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Vegeta God of Destruction Is Back In Dragon Ball Super

Vegeta shows his new God of Destruction form in Dragon Ball. Like Majin Buu and Piccolo, Vegeta started his career in Dragon Ball Z with a bad reputation.

However, A classic Vegeta, God of Destruction is back when he found himself being inspired by the people of Earth, and eventually became a hero.

The latest Dragon Ball Super manga did more than just transform the Prince of Saiyans, it also took us back to the past for the Saiyan warrior.

Vegeta is teasing Granolah and proclaiming that his fight will end in history.

Spoiler Alert

After Goku’s defeat by Granolah, an intergalactic bounty hunter, Vegeta took over and tried to complete what Son could not.

Vegeta starts to enjoy the fight by staring at Granolah. He also notices that he can dive into his past due to a few elements of their current brawl.

“What fun. This feeling, it’s been ages. There’s no planet to protect. No people to save. Just me, immersed in battle. My happy place. Just the thing to get a battle-crazed Saiyan’s blood-pumping.”

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We see Vegeta’s more brutal side, which was an important part of Dragon Ball Z. However, there is a much more violent battle in which the Prince of Saiyans takes some severe hits from Granolah and then bleeds.

Vegeta, who is pushed against the wall, unleashes a new form that he may have learned from Beerus. It might be called “Super Saiyan God of Destruction” and gives him a more frightening look.

With just a glimpse at this look, fans could say that the classic Vegeta is back.

Look At Vegeta God of Destruction Form

Vegeta God of Destruction Explained

Vegeta God of Destruction Is Back In Dragon Ball Super
Source : Dragon Ball Super

In the pages of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta’s new Godly Destroyer form has been officially debugged.

But how Vegeta gained his new power boost, and what this means for the future Dragon Ball series?

Vegeta is a departure from Goku. The Saiyan Prince has recently made a vow to never be in Goku’s shadow again when it comes to unlocking new power techniques or transformations.

It seems that Vegeta is now something completely different from Goku with Dragon Ball Super Chapter.

Vegeta was able to unlock new power techniques by traveling to Planet Yardrat during the Moro Arc.

Vegeta was then able to master “Spirit Control” which is a method of controlling, managing chi and eventually lead to Vegeta, God of Destruction form.

This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Vegeta. Although it wasn’t enough for Moro to be defeated, it was the beginning of a bold new evolution within Vegeta’s power, hinting at more than just Super Saiyan evolutions and Goku’s Ultra Instinct.

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Lord Beerus took Vegeta with him after the battle against Moro and began to teach him the Destroyer Gods’ “hakai” method of destruction.

Beerus wasn’t just impressed by Vegeta’s power, the Destroyer God also revealed to Vegeta that godly abilities come in many forms that will best suit different personalities.

Goku might be best suited to the tranquility and serenity that Ultra Instinct offers, but Vegeta’s Saiyan love for battle and destruction can be harnessed to godly levels.

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 75, Vegeta pushed his limits and became a Godly Destroyer.

The Saiyan Prince took part in the second round against Granolah. Granolah is the last survivor from a unique alien race called Cerelians who used a new pair of Dragon Balls to become a strong warrior in the universe.

Granolah was not pleased when Vegeta became Godly Destroyer aka the new Vegeta, God of Destruction.

“A God of Destruction taught me that power derived solely from instinct is unbounded.”

Granolah was unable to stop Goku’s Ultra Instinct full mastery and Vegeta didn’t rely on the raw power his new form had.

Throughout their fight, Vegeta demonstrated to Granolah that better strategy and techniques outperform raw power every single time. Granolah may now be in school because classic Vegeta is back in business.

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Although Dragon Ball Super isn’t as violent as its predecessor in terms of the violence and death that was raging over the Z Fighters, it is clear that this latest entry in Akira Toriyama’s Shonen series doesn’t shy away from diving into darker territory with Vegeta as the perfect character for taking readers along that path.

Dragon Ball fans hope that Vegeta might be this time the big winner instead of Goku. Well, what do you think?

What do you think about the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, and what did it make you feel?

Did you like the classic Vegeta’s return? Did you like Vegeta, God of Destruction taking?

Let us know all of it in the comments.

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