Man Steals Pokemon Cards Only To Sell Them Back And Get Caught

We have many robberies, con-artist, and multiple movies, comics, and series portraying the same, but did you ever come across a robber stealing Pokemon trading cards?

Well, you might have, considering how much few of those cards go for in the market, it’s a no-shocker. But imagine robbing a bank and going back to the same one after a few weeks to deposit the stolen money; an utterly foolish thing to do! The following robbery somewhat falls between the same lines.

The robbery took place in Bellingham, Washington. Myles Vaughn Pajnogac, a man in his late 30s and the alleged robber, used physical means to break into an exclusive store for everything-card-related.

The heist took place past midnight, and the robber stole cards worth little under $20,000. The stolen merchandise included Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon cards. On discovering the signs of a break-in and stolen merchandise, the store soon filed a police complaint.

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Now, a sane robber would have handled the stolen merchandise in an organized manner, but Pajnogac had a bizarre way of dealing. He laid low for little less than a month, which falls more or less in line with the norms of a usual robber. But, what fell out of place was when he decided to sell the burglarized cards at the same card store (he must not have thought this through).

When he tried to sell cards at the store, an employee soon recognized the cards and confronted him. Upon confrontation, Pajnogac became agitated and said, "I'll rob you again."

He soon fled the store and committed a second blunder; he left the cards at the store. The store contacted the police again; they soon apprehended him in less than eight hours; talk about efficient police work.

Pajnogac was also found to have been carrying Meth and Fentanyl. About $8,000 worth of stolen cards also were recovered from Pajnogac by the police. The authorities arrested him on five counts of charges, but unfortunately, he was released soon on personal recognizance.

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These cards have changed from being a source of childhood amusement to an extravagant product that probably can settle your debt, making these cards a legitimate representation of wealth for a few individuals.

What do you think? What started as an innocent card trading game, destroying the entire community? The price manipulation in the resell market might even ruin the card-collecting hobby for some.

Source: The Bellingham Herald