What Does Ace’s Tattoo “ASCE” Mean From One Piece (Explained)

Many characters make One Piece the beautiful anime it is today, and the character Portgas D Ace stands atop that list for many fans. Aside from being a hilarious character, Ace also has a well-written backstory and a surprising family tree.

Though Ace had comparatively less screentime, he made his presence felt. Ace was a pivotal character in the entire series, who raised Luffy and helped him grow into the man he is today.

Even though his story had a tragic ending, Ace is one of those characters who are hard to forget. He is one of the most loved characters in the One Piece fandom.

Everything aside, Ace was a pretty straightforward character with a humorous side, but there are a few things that remained a mystery for many fans, and today we are going to discuss some of those ‘mysteries.’

Why Does Ace’s Tattoo On His Right Arm Say “ASCE”

Among the many mysteries surrounding the One Piece anime, one of the mysteries that stood out was Ace’s Tattoos.

One of the tattoos that stood out the most among the fandom was the tattoo on his upper left biceps, which read “ASCE.” And this particular tattoo sparked numerous debates in the fandom, with fans formulating theories of what it actually meant.

The speculation that was doing the most rounds around the community was – Each letter in this tattoo’s shorthand stands for something.

  • The first letter stands for his name, Ace.
  • The second stands for Ace’s sworn brother Sabo.
  • The third stands for Cry Baby, referring to Luffy as he tends to break out tears at every small thing.
  • The fourth letter stands for Edward Newgate, to whom he owed everything and looked up to as his father figure.

However, this speculation was debunked and was found baseless. While the word “crybaby,” which is said to stand for the letter “C” in the tattoo, is from the English language, Eiichiro Oda, the author, would probably prefer Japanese. Moreover, Ace had the tattoo even before he met the Whitebeard Pirates.

However, the “real” meaning behind the tattoo was revealed in the series One Piece Green: Secret Pieces. Ace’s name was the only thing on the tattoo, along with an “S” for Sabo. In addition to being Sabo’s first letter, the “S” also served as the centerpiece of his jolly roger, which was made up of that capital letter above crossed bones.

What Do Ace's 4 Tattoos Mean

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What Do Ace’s 4 Tattoos Mean?

Ace was a remarkable character from One piece, and one of his most distinctive and defining characteristics was his tattoos. He had tattoos on his back and his left upper bicep.

The tattoo on his back represents the symbol of the Whitebeard Pirates – a symbol with a cross shaped out of bones behind the purple skull with a white mustache, symbolizing its captain, Edward Newgate. Ace had another tattoo spelled ACES, representing his name and his sworn brother Sabo.

What Does ‘ASCE’ Stand For?

What Does ASCE Stand For

Ace’s tattoo on his left bicep represents his name – Ace. And now, one might wonder why there is an “S?” You are not the only one to wonder about that. The letter “S” represents Sabo and his jolly roger – which is a letter S with two bones forming a cross behind it. Sabo was Ace’s sworn brother, and they knew each other even before Luffy. So, it was only natural for Ace to have Sabo’s tattoo on him.

Why Is The S Crossed Out On Ace’s Arm?

Ace, Luffy, and Sabo all had one dream – to become pirates. And the same dream of Sabo made him leave Goa to chase his dream of becoming a pirate, leaving behind Ace and Luffy. While setting sail in a stolen boat, he crosses paths with a ship of a Celestial Dragon.

Rattled by Sabo’s audacity to sail alongside a vessel of a Celestial, he shoots down the boat Sabo was sailing in, making everyone think that Sabo has died. As a tribute to Sabo and his jolly roger, Ace strikes out the letter “S” in his tattoo.

However, Oda gave a glimpse into an alternate life in Chapter 596; all three, Sabo, Ace, and Luffy, were alive and together. And in this chapter, the initials on Ace’s tattoo have been changed to “ACE,” instead of the original ACSE tattoo.

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Why Do Ace Never Wear Shirts?

Ace’s attire reveals some pretty intriguing details about his personality. He had some of the most intriguing outfits throughout the series – from his iconic hat to the red bead necklace. His most iconic look is his shirtless appearance.

Initially, Ace wore an open shirt, but that was until he got a Whitebeard tattoo on his back. We can assume that he stopped wearing a shirt altogether after getting the tattoo to show respect to the Whitebeard’s jolly roger and to let others know that he was part of the Whitebeard pirates. And honestly, would you rather see him with a closed shirt?

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