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NFL Player Retires To Sell Pokemon Cards For $670,000

NFL is grueling and aggressive, and it takes a massive toll on the players physically and mentally; they are often required always to stay at their best physically. And it is no easy feat to achieve.

Often the careers of players come to a sudden halt because of the injuries they sustain in this demanding sport. Players either retire or leave after years of a poor season, performance, or injury.

However, we have a player who has retired from the sport of NFL, not because he was injured or had poor performance, but because he is shifting his career to a different sport – the sport of selling Pokemon cards. Yes, you have heard that right. He made his retirement official through his Instagram post, which read.

“I’m announcing my retirement from the game of football! I had an amazing journey with some incredible franchises, and made lifelong friendships. I have chosen to step away from this career at this time to focus on my family and future passions! I am excited for this new journey and appreciate all the fans and organizations that have supported me throughout the years!”

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Blake Martinez, a linebacker with the Las Vegas Raiders, announced his retirement from the NFL after selling a rare Pokemon card that was more valuable than his salary.

Gem Mint 9.5-rated Pokemon Illustrator card sold by Martinez for $670,000. Logan Paul spent over $5 million on a similar rare card earlier this year, which he wore around his neck during Wrestlemania in April. However, Logan Paul’s card was graded a 10, or perfect quality. And for Blake, the money he made through selling the card is significantly more than what he could have earned had the Raiders kept him through the rest of the year.

Since entering the league in 2016, Blake Martinez has played for the New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, and Las Vegas Raiders. However, while he was playing for the Giants, Martinez tore his ACL against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 3 of the previous campaign.

The Giants released Martinez before the 2022 season, making that his last game with them. In October, Martinez was signed by the linebacker-needy Raiders.

He made four appearances in games and recorded 20 total tackles, totaling 706 tackles throughout his career.

Pokemon trading card sales and resale are now a thriving industry for some enthusiasts, thanks to changes in the industry over the past few years.

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Some even have resorted to theft and felony to obtain such exclusively rare cards in the past – this shows how far the public is willing to pay for such cards.

Blake may have discovered one of the most lucrative businesses to start after football, even if most people do find professions after the sport. So, what is your take on this? Will you ever consider retiring from your job to pursue a business selling Pokemon cards?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments. And make sure to keep visiting averagebeing.com for more such exciting anime updates!


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