Searches For “Gay Superheroes” Skyrocketed After Senate Passes Respect For Marriage Act Bill

In today’s day and age, the LGBTQ community stays under scrutiny for the most part. Whether one can argue that things have been made better for the people, we still have a long way to go to give everyone the status and human rights they deserve.

Hopefully, the past day came as a breeze of fresh air for the entire community as the U.S. Senate passed the bill protecting same-gender marriages in the United States. The Respect for Marriage Act was passed with a 61-36 majority vote.

This news comes when the world is undergoing a major cultural shift as people are becoming more aware of the environment around them. Popular culture too, more particularly comics has also played a vital part as we see so many nations joining hands to bring the matter to light. All these years, there have been several LGBTQ superheroes trying to push the argument further along with helping the people inside the community feel empowered.

Most notably, the comic book giants DC and Marvel have created LGBTQ superheroes dawning the pride flag with all their might. From America Chavez to Loki and Valkyrie, these fictional characters have proved to be the torchbearer of the pride movement in the modern world.

As a result of this, searches for Gay Superheroes saw a massive surge just moments after the U.S. Senate passed the Marriage Act bill protecting same-gender marriages. The People’s magazine reported a total of 71% of the U.S. population supports same-sex marriages.

According to Google, here are the search trends for Gay Superheroes:

Gay Superheroes Seraches In The U.S According To Google -

The search spikes are still going on strong at the time of writing. This just shows how much comics and the entertainment industry reflects how society acts as a whole.

Take a look at Google Search Data on which regions searched for “Gay Superheroes” the most (On 30th Nov):

PlacesSearch Interest For Gay Superheroes
North Carolina50%
New York45%
New Jersey37%

A stat worth mentioning is worldwide searches for Human rights shot up to 212%. Delivering the message yet again that today’s population cares deeply about its peers and the empathy for one’s rights and status hasn’t lost its glory all this time.

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Here are a few other terms people in the U.S. searched for after the bill was passed.

TermIncrease In Search Volume (%)
Respect For Marriage Act PDF525%
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights120%
God Bless America – And All the Beautiful Women in It250%
America The Beautiful (Song by Ray Charles)500%

As far as the Comics are to be taken into the equation, these hand-drawn panels with characters saving the day have hugely impacted how we perceive the world today.

These superheroes have inspired generations, and although a small portion of society fails to acknowledge it, every child with a dream once saw their own self in one of these superheroes. Those young minds got shaped, and today, those eyes are making the world look at the brighter picture. Above all, we just need to learn how to be human regardless of our gender. Isn’t what this was all about?

Be it Wonder Woman, the Champion of Themyscira, the character created with ideal qualities to be an icon, or God of Mischief Loki, who, despite being an anti-hero, with his sheer intellect, has never backed down in the hands of fate. These characters are the anchors, holding many opinions, truth, and a feeling to keep moving with righteousness to the shores of humanity.

Well, this was it, folks. What are your views about The Respect for Marriage Act? How many LGBTQ superheroes do you actually know? Do tell us your responses in the comments, and make sure to visit for more superhero updates.