Blue Lock Creator Reveals His Favorite Football Club & Anime!

It’s that time of the year – the FIFA World Cup. The entire world is hopping on the FIFA frenzy, with citizens being pushed to the edge of their seats due to high-octane games. With the Japanese National Team fighting for their spot, things are getting exciting for the fans and the game.

Among the FIFA frenzy, anime and manga, especially one with a football backdrop, are taking some of the popularity from FIFA. Anime like Giant Killing and Blue Lock are all over the anime fandom. So much so that memes with an anime theme and references to shows like Blue Lock, Giant Killing, and Captain Tsubasa mark their recent victory.

Yusuke Nomura, the illustrator for Blue Lock, even shared an exclusive illustration to commemorate their win. Now, let us talk about the anime that has been breaking the net and the recent interview with the man himself – Muneyuki Kaneshiro – Mangaka, for Blue Lock.

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Muneyuki Kaneshiro, the writer of Blue Lock, has recently revealed his favorite manga – Kaiji and Eyeshield 21.

Kaji, which revolves around a gambling tournament filled with violence, brutal-filled and betraying games, is regarded as one of the best gambling anime. Kaji even laid inspiration to the writers for Squid Game. And Eyeshield 21 centers on the world of American Football, and also it is regarded as a good entry point to the world of sports genre in anime.

Kaneshiro even revealed his favorite football clubs – Manchester City and Real Madrid. And the reason behind these clubs being his favorite is because of how deep the club’s purses run.

We can’t argue with him there, can we? City and Madrid are one of the richest clubs in the world!

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Many anime of sports may fail to see the day of the light and fizzle out quickly before the viewers. Sports anime are probably one of the toughest for writers to hit the home run; anime like Free, Haikyuu, and Kuroko no Basket have been gathering massive fans for their impeccable storylines. And Blue Lock may be on the right track to becoming the next big thing in this genre.

Muneyuki Kaneshiro has worked his magic on this manga, and the anime might soon take place at the top of the sports genre. Have you watched the Blue Lock anime? If not, do get on the journey of a young lad taking his team to the heights of greatness.

Source: Asahi