, this is just his usual self. When Licht uses the full power of Ballot, he becomes very dangerous, and his bloodlust increases so much that he starts wanting to kill his enemy.

Licht often hides his face with Noh Mask. Noh Mask is those masks that are already in the shape of certain actors, and that’s why they are used in theatre acting and stage performances. This guy has the mixed personality of a pervert and murderous individual, but under the mask, you can’t tell what he thinks, making him even more dangerous.

#10 Kai Chisaki

#10 Kai Chisaki - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: My Hero Academia
Mask Type: Plague Doctor Mask

Leader of Shie Hassaikai and the main antagonist of Shie Hassaikai Arc, Kai Chisaki. His quirk Overhaul can be considered one of the most powerful quirks, and that’s because his quirk allows him to disassemble any object in existence, not just this. He can even assemble anything just by touching it. Kai is mysophobic, which is why he always wears a Plague Doctor Mask. His mask is not black. Instead, it’s a mixture of yellow/golden and red.

This mask gives a villainous look and makes him even more terrifying. According to Kai, quirks are not made for humans. People should start living without abnormalities, and there is no such thing as a hero or villain. It’s just people’s mentality. Ultimately, both hero and villain use their quirks for their excellence.

#9 Usopp

#9 Usopp - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: One Piece
Mask Type: Modified Mask

Who is Usopp? I know only God D Usopp, one who can conquer the whole One Piece. Usopp is not the one who wears the mask. It’s his alter-ego that wears the mask. His alter-ego is called Sogeking, which means “King of Snipers.”

During the Enies Lobby, Arcs Usopp felt guilty because others were trying to save Robin; on the other hand, he had left the crew. Usopp even told Sanji that he couldn’t fight for them. However, later Sogeking arrived wearing a yellow mask with a big nose, and it also had Usopp’s favorite goggles.

This new individual claimed he was the best sniper and even burned the flag of the world government with his Firebird Star ability. Even though Usopp was trying so hard to hide his identity, others had already figured out that it was him behind the mask of Sogeking.

#8 Rimuru Tempest

#8 Rimuru Tempest - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: That Time I got Reincarnated as Slime
Mask Type: Anti-Magic Mask

Rimuru Tempest is the strongest isekai character right now. He is powerful enough to beat Goku or Saitama in a 1v1 fight. Rimuru has the power to create or destroy the universe. We can say he is even more powerful than Zeno. Right now in the series, he is considered the real demon lord and is part of Eight Mighty Demon Lords. Rimuru doesn’t wear a mask, but we can see him wearing his Anti Magic Mask in some significant events.

This mask is not ordinary and can nullify and dull any magic or poison. It even increases the awareness and senses of its user. This mask originally belonged to Shizue Izawa, but after his death, it was passed down to Rimuru.

However, the mask he uses is the working duplicate copy natural mask given to Chloe Aubert. This mask looks fantastic; it’s simple looking with a wavey pattern. You can’t see any open area for the eyes or mouth but can still breathe inside it.

#7 Inosuke Hashibira

#7 Inosuke Hashibira - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Demon Slayer
Mask Type: Boar Head Mask  

Yosuke Hashibira is the creator and the only user of Beast Breathing. He is different from everyone else, and that’s because Inosuke was raised in the wild. You might be wondering who raised him in the wild. A group of boars raised him, and the mask he wears is made from a natural boar. It’s the same boar who raised Inosuke but died for some reason.

Yosuke had normal parents, but his father was abusive, and his mother somehow escaped and abandoned Inosuke for his good. Later, his mother was killed by Doma. Inosuke’s fighting skills are mostly just pure muscular power and physical abilities, but he has enhanced senses because he was raised in the wild.

#6 Tomura Shigaraki

#6 Tomura Shigaraki - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: My Hero Academia
Mask Type: Hand Mask

Leader of League of Villains and the main antagonist of My Hero Academia, Tomura Shigaraki. No wonder why he is so evil. After all, his master is All for One. Tomura’s only motive in life was to kill One for All, known as a symbol of peace, but later his goal changed.

He is the creepiest character in MHA, and that’s because the hands that are placed over his body are real hands. These hands belong to those he killed accidentally when his quirk manifested in him.

Tomura killed his mother, father, sister, grandfather, and grandmother. These are the people whom he accidentally killed. He also killed two street thugs, his first ever intentional kill. Tomura’s face has his father’s hand, blue in color with a golden box. You might not know, or you might’ve forgotten that in reality, Tomura always wanted to be a hero, but his quirk made him a villain, and now he is the leader of the most prominent villain organization.

#5 Sniper Mask

#5 Sniper Mask - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: High Rise Invasion
Mask Type: Smiling Mask

Sniper Mask, or Yuka Makoto, is one of the leading characters in High Rise Invasion. At first, he was under the mask’s influence, which is why he was killing those in his way, but later, when his mask broke and came out of its influence, Sniper Mask started helping Yuri Honjo.

His mask is a simple, white mask with two holes for the eyes and a smile-shaped area for the mouth. High Rise Invasion has not got season 2 yet, and fans are hoping to get season 2, so they can see Sniper Mask again in action.

He is an excellent character with sharp sniping skills and an intelligent mind. He becomes pretty caring and humble when not under the mask’s influence.

#4 Ken Kaneki

#4 Ken Kaneki - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
Mask Type: Gimp Mask

Ken Kaneki, aka One-Eyed Ghoul. Ken came a long way from being a regular high school student to the strongest half-ghoul ever. The Tokyo Ghoul anime wouldn’t have happened if our protagonist didn’t want to go on a date. That one date changed everything, right?

Ken never accepted himself as a half-ghoul and half-human. He never wanted to be a ghoul who kills people and eats them, but after being tortured for ten days by Yamori, Ken accepted himself as a ghoul.

His personality, appearance, and everything changed. After receiving himself as a ghoul, Ken started wearing a Gimp Mask with an eye patch with no lips; instead, it had large gnashing teeth. He started wearing a mask so his identity would stay hidden from others.

#3 Obito Uchiha

#3 Obito Uchiha - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Naruto
Mask Type: 3 Different Masks

Obito Uchiha is a fan-favorite character. He is a broken hero who chose an evil path out of anger and pain. Obito saw the love of his life Rin die before his own eyes and started the Third Great Ninja War. Throughout the series, we’ve witnessed Obito wearing different masks; each mask had meaning behind it.

Yellow Mask: Obito wore this mask when he released Kurama. This mask pattern has 9 points at the end of each wave, and 9 points represent 9 Tail Fox. Obito wore this mask only at that time when Kurama attacked the village.

Orange Mask: This mask represents Zetsu. When Madara saved Obito, his face was covered in a spiral shape that Zetsu made, and the orange mask was also in a spiral shape that resembled the white Zetsu.

White Mask: This mask was similar patterns to Rinnegan and Sharingan, and while wearing this mask, Obito’s Rinnegan and Sharingan were visible.

#2 Lelouch Lamperouge

#2 Lelouch Lamperouge - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Code Geass
Mask Type: Geass-Shaped Mask

Lelouch Lamperouge is the person who is also known as Zero when he puts on his mask. We all have to agree that Lelouch is among the most competent characters of all time and is also the best antihero. When it comes to his other self Zero, his appearance also changes.

A tight purple outfit and a mask/helmet-shaped headgear in the shape of Geass hide his identity. Lelouch can’t do things like serving justice and making this world a better place to do those things.

Zero makes an entrance, and even though their goal was to stabilize peace and equality, Lelouch killed millions. It was hard to say if he was the protagonist or the antagonist at one point. At the end of Code Geass, we saw what happened to Lelouch. When he died, everyone considered him a villain, but in reality, he was the hero who changed everything. Even though he was dead, someone else started wearing that mask, and Zero lived forever.

#1 Kakashi Hatake

#1 Kakashi Hatake - Anime Characters With Masks

Anime: Naruto
Mask Type: A simple face mask

Kakashi Hatake is one of the most popular and loved characters and has been one of the best characters in the Naruto Series because of his nature and how he handles every situation and the people around him. Even though he has suffered a lot, like losing his father at an early age, the death of his best friend (at least that’s what he thought), and he even killed the girl who liked him and lost his sensei, who was just like a father to him. 

After all this, Kakashi never became evil. Throughout the series, Kakashi wears the same mask from the beginning, and to this date, he is wearing it. It’s a dark blue mask that covers his mouth and nose where only his right eye is visible; his left eye is also covered with his headband. Most people don’t even remember how Kakashi looks without the mask even in the whole series, and his face was shown only once.

It’s not the end. You heard me. There are more amazing characters who wear masks, but they were not popular enough to make it on this list, so here we have some more mentions.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Haganezuka (Demon Slayer)
  • Shin-Ah (Yona of the Dawn)
  • Chaser John Doe (Dream Eater Merry)
  • Lord Death (Soul Eater)
  • Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)
  • Ulla Euleus Hecmatika (Sunday Without God)

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Why Do People Wear Masks in Anime?

Most people wear a mask to hide their identity or any scar on their face, but in some cases, they wear a mask because it was given to them by someone and it’s unique to them.

Why Are Masked Characters Hot?

Masked Characters are usually hot or attractive because the masks make them look even colder and hide their face so that people can see how good they look when they remove them.

Why Do Anime Characters Wear Surgical Masks?

Mostly it’s because they want to hide their true identity or might be related to things they do.

What Anime Is Sniper Mask From?

Sniper Mask is from High Rise Invasion.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. We tried our best to come out with the most satisfactory list possible. Make sure to visit averagebeing.com for more awesome anime content. Later guys!