Did Moana Die In The Storm? (Truth Revealed)

When Moana was first released in 2016, it quickly became a favorite among fans of Disney princesses. They adored the film’s tropical setting and her perseverance in the face of overwhelming circumstances.

Moana, along with the mysterious Maui, was an instant hit among the fandom. The plot centers on Moana, a strong-willed Polynesian village chief’s daughter who must cross the ocean to reunite a goddess named Te Fiti with a mysterious artifact. And one of the long-standing mysteries surrounding the film was – did Moana die in the storm?

Movie theories are not something new, and these hypotheses often pop up in the most unexpected places; Disney’s film is not safe from it either, turning one of the musical hit films into a somber story. So, let us uncover some of these theories and see how they hold up in reality.

Did Moana Die In The Beginning?

When life-threatening darkness threatens her island, Moana takes it upon herself to save her people and sets on an adventurous journey. She then sets sail in search of the demigod Maui, only to be soon hit by a devastating storm.

Moana finds herself on an uninhabited island after being shipwrecked by a typhoon. And this is where things got fascinating for theorists, who started to speculate about the entire storyline of the movie. The theory suggests that Moana died at the film’s beginning after being engulfed by the storm.

After encountering a shipwreck, she only communicates with her deceased grandmother, gods, demigods, and other legendary beings, which suggests she may have passed away.

Did Moana Die In The Storm (Theory)?

One of the theories is that Moana died at the beginning of the storm; another speculation holds that Maui is Moana’s guardian angel and that Moana is in the form of purgatory or a mythical land of the gods.

If the above theory were true, the movie would be about Moan’s journey into the afterlife. After getting shipwrecked, Moana finds herself stranded on an island with Maui. And this is where things got interesting; the Reddit users point out that, Only non-human beings like gods, demigods, and other legendary figures are seen interacting with Moana. Only her deceased grandmother stands out, which may be a hint that she has passed away.

Apart from this, the user also speculates that Moana could survive things that no human could have endured; she rarely got herself injured, and the one time she did was before her apparent death.

In the form of a bright blue stingray ghost, Moana is reunited with her deceased grandmother. In the movie, Moana frequently speaks with Tala, her grandma. Although this may not indicate Moana’s death, her ability to communicate with beings belonging to the afterlife put matters into perspective for the fans and strengthened the theory.

The last part of the theory is that the in the early drafts of the film, the Realm of Monsters was referred to or was called an underworld – further hinting that Moana was actually dead for the entirety of the film.

Moana Death Scene Analysis

At the start of the movie, Moana perishes in the storm. The argument is based on the fact that after Moana gets shipwrecked in the typhoon, she spends the rest of the film interacting primarily with gods, demi-gods, and legendary creatures, such as Maui, the Kakamora, and Te Ka, with no human characters until practically the very end.

One other belief holds that after becoming stranded in the storm, Moana is transported or dies and ends up in a mythical land of the gods. The Reddit users speculated that the only obstacle between humans and Polynesian mythology was a barrier – which Moana broke because she was dead and could now pass through the mystic realm.

Did Moana Come Back To Life?

Grandma Tala’s passing away after the disastrous storm was one of the pivotal scenes in the movie, as it shaped the course of the film. The older woman then presents the young girl with her necklace, which holds Te Fiti’s heart.

The necklace was rumored to possess the magical ability to restore life, and it is the only item that can save Motunui by reviving Te Fiti. Only after Moana returns the Heart of Te Fiti is she brought back to life, as it possesses the ability of restoration; we can also see the boat that got shipwrecked in the storm was soon restored. And this is also the last time we get to see Maui because he does not accompany Moana to Motunui.

The Real Story Of Moana and Maui

The character Moana may be fictional, but a large part of the film was inspired by Polynesian folklore. The two most important aspects of Moana’s journey – her developing sense of direction and her friendship with Maui – were taken from Polynesian history and mythology. The story of Moana and Maui is that of two friends who embark on an adventure together.

How Old Is Moana?

Although Moana is strong-willed, self-reliant, and brave, the film leaves out a little detail about her: her age. She is in her teens and is said to be around the age of sixteen years.

What About Hei Hei?

Everything about the theory fell into place, except Hei Hei the chicken, which is the most perplexing element. The chicken had a knack for following Moana throughout the movie, with almost no care in the world – It was to no surprise that Maui thought of using this chicken as a “boat snack.”

Hei Hei, however, could have two possible interpretations: either he is a demigod or a spirit guide of some sort. And at the end of the movie, we can see Maui exclaim, “the chicken lives,” though nothing significant, considering the dumbfoundedness of the chicken; we can assume that Hei Hei was brought back to life along with Moana.

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